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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yes ur exactly right, that was my intention & not because of anything else....I just hope she understands that though... If I were you that's probably all I would say. I also think that's all that you need to say. Just tell her that all you were doing was looking out as a friend. That's it.
  2. (salam) In my own opinion, no you shouldn't tell her your distancing from her because of her relationship with another person. Regardless if you approve of it or not. That's kind of childish lol -Okay I can understand it sometimes, but in this case it's not really called for. I also don't think you should distance yourself from her, if you genuinely think she's a nice person and she's simply being taken advantage of. You should just be your normal self and stop letting this bother you. You can't live other peoples' lives. You can distance yourself naturally from the situat
  3. Do you have real proof of this? and also could it possibly have been referring to the "condition" and not the people?
  4. It seems to me you warned her of potential dangers because you were worried that she might get hurt or in a situation where she would regret. You did your part, so now you should feel free.
  5. Salam alaikum, - Just let it go. It's over. - If you car pool to work and it helps -Great. Forget about seat orientation or what others' presume. - i) Don't care about what other people think. Who cares? - ii) Be clear where you stand, so there's no misunderstanding. - You tried to help and gave advice, khalas it's over. Some people may not want it. ws
  6. (Salam) Arabic: Karb = anguish Bala'= plague, calamity Farsi: Kar = deaf, sudden silence, stun Bala' = calamity, disaster, misfortune, plague (from Arabic). In farsi kar-bala' = a sudden deafening strike of calamity. Ws
  7. Cavs had a chance to win the game, I woulda called for Lebron to drive instead of settle for a deep fade away jumper. Hope Kyrie's alright and able to play Game 2. Steph Curry played great.
  8. Salam, He dominated the boards against the Bulls and Boston too, it's not only Atlanta. He moves very quick and is a beast inside. He's Clevelands neutralizer against Golden State's Green or Barnes, in inside the paint play. Just my opinion. With all due respect Harden, he's a good player, however he does not even come near to James's calibre. Iguodala may be warriors best defender, but James is too strong for him, James is too fast for Green, Barnes is really their best guy to defend James in my opinion, but James has mass on him too, and James should be stronger. Lebron is not a volume
  9. Golden State has a deeper bench, BUT ...sometimes it's about match-ups. Cleveland actually matches up better. The cavs have athletic guards in Shumpert, J.R. Smith, who's a serious baller when he wants to be, Mozgov matches up much better with Bogut, instead of Dwight Howard or De Andre 2000, Triston Thompson and Lebron can handle Draymond Green and Barnes. If the Cavs quick guards can take away space from Clay Thompson and Steph, which they are athletic enough to do, and nobody on the Warriors can stop James, Green is too slow on the perimeter, their best guy is Barnes...but i just have a f
  10. (Salam) Sayed also can simply mean "Mr.". They're just words, that have regular meaning. You're confusing religious symbolic terms/concepts with actual language. For example, imam is a leader of a nation, or even a community or masjid, or group of people praying. So it depends on what language a native speaker is using. If your native language is English or Urdu, sometimes these words are confused to be solely religious symbolic words. Because it is not native to these languages. Translate everything to one language, for eg. English, and it wont be as confusing. Ws
  11. (Salam) It depends on exactly what one means. It is easy to get carried away. It must be understood, that if you simply listen to your boss and do as directed this does not mean you think your boss shares powers with the Creator. It does not mean that you think God and your Boss are supernatural powers. It does not mean that God cannot control some powers that your Boss can. The logic behind this is not true. However, symbolically you can say "it appears one worships money and worldly gain". This does not equate to concluding that suddenly Allah (swt) does not have all power, nor that su
  12. (Salam) Actually, ISIS would be no where if it wasn't for the heavy funding it originally got from western allies (which most of there economy and money was created by the west). Also, ISIS only gained success because it used surprise attacks. It dressed up as police. Attacking people and driving villagers out of their homes are cowardly acts. There is nothing brave about it. Inticing terror and fear through media, through murder, is not bravery. The other iraqis, whether shia muslims, kurds, turkmens, christians, yezidis have never declared they would murder, usurp, steal, commit genocide
  13. (salam) I am really sorry for your hardships. That sounds really awful. Did you see a Doctor for this? and the treatment that you're doing, is it prescribed by a Doctor? or were you diagnosing and prescribing all on your own? I hope you are rid of all those worms and fully healed, if not yet, then soon insha Allah!
  14. ^Amu zaadeh means offspring of paternal uncle. Amu = uncle. But yeah nobody says that. That list is too long to type from a tablet. Hamcheshm lol. Who comes up with that? It doesn't make sense. How is amuzaadeh archaic? Zaadeh is Farsi, and Amu is Arabic/Farsi?
  15. I used to have very little interest in Tea and absolutely hated Coffee. But some how, nowadays I don't mind tea sometimes, my potential add-ons are honey, cinnamon, lemon juice. Due to habit before going to work, I have acquired a taste for coffee now too (perhaps a pyschological addiction). I don't drink that much, maximum one cup in a day. I like my coffee darker roasted. Add-ons ...a little bit of milk, little to no sugar some times. ws
  16. (salam) It's all in the eye's of the beholder. Someone may look pretty to another person but not so pretty to another person. Also, someone's personality and character could be all that makes that person super beautiful (even physically). This post feels like deja vu.
  17. (salam) It started from my childhood, I was a sports and competitive junkie. I was mostly a basketball junkie and into martial arts. I was good at starting but unfortunately not good at being persistent. My inspiration was simply to just be faster and stronger, ...than everybody else lol. My other negative trait was that I wasn't good at being motivated. What inspires me now to be fit and healthy is that it really is better for you to be healthy. Over all you will feel better and can do other things better. Especially if you're older and your body has been worn down. I used to eat
  18. (salam) Al Mufeed speaks the truth. Sometimes you gotta make an extra effort but if you're trying too hard something's wrong. You should always be yourself and if after that she's not fully interested you gotta step back. You don't want to be her plan B or her consolation prize. You gotta forget her, "NEXT" should be your attitude. As harsh as that sounds, I think a lot of people have had their hearts broken but that's life. Use the situation to get stronger and care for yourself. The fact that you got hurt, means you gotta take care of yourself first. Imagine the same roles happened
  19. ^hate when that happens. Save save save, always save lol. There must be a real time saving option like how they save drafts when you write an email. Good luck on your essay! hope the recovery is better than the old inshallah.
  20. (salam) Yes absolutely. It's totally possible for a guy to start liking a girl based on her personality/character/inner beauty .. if he gets to know her a little, all of a sudden that girl will appear very beautiful to him. So a man can become interested after that fact. However, I will concede that probably for most men there would have to be at least a small amount of attraction for this to happen. If you're going just by looks lol. BUT it's totally possible, for a guy to not even notice a girl's looks and to not even consider them pretty. And then have a totally different viewpoin
  21. (salam) They weren't the ones for you - as simple as that. Next. That should be your attitude. But let's say your only option right now is online; is your photo taken up too close? try a more distant photo, not too distant but with reasonable clarity. At the end of the day (or months possibly in your case lol), you're gonna have to meet. That's where you're gonna pull out the 'Shabaaam...your james bond look I guess. I think Enlightened said it best and had a good idea. Seriously if they ain't giving you the time of day, why are you giving them too many thoughts in a day. Drop
  22. (salam) 1. An average looking girl that fits my criteria. 2. This is difficult to rate in percentage, but for me I'd say it's very low. The reason is because, I may not even think a girl is really pretty at all, but once I get to know her personality then all of a sudden she can become really beautiful. A guy just wants a reasonable amount of attraction physically, most guys that is. If it's a mo'min guy, he'll probably not care much at all about the looks, but may want a reasonable amount of attraction I'd say perhaps 10-15%, Remember a girl's personality can totally lift that attrac
  23. (salam) Sorry about your uncomfortable situation. Remember that for some people, they don't realize what they're doing is wrong or transgressing against someone else's boundaries. Regardless of religion, you can't just touch someone. They might be uncomfortable with it. So the man seems to be just ignorant and perhaps he is just rude since he resorted to derogatory language. In this case, I would recommend to step away and just be as respectful as possible. You can say "please do not touch me". That should be sufficient. There could be many reasons that someone doesn't want to be tou
  24. (salam) Ya 3ba Abdullah (the mod, forgot the spelling), Al Mufeed, Naaz_aneen (forgot spelling again), Zuljenah, Iraqi Spirit, Gypsy, Saraab, Saraab's sibling (forgot name), Egyptian bro that I forgot his name, bk9..something forgot his nick, Hizbullahi, Sag e Imam Reza, there's some others but I forget.
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