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  1. Akbar673

    Sister cheated on her husband

    I'm neither trying to defend her actions nor to condone them but...how old is your sister? How long was she married? Also, what was the condition of her marriage? Happy marriage or a miserable one? Usually, this happens either due to immaturity or an unhappy marriage (or a mix of both). Like I said I am not defending her actions but lets take a minute to try to analyze this from her perspective and to determine why this happened in the first place. Secondly, how did her husband treat her? Not trying to paint her as innocent but more details need to be had as to the marriage she was in and what really caused her to stray. Did she have any children already? Its the atmosphere the media has created and perpetuates. Not all Americans (or people living in the U.S.) are like that. That being said, are there non-halal activitites going on? Absolutely. It happens everywhere in the world so to paint it as the atmosphere of an entire nation or the actions of an entire race is incorrect. I was born and raised in the U.S. in Chicago. I take it he's a Non-Muslim? See above regarding my opinion of your statement. Marriage is on the schedule I'm also assuming at this point. Are your sister or your parents aware of the validity of a marriage to a non-Muslim by a Muslim woman? Can't say I blame you on this. I'd do the same thing. Send him a link to Al-Islam.org and be done with it. See above. I think that's a valid position to hold. So the crux of the problem is that you don't give a fig about the guy that destroyed your sister's marriage. I can't say I disagree with you. Everyone will say (and has said) about the merits of guiding him to Islam and all that. Sure, that's the moral approach to it but to be honest if this type of thing happened in my family I would just tell that guy to get lost in an unfriendly manner. He's a low character man with no honor who seduced and impregnated a married woman. Just give him some links to some Shia websites and tell him to take the initiative on his own. Just my opinion.
  2. No, because evil was created as a counterbalance to good by Allah. It is the means in which he tests us. The entire universe was built on the concept of duality. For everything there is counterbalance opposite. Perhaps, but I don't think we exist in a world in which it can be completely eliminated, regardless of however much effort or desire someone may wish to have. Besides there is still repentance and subsequent forgiveness (within reason) available to you even if you have it inside you. I disagree, its the other way around. You, and your mind, change according to the condition of the world around you. Yes, it is difficult but you can get as close as possible to it. However, after that you will continue to see evil in the external world because it exists regardless of much you have eliminated it within yourself. You can't control the outside world.
  3. Akbar673

    The sanctions have returned

    You hit the nail on the head. Its the Evangelical Christians that are propping Israel up moreso than the Jews of the U.S.. The average everyday Jew doesn't really care too much for Israel the way the Zionists do. They value its existence but other than a shoulder shrug they don't care about it to any great degree. Its the Zionists with money allied with the Evangelicals that keep the funding and military aid to Israel flowing. Its no secret that those two groups are the ones that hate Muslims the most and are responsible for the media campaign to paint all Muslims as terrorists. Both are equally dangerous but its the Evangelicals that have the greatest problem with Iran. Evangelicals are the driving force in the U.S. behind the sanctions. They've also successfully bought every Presidential candidate for the last 30 or so years to keep their agenda going.
  4. Akbar673

    Marriage confusion

    I would put that under the highly recommended category. You need to sit and discuss anything and everything that comes to mind. Career goals, life goals, children, hobbies, interests, etc...the whole spectrum of things that may come to mind. There should be an openness and maturity during this process and this also serves as an excellent judge of what type of person you are speaking with. Getting a gauge of what questions the other person is asking will be an excellent marker of their maturity level. An immature person will ask superficial and meaningless questions while a person with emotional and intellectual depth will ask questions with much more meaning and maturity. (i.e. a limited maturity person will ask what movies or TV shows a person watches, while a more mature person will ask questions regarding what someone's opinion on Brexit is perhaps). The first year of marriage is really when a person's maturity comes into play. That is the time when you are really getting to know the person you have married. You will learn their likes & dislikes, their strengths & weaknesses, how they are as a person, etc...this is the time when maturity comes into play for the couple the most. It is during this time that you realize that the person you married isn't the perfect person you had imagined during your engagement phase. Nothing wrong with this because no one is perfect but its a this time you learn the true depth of your spouse. Its during this time that communication is key. Both people need to have an open line when communicating with each other along with a respect for the other person's opinion and point of view. This is the period when a person learns what they need to compromise on and what things they need to hold firm on. We met in college. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. Months perhaps. You have to develop a comfort level with the other person and once that is established then the sharing of opinions and things of that nature can begin. It is during this period that you decide whether the person is right for you or not. We both got engaged during college but got married after we both graduated. I'm not a fan of getting married while studying. As I mentioned above the first year of marriage is challenging enough without having to worry about your grades. Depending on the field which you are studying then the stress of studying only adds another layer for a young couple to handle in an already demanding stage of their life. Also, add to this any post grad studies or licensing exams that need to be passed for a person to land a job. for physical attraction...yes. For the personality and inner nature...no (and that's the way it should be). Getting to know a person's inner personality and nature only happens over time. This is much more important than physical appearance. This is just the opinion of a person that grew up in the U.S. who married a girl from the U.S. as well. Naturally, other people from other parts of the world will give you different answers based on their cultures and beliefs. Be wary of bitter divorced people that like to speak ill because they have gone through bad marriages.
  5. Akbar673

    Being Socially Awkward

    Used to happen to me a lot when I was a pre-teen into my teen years in school. It stems from being insecure in yourself. I didn't really emerge out of it until I got to college. That's quite normal. We all want to come across as confident in what we say. Best thing to do is to always speak politely and confidently when you are speaking as well as presenting yourself in a confident manner. There's nothing wrong with being wrong or incomplete in your knowledge of anything, in fact the majority of the world is that way. Its the manner in which you present and then are open to comments and suggestions afterwards that will give off an air of confidence to others and thus allow you to become more confident in yourself. We've all been there. Age and time causes that to simply fade away. Almost every person goes through this. For me age and time caused it to fade away. Also, the older you get the wiser you will become and thus gain knowledge and opinions on a range of topics. As time passes your confidence will grow and you will become more confident and assertive. Not sure how old you are but all of this fades away slowly starting in your mid to late 20's.
  6. Akbar673


    Are you able to visit a Medical professional for this ?
  7. Akbar673

    #48 What's Worse: False Innocence or False Guilt?

    Whoops...I meant to type it is the greater of the two evils. I agreed with your statement that a guilty person is a greater evil than an unfortunate person who was locked up despite being innocent. Can't type on a Monday morning.
  8. Akbar673

    #48 What's Worse: False Innocence or False Guilt?

    A guilty person found innocent is free to commit the crimes again and in fact, more often than not, that is exactly what they do. The problem isn't so much with thieves or criminals of that type as much as it is with rapists, child molestors, sexual offenders and other crimes that very deeply affect the victim from a psychological perspective. Basically crimes that can not be quantified by a monetary amount of restitution. An innocent person found guilty while being a trajedy ultimately doesn't have the potential for damage to society as much as the freed criminal will. Both are a problem but the guilty being found innocent has much more damage as a result. They usually do because you are dealing with criminals with a psychological issue. You're just letting the crime continue by this happening. It is the lesser of the two evils.
  9. Akbar673

    Muslim Lawyer

    Send me a Private Message and I'll see what I can do.
  10. Akbar673

    LGBTQY ?

    All this lettering and shortforms and what not is grossly exaggerated by the media. Hollywood for some odd reason loves pushing this agenda. Statistically, if you look at the actual people who identify as LGBTQ in the US (and whatever else letter is added daily to the end of this) then the % is quite low...less than 4% of the population of the US. However, like I mentioned thanks to Hollywood the amount of media coverage that this group gets in totally disproportionate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_demographics_of_the_United_States
  11. Akbar673

    The US Midterm Elections

    Not really, your unemployment is based on many factors. Unless you are applying for a Federal govt. job, Trump is not a factor in that. No, they will stay the same. The Muslim ban is an executive order which can only be lifted by the next President (if he/she decides to lift it). Also, the overall Immigration (USCIS/DHS) process might change but its not happening any time soon. All of the Politicians that were elected don't take office until Jan 3rd. Until then the same Politicians are still in office that lost their elections. Nothing is different from a Govt. perspective today except certain people know that they won't have a job after Jan 2nd.
  12. Akbar673

    The US Midterm Elections

    Therein lies the problem for the Dems in 2020. There's literally no one that is a frontrunner. The only name that is currently being floated that I would vote for is Elizabeth Warren but even then lets see if she even makes it out of the Primaries. Unless the Dems come out with someone exceptional (which I really can't name someone in that category) Trump will remain in office for another term.
  13. Akbar673

    The US Midterm Elections

    https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/elections/ct-met-illinois-election-day-live-updates-20181106-story.html Good ole Illinois...Let the Blue Wave roll !!! 55.6% voter turnout. Highest in 32 years.
  14. Thank you for pointing that out. You are correct in that Muslim men are allowed to marry Ahle Kitab while women are not. I was thinking from a man's perspective on that not from a woman's. To the OP: He would have to convert to Islam before a marriage could happen.
  15. Akbar673

    The US Midterm Elections

    The key to this election will really be voter turnout. I'm really curious to see the volume of votes cast. That'll really be a true gauge of the opinion of the population and what their opinion is of the current govt. Usually, the voter turnout is in the high 30%'s but signs are trending towards it being higher based on the early voting that's been done so far. Of course, politicians thrive on low voter turnout because it ensures their re-election by having only their cronies voting for them so expect some voter suppression to happen at the last minute.