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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can anyone confirm if this is an actual statement by Ayatullah Sistani ? https://www.aa.com.tr/en/latest-on-coronavirus-outbreak/Iraq-Shia-cleric-Sistani-calls-to-ban-friday-prayers/1760893
  2. Curious because I wasn’t aware this was possible. I can see the logic behind it. I was curious what the Jafari Fiqh says about this?
  3. You know as much as it really pains me to say this, I believe the key component that drives me to be a Muslim is the fact that I "born a Muslim". As having grown up in that type of life I believe it has been programmed into me to automatically "be a Muslim" without giving it any thought. I'm not going to necessarily call that a weakness, but I do see how myself and others use that as an excuse to not educate ourselves properly on Islam. That's why I hold such a high level of respect and honor for a Revert. To me a Revert is someone who has done the research and actively made the decision to embrace Islam based on its merits. Whereas people like me just take it for granted that we're Muslims automatically and lack in the necessary education to consider ourselves proper Muslims or to engage in a high end discussion in any meaningful manner. In all honesty, I'm sure there are just as many advantages as there are disadvantages to either being born a Muslim or embracing Islam through reversion. I just place a higher level of respect on someone who has acquired the proper level of Islamic knowledge to follow the tenets and ideals of Islam in the proper manner regardless of they were born into Islam or they chose to embrace it. On a side note, I really hate using the term Revert because it denotes a "difference" between Muslims. It doesn't matter when or how you chose Islam, but the fact that you have embraced it should be the only quantifier used. A Revert is as much my Brother/Sister in Islam, as someone who's ancestors reverted to Islam many generations ago. A Muslim is a Muslim.
  4. I agree with you on that. I think English not being her native language, or even a language that she has a mastery of has led to her being unable to communicate the opinion she was trying to make. Also, she fails to have a grasp of the sensitivities of other people. I think both of those combine together and cause people to either hate her or love her. Hmmm...not sure if I agree with you on this. Not denying she sins (which of us doesn't?), but why does she have to apologize for it? Yes, she's a practicing Muslim but why does she have to be infallible? Rashida Tlaib & Andre Carson are also Muslim but we don't see them being held under a microscope. Keith Ellison as well. Yup, totally agree with you on this one. Her lack of understanding of the sensitivities regarding certain issues has led to people feeling very polarized about her. I disagree with you on this. This isn't a situation where Islam applies. America is a secualar country and as such an elected official has to be held to the laws which govern the land and not their personal beliefs. Privately, we don't know what her view of the LGBTQ population is, however since she is an elected official of the state of Minnesota then she is bound to act by those laws. Same goes for any other person who has been elected in the U.S., they are bound by what the laws of the land mandate, regardless of what their religion or personal views may say. I actually view Tlaib as a stronger Congresswoman than Omar. She gets things done without all of Omar's fanfare. If you look at the policies she's introduced (and more importantly passed) regarding civic topics, criminal justice topics, and welfare issues, she's accomplished a lot more than Omar has. She's a lock for re-election because her constituents are seeing the progress she's making to their lives in Michigan. Interesting, I'm not familiar with this. When did this happen? Do you have a link to this? I'm not a supporter of either of them, in all honesty, but you have to rationally look at what they've done from a legislative perspective instead of just an Islamic perspective. They're job is to serve the people that elected them within the legal system of the nation. They're elected to that and nothing else. Sure, they haven't gone about it the right way by drawing unnecessary attention to themselves with uncultured words and illiterate speeches. That's why I view Andre Carson as a true representation of Muslims in Congress and not these attention mongers.
  5. Its all about oil. Funny thing is that if you explain it from this perspective to any American they immediately understand what's going on. You can literally see it in their eyes as the logic is processed by their brain. Then they immediately realize how they have been duped into believing something that is a complete lie. I'm honestly not sure what type of govt. works best in the Middle East. Democracy definitely does not work, nor do the old time Monarchies. I guess something along the lines of what England has with a Consitutional Monarchy perhaps, where the Monarch some significant powers while the Parliament has others. The Middle East has been devastated from a social perspective of what system the people can most easily comprehend and understand. The perception of what it is painted as in the eyes of the people is one thing, what is actually carried out is another. America has been on a liberal/conservative pendulum since Bill Clinton. Clinton went too far to the left which caused the people to knee jerk react and elect Bush who tried to bring things back to the center but 9/11 prevented that from happening. Obama came in and went too far to the left and that's what led to the people electing Trump because he was viewed as a counter to the ultra liberalism of Obama. If Obama wasn't elected President, then Trump would not have been elected. What you need is a person who is percieved as someone what isn't ultra left or ultra right to stop this chaotic pendulum from swinging so much. You need someone to start the return to complete moderation with polices that are tolerable by both sides of the political spectrum. That way all of this political chaos ends and the country (if not Europe as well) will finally realize the folly of ultra left or ultra right policies. The waters need to be calmed, not more waves created.
  6. I'm voting for Amy Klobuchar. She's a centrist/moderate. Bernie is too far left for him (or even Elizabeth Warren) to be in the best interest long term of the country. All of these extreme left or extreme right leaders are just causing the pendulum to swing too far to the right or left and as a result the person that replaces them is an equal measure in the other direction. The world needs centrism and moderates, not extreme liberalism nor conservatism. Bernie is way too far to the left for him to be for the best long term.
  7. Not at this time. It'll probably be at least another 20-30 years before we see one. Sadly, I can't say that I disagree with you on that. Its all about peddling lies to the voters when campaigning. Once they're elected they only deliver on what they want to deliver on. That's one of they key flaws of Democracy. Not an Ilhan Omar fan? That's my point. The reason for all of the conflict and blood being spilled is all about petroleum. The West wants to maintain its control over petroleum production and dictate terms to ensure its control, while the Arabs of that nation want to be able to control the commodity that is being mined out of their land. That's what the situation is in its most purest form. Money. The narrative has been twisted to turn it into an Islam vs. the World storyline by the West because that's how you can fool the idiot masses into believing and supporting military brutality to maintain control over petroleum production. When in actuality all it is that the Arabs of the petroleum countries want to control their own commodity. Sometimes I think that petroleum being discovered in Muslim lands was one of the worst things that could've happened to Islam.
  8. That's not the Poll the article is referencing. The link you posted is from 2015. This is a link to the Poll from the article. This one is dated from May of 2019. https://news.gallup.com/poll/254120/less-half-vote-socialist-president.aspx Yeah, I can't see that either in both polls. Have to reach out to Gallup and ask. Ilhan Omar can't run for the Presidency. You have to be born in the U.S. to be eligible to run, she was born in Somalia. However, there was a significant portion of Americans that believed Barack Obama was a Muslim, yet still voted for him twice. Depends on if the people being polled were thinking that deep into it. We don't the nature of how this poll was taken, many times polls are taken by random people walking around shopping malls with a clipboard in their hand asking questions of people walking by. Not sure if that is the case in this, but that's a possibility. Most Americans don't know much about Muslims in general due to there being only about 3 Mil in this country with the concentrations being mostly in the larger cities. Not sure if your random American even knows enough about Muslims to decide the level of religiosity. Defintiely a category to take into consideration though. What would you define as a Pro-Zionist Muslim? A Muslim who believes a two state solution is the most viable solution, as opposed to a one state solution? A Muslim who doesn't have an issue with the existence of Israel, but the way Israel treats Palestinians? Kinda curious how you would define that. I would disagree with you on that. Outside of the Middle East, most Muslims don't care a whole lot about Palestine to the point that they would engage in any type of action. I'm talking about Muslims in Asia, North America and Europe. Yes, all know about the situation and the treatment of Palestine but other than that not many are engaged in it. They don't support Israel, but they don't say or do anything about. Not condoning it, or defending it but just stating how it is. The opinion of the average American is the same as that of the average Muslim. They know about the situation in Israel/Palestine, but just don't care enough about it to either formulate an opinion on it or to engage in any type of action to prevent it from happening. Like I said, I'm not condoning or defending the poll as being an accurate slice of the American populace, but I am stating that it does offer some insight into the political views of Americans regarding voting for a Muslim. As you mentioned, we don't know what the sample size was or any sample data for that matter such as where the poll was taken or what the 2020 results are but it is curious to know that close to 70% of the American electorate would not have a problem voting for a Muslim if they were the candidate that addressed the concerns of the nation in a way that agreed with them.
  9. Well, this is interesting...according to this article 66% of Americans would not have a problem voting for a Muslim for President. Now, this is assuming that the Muslim candidate was the best candidate in the field and had positions which appealed to Americans based on their concerns and views. https://www.newsweek.com/republicans-vote-Muslim-president-poll-1424108 However, this does require a bit of unpacking...lets look at the smaller details of this claim... Only 38% of Republicans would vote for a Muslim. That means that an overwheliming majority of 62% of Republicans would not vote for the person simply on the basis of their following Islam. 86% of Democrats would vote for a Muslim. 73% of Independants would vote for a Muslim. Point to be noted is that Independent voters are the fastest growing group of voters in America right now due to their dissaproval of the actions of both the Republican & Democratic parties. A current estimate lists Independents at currently between 35-40% of the electorate and rising. If things stay on their current course Independent voters will become the majority by 2030. As such, if 2 out of every 3 Americans does not have a problem with electing a Muslim as the Commander in Chief of America then that's something we all need to be cognizant of. Its a strong reflection of the opinion that the majority of Americans have towards Islam. Not animosity, but neutrality. They don't view Islam as anything other than a religion followed by certain people. It also is reflection of how the govt. isn't reflective of the citizenry of that nation. Clearly, the views of the White House aren't reflective of the general view that the majority of Americans hold towards Muslims and Islam. Not denying there aren't bigots in America, but they arent in the majority. They just speak the loudest and drown out the voices that don't support their bigoted views. Dare I say the same applies to other nations of the world? India perhaps, as well. The majority of people in the world only want to live in peace and harmony with everyone else, but its the power mongers and the money mongers that cause the problems? If Muslim lands didn't have Petroleum, would the current climate be the way it is?
  10. There is no concensus that they are considered Islamic Prophets. Some scholars claim it, while others don't. However, if you have the seal of Prophethood, our Holy Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) to pray to for intercession, why would you want to pray to Krishna or Buddha anyway? https://www.al-Islam.org/shafaat-intercession-sayed-Abbas-abedi/meaning-and-concept-intercession
  11. The ShiaChat Mental Health Club...you might want to click here, as well as on other websites that deal with Mental Health. Based on your post, I would say you're suffering from Depression.
  12. When it comes to questions of this nature, I always refer back to a saying of Imam Ali (عليه السلام)... https://www.al-Islam.org/nahjul-balagha-part-2-letters-and-sayings/letter-53-order-malik-al-ashtar Also, remember that we often conflate the term "Muslim" as a follower of Islam. In actuality, the term "Muslim" means "The one who submits to the will of God", so based on that definition Muslim doesnt mean "a follower of Islam" only.
  13. Just read about it last night. Its another item in the endless list of attacks on Muslims. How are we expected to keep up with every single one? Not caring vs making a thread or post on an internet forum are two different things. Oh trust me, those of us that have family in India are very much concerned as to what's going on there. So much in fact that we stopped caring about what's happening in other parts of the world. In all honesty, Suleimani dying and the situation in Iran is so low on my priority list that its almost non-existent. I'm only focused on India, because that's where my family members are. People are concerned with what affects them directly first, then everything is prioritized accordingly. In response to your opinion, there's too much going on in the Muslim world right now for everyone to be concerned with. You focus your attention and efforts on what is most closest to you. For people in Iran and their relatives throughout the world, that is their primary concern. For people in India and their relatives througout the world, that is their primary concern. Same applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, etc...you only care about what is closest to you in impact.
  14. Cool Water by Davidoff...timeless classic...always in style, never trashy.
  15. To what gain would they do that? The fallout from the radiation itself would eventually makes it way down into Israel. To say nothing of radiating the surrounding countries as well. It would cripple not only Petroleum production in the region, but the public fallout would be so heavily against Israel and the U.S. that I doubt Israel would be a shadow of what it is today. That's just saber rattling, no one believes those articles to be true or valid. You seem to be a bit of a war monger based on your statement. You're calling for everyone to basically go all out against each other? Not sure if that's anything less than a worst case scenario. Iran isn't the only part of the world where Shi'a exist. Iran only makes up around 35-40% of the world's Shi'a population. If you add up India, Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan & Saudi Arabia those countries add up to roughly 40% of the world's current Shi'a population. The Sub-Continent (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) has over 52 million Shi'a alone. We're not worried about there not being any Shi'a to answer the 12th Imam (عليه السلام), there will easily be enough to answer him throughout the rest of the world.
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