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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why after the reappearance of the 12th Imam (عليه السلام), and not now? Its not like people don't know what it is anymore. In fact, for better or for worse there aren't many people in the civilized world that don't know what Islam is and who the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) was at this point. A growing amount of non-Muslims have, at the minimum, at least heard the terms Shi'a and Sunni as well. 10 years ago in the U.S. & most of Europe no one knew what Shi'a or Sunni even meant. As such, information about it is available to the majority of the world as to what its beliefs and views are. Qurans are available in almost every bookstore or can be read or bought online. Even those that twist the verses of the Qur'an to suit their own purposes still manage to quote the verses verbatim. How can any non-Muslim currently in the world have an excuse for not knowing what Islam and its beliefs are? Whether they accept, or even agree with, Islam is a different story. I don't think the majority of the world can use the excuse of not knowing what Islam is.
  2. Seems to me that this thread has a lot of personal opinion, selective quoting of Qur'an verses and some level of Muslim Apologeticsm going on here. I'm not advocating that non-Muslims won't or shouldn't make it to Heaven. Allah, in his infinite Mercy and Wisdom, is the only who will make that decision. I'm also not advocating that just being Muslim guarantees you entry automatically either. We're all going to be judged accordingly by his divine judgment. I would like to believe that being a Muslim increases your chances based on the precepts of our religion (every religion in the World say that its followers are better off in the afterlife, while other religion's followers aren't, so its not something exclusive to Islam). However, we can't start picking and choosing which Quranic verses suit our opinion, while ignoring or knowing the ones that go contrary to them. Many people are quoting verses here without knowing of, or mentioning, the complete set of verses which touch upon the topic of the afterlife for people that do not follow Islam (that was my original reason for starting this thread, I already know upon which basis Muslims will be judged, I wanted to know what the basis for Non-Muslims was). Perhaps we should all set some time aside to first build a list of everywhere in the Qur'an that this topic is brought up? To find out every instance of this topic being discussed in our holiest text. After we have a proper list compiled, we can start researching the tafsir's of Islamic scholars (it is Ramadan after all, what better time to research Quranic data?). Until we take those steps this discussion will only be driven by personal opinions and not grounded in fact. This is thread is just going back and forth with personal opinions in my opinion at this point.
  3. From a Doctrinal perspective...Catholicism and Shi'a Islam have many parallels.
  4. Yup...the U.S. military knows that. The terrain alone would be similar to how they spent years in the Afghani mountains looking for Al Qaeda and accomplished next to nothing. Even so...you can’t win without ground forces. Air and Naval activity is only effective when its in support of ground action. That's the current strategy with the sanctions. To starve the Irani people to the point they lash out at the govt. for putting them in that place thus ensuring a regime change. I've never been opposed to a regime change if the Irani people will benefit from it econmically. Just because the country isn't ruled by the clergy doesn't equate to Shi'a Islam fading out. Many people are of the mindset that regime change in Iran will result in a drop in religiosity when in actuality the two aren't connected. A religious person stays religious regardless of their setting, a non-religious person stays that way as well regardless of where they are. Only Israel? Don't forget that Saudi is pushing this more than Israel. U.S. support will prop up Israel regardless of whatever happens in Iran because of the American Evangelical lobby. Its Saudi that truly wants to eliminate Iran's regime so it can then control the entire region. Evangelicals want Israel to exist so all Jews can be killed there, thus bringing about the reappearance of Jesus (عليه السلام). Both Evangelicals and Saudis want the same thing. An elimination of a group of people to advance their religious beliefs. Saudis want to get rid of Shi'a, Evangelicals want to get rid of Jews.
  5. A U.S. war with Iran is neither supported by Congress nor by the American people right now. The general consensus is that Trump is being manipulated into attacking Iran by Bolton, Pompeo, MBS and Netanyahu. However, public support for this is at an unbelievably low level. Also, its a poorly kept secret in D.C. that its the U.S. military giving Trump the biggest brushback in D.C. They consider an invasion of Iran to be something that will result in a massive loss of life on both the U.S. military side as well on the Irani civilian side, to say nothing of the problems that the terrain and geography will present. Iraq is also denying the U.S. permission to use Iraq as a staging ground for U.S. forces. In the opinion of the U.S. military this is disastrous course of action. Any intel reports that are being pushed out as propoganda are being rejected outright by Democrats who get the same intel briefings. MBS continues to push for this in the background. Netanyahu appears to have realized that there are problems preventing this from happening so he has cooled off somewhat, but the jahil MBS continues to push for it. This is who really wants this war and invasion of Iran...Saudi. They are the ones driving this from behind with petrodollars since all Trump does is think about making more money for himself, even at the expense of U.S. military lives. The chances of this war happening are very slim, and even if it does it will result in Trump losing the election and a Dem President coming to power with the intention of pulling out of any invasion that might have happened.
  6. I agree with you on that point. However, as I stated above this was a question that was asked me by a Christian (her intention was not for the purpose of gaining knowledge about Islam, but for the purpose of fostering more fitna against Muslims). She had the standard Quranic verses handy such as the last one I quoted. As such, I asked for further information regarding what is available in the Qur'an. Very true indeed but how would you take into consideration this verse then?...this is the verse which speaks directly about the doctrine of the Trinity. http://al-Qur'an.info/#5:72/1
  7. So I was asked a question by a Christian today...she asked me if Islamically Christians can get into Heaven? I told her I would get back to her, even though I had an idea of the answer in my head. Correct me if I'm wrong but in the Qur'an it states... http://al-Qur'an.info/#2:62/1 http://al-Qur'an.info/#5:69/1 http://al-Qur'an.info/#5:72/1 Those passages are the first ones that came to mind...however, if there are others please post them. Based on these three passages, would I be correct in inferring that only the Christians that do not believe in the Trinity will be eligible to be judged for entry into Jannah? Such as Mormons, Unitarians, Jehonvah's Witnesses, etc... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nontrinitarianism#Christian_groups_with_nontrinitarian_positions However, I have the feeling that she is going to counter my answer with this verse. http://al-Qur'an.info/#3:85/1 I was going to reply in that instance that the term "Islam" is defined as the one who submits to the will of Allah. If one is a pious Non-Trinitarian then is that the same as one who is submitting to the will of Allah, even though they don't pray, fast, perform the Haj, etc...?
  8. That's why you should only research on trusted and legit sites like Al-Islam.org. There's too much propaganda and lies out there on the internet. Especially if you do you search in the U.S. for things like that. Over the last few years the search results have changed from legit Islamic websites to propaganda websites. In fact, just last week I was googling something and ended up with a bunch of garbage websites. Just stick to Al-Islam.org and you'll be fine. http://www.duas.org/links.htm is a good set of links but not sure how many are still active.
  9. Kinda sorta...Hyderabad, previously Golkonda and before that the Bahmani Sultanate was Safavid Shi'a kingdom in India and rumors are that the Safavids either brought the recipe with them and then modified it to local style, or it was adapted from a Persian dish with rice and beef. Regardless, Hyderabadi Biryani is the greatest biryani in the world !!!
  10. Ask away about anything you would like to know. The only way to defeat ignorance is with the sharing of knowledge. Welcome...let's see what we can do for you. . I'm born and raised in Chicago, but please keep in mind that members of this forum hail from all over the world and as such you will see a variety of opinion, beliefs and everything else that comes along with interacting with a diaspora who's mindset and opinions are determined by their cultural and everyday life experiences. In general yes, but there are many subsects to both that differ in beliefs within those major sects as well. For example, this forum has members that are mostly from the 12er Subsect of Shi'a, however there are also a myriad of other subsects under the Shi'a umbrella as well. The main commonality is that all of the subsects agree on the position that Ali (عليه السلام) should have been the leader of Muslims after the death of the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). Shi'a (the name itself derives from the long form of "Shi'at ul Ali", which means "Party of Ali") - make up between 10%-15% of all Muslims worldwide - but 50% of the Middle East. 12'ers - The majority of Shi'a come under this sub-sect. This is due to the belief in 12 divinely appointed Imams (عليه السلام) whom came after the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). You'll find many of the subsects are titled by number and that is indicative of how many Imams (عليه السلام) they follow out of the list. 5'ers - Zaidis - They believe only in 5 Imams (عليه السلام) out of the 12 that 12ers believe in. 7'ers - Ismailis - Same as 5'ers but they believe in 7 out of the 12. Alawites - A bit of a complicated group. While they believe in the divinity of Ali (عليه السلام), they are however extremely secretive about their faith. Traditionally they were not considered to be within the fold of Islam for centuries. Deemed heretic due to their belief that Ali (عليه السلام) was the true messenger of Allah, and not the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). It was just recently due to political motivations that Irani leadership deemed them as within the fold of Islam. Not all Shi'a agree with that however. Sunni (the name derives from "Ahl as-sunnah wa l-jamāʻah", which means "the people of the tradition of the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and his community") - 90%-85% of all Muslims worldwide, but again only 50% of the Middle East. This is due to there being more Muslims in Asia than in the Middle East. (In fact, 43% of the world's Muslims live in Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh alone) Sunnis don't really have significant sub-sects. The only difference that could perhaps serve as a divider would be what school of law they follow (Sharia Law). Sunnis have 4 schools of law with differences but not considerable enough to deem each a subset. However, this does not equate to groups of Sunni with different interpretations of Islam. Conservative Wahabbi/Salafi Moderate Liberal Women are supposed to dress modestly while covering their hair. Depending on whether they are Conservative, Moderate or Liberal will dictate whether they wear one or not, and to what extent. Same applies to beards. Islamically...no. Shi'a believe them to be misguided but still within the fold of Islam. They are Muslims at the end of the day. Accountable for their sins and misdeeds the same as any other Muslim. Same as a grave in a Church or Cathedral. A person wished to be buried on revered ground and was thus buried. Which Mosque did you see this in? Where was it that you saw the grave? What's your religion? Islamic rules of etiquette and modesty do not permit this. Unfortunately, if you are not a Muslim, specifically a Shi'a then you can not. There are many rulings from our religious leaders which range from discouraging this to outright denying it as valid. Not to say it still doesn't happen, but if you are asking the Shi'a Islamic ruling as decreed by our leaders than that's what it is. Well, problem solved for you then... How is that any different than being a member of any religion and not following it. There's no concise answer to be had for that due to it being a personal choice. No different than being Catholic or Mormon and not caring about your religion, why would Shi'a Islam be any different? Again, its how a person chooses to live their life regardless of what their religion says. Some do, not all. Same as with Sunni. Some hate Shi'a, but not all. Its not always driven by religion, as much as its by politics, education level and ultimately how often you interact with members of the other group. No different than how the majority of Evangelical Republicans hate Muslims, yet less than 5% of them have ever met a Muslim. Also, economic class and education level play a large factor in this. People who lack in education and finances tend to be bitter to begin with and route their unhappiness towards someone else that they blame for their sufferings. Not to say there haven't been reasons to hate Sunni but to apply a blanket statement simply lacks validity. Same as with Catholics and Protestants. Some hate each other, but not all. It all comes down ultimately meeting and interacting with someone and getting to know them as a person and not as a Label. Depends on the people, if you have open minded people who possess the dignity and respect to value another person's opinion on something then...yes. However, if you get some bitter, small minded people who lack the intellectual capacity to sit and be open minded about something like religion then...no. Its all about who they are as individuals and sect has nothing to do with it. Depends on the person if they like it or not. Your question is the same as asking if a Candian person like to eat Mongolian Beef. Its a dish which originated in Persia but was carried into the sub-continent by Persian migrants and evolved into its different types. Muslims from India eat it just as much, if not more than Muslims in Pakistan (same group of people BTW...google "Indian Partition of 1947" Hope this helps, feel free to ask whatever else comes to mind.
  11. I was speaking on the grounds of having missed prayers (regardless of during a fast or not), missed prayers need to be prayed as Qaza to limit the damage. I was also speaking on the grounds of missing a fast for whatever reason. You can make it up as qaza. However, I'm curious as to what basis you are speaking on when you mention that you don't have to pray during a fast and still have it deemed valid? Do you have a Jafari fiqh ruling on that? It doesn't make sense to me to have a fast still be valid if you miss prayers (assuming there are not any extenuating or extreme circumstances). Doesn't praying and fasting go hand in hand?
  12. You’re not supposed to miss your wajib prayers anyway regardless of if you’re fasting or not. If you’ve missed them then it’s best to pray them as qaza. You can also make up the fast as qaza as well. Won’t count as much but at least you won’t be missing them.
  13. Are you Male or Female? Also, how old are you ?
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