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  1. Try this... https://my.democrats.org/page/s/volunteerva
  2. Akbar673

    Do more people hate Islam and Muslims than ever before?

    Never go by the online comments section on anything. Its never a fair and balanced reflection of all opinions on the topic. Its always flooded by those that want to spread fitna and discord. Its only for haters. Have you ever done a search for videos, or posts that are support Muslim unity posted by Non-Muslims? You'd be surprised at the results. Also, keep in mind that those that wish to forment hate and division are the ones that post the most material, because their entire purpose is foster hate and violence. Not only with Non-Muslims but also within Muslims themselves by creating fear and resentment by Muslims towards others by making them think the world hates Muslims. A non-hater has no need to post anything because their goal is not to spread propoganda, nor do they have a need to voice their opinions because they are not consumed with hate or any other nefarious agenda. The entire non-Muslim world does not hate us. Its just those with a political agenda or a religious agenda that flood the internet with their lies and hatred. Normal people don't have a need or desire to share their opinions with the world. Well, if all you are seeing is hatred and negativity then you'll start thinking the entire world has that opinion. Natural reaction. However, as I said below the internet is not a true reflection of what humanity really thinks and feels. and which religion does not carry out atrocities and crimes which they ignorantly believe to be in the name of their faith? Christians? Jews? Muslims? Hindus? A simple study of history will show zealots and extremists exist and existed, as well as will exist, in every faith. Its the most easily manipulatable quality in a person who's proper religious knowledge is lacking as well as their intellectual ability to comprehend the teaching of that faith. Most extremists are people that are poorly educated on not educated at all.
  3. Akbar673

    Fantasy Sports

    I certainly hope isn't haram...because playing in a Fantasy Football league is what I live for...
  4. According to my calendar today is the anniversary of the Battle of Jamal (The Camel) and as such I thought starting a thread on it to foster discussion and analysis of it might be a good thing. Its a key point between Shi'a & Sunni as to why it happened and what the outcome(s) of it were (especially when it comes to not only Aisha, but also Talha bin Obaidullah & Zubayr bin Awwam). Here's a link to where I love getting a lot of my historical data from a Shi'a perspective. https://www.al-Islam.org/restatement-history-Islam-and-Muslims-Sayyid-Ali-ashgar-razwy/prelude-war Based on this Talha & Zubayr were more interested in increasing and maintaing their wealth. Curiously enough, its the aftermath of the Battle which I think gives the most insight into who fought and stood with Imam Ali (عليه السلام). Just take a look at the list of names that stood by the Imam (عليه السلام). Its a who's who list of pious Muslims. I'd say seeing that list of names should be enough to convince anyone Shi'a or Sunni as to which side stood with the truth. https://www.al-Islam.org/restatement-history-Islam-and-Muslims-Sayyid-Ali-ashgar-razwy/battle-basra-battle-camel#Ali-enters-basra Please feel free to add any quotes or links to valid scholarly material. I think its best that a scholarly discussion is held on this due to this being a seminal event in Islamic History.
  5. Akbar673

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    Well, if ladies are interested in a gemstone then perhaps a Ruby (aka Yaqoot) might be a way to go? Islamically recommended due to it being beneficial to the circulatory and cardiac systems. Besides I think a nice red ruby looks way nicer than a plain clear diamond... Islamic Gemstones.pdf
  6. That's what they are trained to do. In any debate if you can make a person get emotional, it will be at the expense of their logic and if you can get the other person to throw logic out the window then you've just won the debate. The key is get them to become emotional while you maintain your balance of logic and emotion. As I mentioned, akhlaq is the best way to do that.
  7. Akbar673

    Marriage advice

    Its the best place to spill them because no one knows who anyone is. Its all incognito. I can sit and spill everything and not have a care in the world for it, because at the end of the day I'm just a Screen name with an avatar to everyone else on here. Even people in the same city as me won't know who I am in the real world.
  8. Do you have to answer their questions? I usually roll my eyes in a "of lord, here we go again" manner and act nonchalant as if I don't take them seriously. It usually makes them lose their marbles because they can't goad me into getting emotional (which is their goal anyway). I honestly don't give them the time of day even when they approach me with the same standard comments/questions. What really makes them go bonkers is when I politely say "to you yours, to me mine. Allah will judge us accordingly". At that point they get grouchy and just walk away insulting me. Always, and I mean always, use the proper akhlaq with them. Always be respectful and never respond in kind or allow your emotions to take over. Akhlaq is a weapon of unimaginable power, that's why the Ahle Bayt (عليه السلام) always spoke so highly of it and always used it in the most adverse situations. The more respectful you are, the more disrespectful they become. Its only a matter of time before your akhlaq gains you the moral high ground in the situation.
  9. Akbar673

    ShiaChat Reading List

    These are all books that need to be bought on Amazon. Are there any links to these books availalble for public use? Like how the Al-Islam or the Maaref Foundation libraries are online.
  10. Akbar673

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    Did you know the price of diamonds is very clever and deceptive lie perpetuated by DeBeers? https://archive.attn.com/stories/3016/engagement-ring-diamonds-scam https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Beers Also, a little known fact is that DeBeers (originally a British company) was the key driver in the British Empire conquering India, specifically bringing the kingdom of Hyderabad under British "control", as well as South Africa, because at the time India was the world's top mining location of not only diamonds, but also the other gemstones that people were paying money for. As such, the British then shut down the mines in Hyderabad (which coincidentally was where the Hope diamond, the Akbar Shah, the Daria-E-Noor, the Koh-I-Noor, as well as many of the other Crown Jewels of the British Royal Family were mined from). They did this to allow DeBeers to start mining diamonds from mines that were under their direct control where they could use cheap labor in South Africa. The blood diamond stories we now hear about were common practice by DeBeers in the late 1800's. Murder and kidnapping was standard practice for DeBeers. As such, DeBeers then started this mind manipulation of lying about a diamond being rare when in actuality it is one of the most abundant items found on Earth. Its simply carbon that becomes crystallized due to seismic pressures. https://www.gemsociety.org/article/are-diamonds-really-rare/
  11. Akbar673

    Marriage advice

    Oh my. Its clear that you are putting in more effort to make this relationship succeed than he is. Keep an eye on this for the forseeable future to see if this changes for the better, if it doesn't then you might want to consider ending the engagement. He's being hypocritical about this. He is asking you to do that which he is unwilling to do himself. That's not a good sign at all, that's a reflection of how he is as a person. People with that mindset are domineering about getting what they wish without doing anything from their end of it. This will reflected in all of their approaches to things in life. Not a team mentality by any definition. He's insecure as well as domineering. When you pull away he gets scared and comes running back. This is an even more dangerous quality than being domineering because insecurity drives men to become even more autoritarian and dictatorial due to them being afraid of being compared to men who are more successful, better looking or accomplished. Eventually, his insecurity will ask you to drop out of school and be nothing other than a housewife that stays indoors cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids. He will also complain that you aren't doing a good enough job on anything because subconsciously it will make feel like he is better than what he actually is because he's pointing out your flaws. Agreed. based on what I have read in your latest posts, I'm not entirely sure I agree with you on this. Criticism, whether its hidden under an attempt to be humorous or not, is a sign of her viewing what she sees as a flaw or weakness in you. Why on Earth someone would want to take shots at the future spouse of their son is beyond me. If my son was getting married, I would make every effort to make the girl feel as happy and welcomed as possible into our family. No one is perfect, least of all me, that I can pass judgment on someone else's flaws. Least of all a young girl that is leaving her home to marry my son and become a part of my family. Again, please see above. This is not a healthy way to start a relationship with anyone leave alone a Daughter In Law. Not a good sign by any stretch because if she's saying this to you already when you are only engaged, you can expect her to say it in a more direct tone after the wedding. She doesn't have the appropriate level of respect for you. This is a very troubling series of events that you are presenting now. None of it is good in my opinion. and there it is...After reading this from you, I feel comfortable in telling you to end this engagement. As a Father of a daughter my biggest fear is that she will marry a man that will make her unhappy. That fear keeps me up at night because I've seen first hand how cruel and hurtful the wrong type of man can be and the sadness and despair it brings onto a woman. If you were my daughter I would end this engagement with no regrets. This is not the man, nor the family, which will bring you the happiness that you deserve. Time to end this and go find the man, and family, that will love and accept you for who you are. Think of this as a learning experience to help you on your way.
  12. Akbar673

    Shia only place

    Thankfully, the price is the same for any Muslim that wants to be buried there.
  13. Akbar673

    Marriage advice

    Another thing to consider is that he might be getting put off by her being so clingy and in need of reassurance of how he feels about her. Best way for her to find out is to see how his Mother is, if she's a stong, independant woman than he is definitely going to be put off by a girl who is as she said it herself a "very sensitive person" and based on her post its safe to say that she needs to be reassured of his feelings for her on a regular basis. However, if his Mother is the same type as her than its got to be something else (if anything at all...can't discount the fact that this is her opinion and as we all know opinions aren't always a reflection of what is actually going on). Now, you can't discount the fact that he should have known all this and decided before he chose to propose to her. There is an equal burden of responsibility and guilt on him if this relationship does indeed end. He should've spent the necessary time to get to know her personality and nature before deciding to put a ring on her finger. Again, we don't know if this already happened on his end and now we are seeing his/her true nature, but then shouldn't she have gotten to know him before saying "Yes" as well ? Why is this all happening after the engagement was formalized? Do remember that we are only hearing one side of the story. There's two sides to every coin and relationship. She needs to discuss with him what he is looking for and if they don't find any common ground at that point she needs to decide if she wants to continue in this relationship. I can promise you that he is already thinking on this for himself.
  14. Perhaps elected Muslim officials can pull the plug on a new Middle East that the West wants. The West has been trying that for decades and has little to no success, so perhaps a new batch of elected officials (Muslim or not) might see what a waste of time it is Now especially with the U.S. producing a lot more of its own petroleum and natural gas, as well as moving towards clean energy sources like solar, etc...the concern and need of a relationship with the Middle East now has a shelf life.