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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Assalam o alaikum, I know it's a little late but for all the future references, here are soem amendments to the wordings of KHAYAL-E-FATIMA Khayaal-e-Fatima, deen kii hai aabru Zainab -2 Ali Imam kii sajdon mein arzoo, Zainab Hai zay say zeenat-e-AJDAD yay say yakta hai toh noon say yeh naboowat kii mohsina thehrii Jo bay kay raaz ko, kholoon to bay Ali, BOLA Thi baab-e-ilmi ki beti, muallima tehri Misaal-e-Fatima Zahra hai hubahu Zainab Mujhay Hussain kii bay misl sajdagah kii qasam kahiin na hoti namaz-o-qurâan kii baatain Manaat-o-LAAL kii, pooja bahaal ho jaati Na karteh log dahar mein imaan kii baatain Sunaan-e-khutbay jo, jaati na KOO- BA-KOO Zainab Janab-e-AKBAR E ZEEJAH kii parvarish kar kay maqam-e-aamna khaliq say paa gaeen bibi Janab-e-Abid-e-beemar kii bakaa, kay liyay Dayaar-e-shaam mein sar nangay aa gaeen bibi Ali kii tarha thii, baatil kay roo- baroo Zainab Ajeeb-e-aalam-e-ghurbat thah shaam mein logo rasan mein qaid thii BAALON say muh chupaaye huay chahar-samt se honay lagee thii sang, baari hui jo daakhil-e-bazaar sar jhukaaye huay bachatii deen ko ho gayi lahu lahu Zainab _____ Janab e Syed e Sajjad aik din logo, chalay to gir, paray agla qadam utha na sakay yun shimr KORAY ko lehrata agaya,, yukdum, HARAM GHAREEB ko mal'oon say bacha na sakay ajeeb yaas say tuktee thee chaarsoo Zainab Kabhee Sakina ko, daitee rahee dilaasay woh Kaheen Rubab ka ghurbat, mayn ghum batatee theen, Kabhee Sajjad kay ashkon ko saaf kartee theen Kaheen woh Farwa ko apney galay lagatee theen, Baree kathan thee jo kartee thee justujoo Zainab ______ hajoom-e-aam se guzri toh ek aurat ne ali kii beti ko pathhar uthaa ke maara thah BAHA JO KHOON toh chehray pe ek naqab BANA YEH PARDADAAR kii FATHAH ka ek ishaara thah chali thi jaanib-e-darbaar surkh roo Zainab ____________ Dyar- e- ghair mayn, Tauqeer pardeh daaree ko ALI KI BAITI nay kuch is tarah bachaya tha BANAYA BAALON SE PARDAH TO DAR PE KHAAK E SHIFA zaban pay lehja-e shair- e khuda sajaya tha Ali kay lehjay mayn kartee theen guftugoo Zainab Khayaal-e-Fatima, deen ki hai aabru Zainab....
  2. my question still stands.. is it mentioned anywhere in the Quran that a specific individual has been created for you and you will only marry that particular person and no one else? Call it soulmates or whatever. As far as I know only one couple's marriage was prearranged and that was Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima. the rest of the world needs to find their own spouses thru different means.
  3. (salam) Just to add on to the OP's question because I dont want to start a similar topic... Does Islam say that who you're married to has been chosen for you/created for you and you will DEFINITELY end up marrying that individual who was created for you? Someone presented Ayah 36:36 as the basis for this argument but as far as I understand that Ayah, it is a generic reference to creating everything in pairs and not restricted to humans alone. Also it does not specify that a specific individual was created FOR you and you will end up marrying that individual because you were "destined" to. I hope I'm making some sense and can get a proper answer for this. I'm not looking for opinions. I'm looking for a substantial answer with proof. Thanks in advance.
  4. ^ Mushu ur word is supposed to start with the repeating letter and must be another double letter word. so "Kill" after "oops" doesn't count. Ur word must start with the letter "O". overriding
  5. i agree... there's just quantity and low quality...

  6. isi liye kam kam nazar aatay hain hum... or chat per to bilkul bhi nahi.. i just roam around the board reading interesting posts/articles...

  7. shadi ka shia chat se kia talluq? there's no limit to obtaining knowledge or sometimes lack of it :P

  8. ^^^^ I second that. SLEEEEEPPPPP as much as you can! pamper youself... go for a relaxing facial or a manicure or read a good book. anything that u enjoy... u wont have much time afterwards..... :(
  9. ^^ I thought so too.. was I wrong?
  10. Who said Cricket was boring or lame? :mad:
  11. may be he knew and didnt want you to stop........
  12. hahaha isn't that a tough choice? aren't both India and England the same for Pakistan?
  13. Would you be surprised if I said I agree?
  14. It certainly does put Pakistan under a different light doesnt it?
  15. Did you see Pakistan beat Sri lanka at their home ground?
  16. Europe now... more like the tip of it. :dry:
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