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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. fair enough that's your opinion. nothing wrong with that.. On the other hand some people may like having a tattoo As there is no mention of a tattoo being haram we should therefore take it as Halal... As far as I am aware no marjaa has declared the tattoo as haram but also it should net be excessive or contain images that go against Islam..
  2. Bro I went through the same dilemma earlier this year for ages and decided in the end to go for the Ifone 32gb 3gs.. I know now I made the right choice.. Awesome fone and don't know why I did not get one earlier. Plus its saves carrying around an MP3 player and separate fone. Really good apps and you can access the net and email all the time, if you got a good signal. You can get access to BT openzone while out and about in the UK too on most networks. Plus with apps like skype you can call for free so you can save on your mins, as long as the other person has skype and you can send free texts with Whatsapp, again as long as the other person has Whatsapp as well. Where in the UK do you live? check this for 3g coverage 3g maps I bought mine on o2 which I was not impressed with the network, transferred to Voda who have amazing download speeds, left voda and went to 3 and after an appalling week with them went straight back to Vodafone. At the moment I get 900 mins, unltd text and 1gb internet/data and 1gb btopenzen wifi.. Don't bother witth the Itouch, can be limiting while you are out and about. hope this helps ;)
  3. You hit the nail on the head, lol. What the heck is it with everybody poking each other!! :unsure: :unsure:
  4. Yalla Yalla, you got my signature B)
  5. funny you should mention that bro the same has been happening to me.. Have you recently gone through a life changing event? :unsure: as for my thought right now.. I'm thinking of getting a job, any type of job, for a year and save up as much as I can and then go travelling around the world for a year.. The UK is so dry and boring!! Its always been a dream of mine and I think I am going to do it, Inshallah..
  6. True if george 'W' bush jnr invited you round for tea, would you go? :D
  7. Wsalaam He heard the ring tone a few times and just gave me a funny look. lol. I was at the barbers yesterday, on the seat having my hair cut and the fone went off in my pocket, the barber just looked around in astonishment, :cry: Come on Proud Shiite, you have to put it on your fone to see the reactions on peoples faces when it rings... ;) Well, i'm in for a treat today.. off for sehri now with chicken breast pieces in my mum's home made masala.. steamed peas and sweet corn with some chips.. and not to forget, corn on the cob and an ice cold can of coke.. :D I moved back to my parents 4 months ago after living away from home for 12 years and the only chef in the house is me mam.. Best chef in the world... :D
  8. Salaam bro hope your cool..

  9. yes bro, I emailed Syed Ali Sistani's team and that's the reply I got so I went ahead with mine.
  10. Hey how about 'Imshi imshi' I learnt it when i went to Sharm-el-Sheik :D
  11. I had a relative from PK over last week and now all the lush sehri food (iftari leftovers) is gone.. :( Well back to cereal, toast and fruit for the last two days... :unsure:
  12. No I'm a x-boxer i've had a ps3 since it came out and never bought a game for it once. The only thing it is good for is a stand alone blu-ray player. Can't fault it on that front.
  13. True, oh yes... if only... :Hijabi: Do you think batman would beat superman in a fight?
  14. (salam) Honestly, sounds like you are living in the UK, I suggest you go to the local police station and tell them you are being blackmailed. That should soon sort out the bogus spiritual leader once he gets a visit from the local bobbies. Don't worry about being alienated as its sounds like you already have been due to your beliefs. Just try and ride out your time where you are till you get back home, Inshallah. These so called 'spiritual leaders' need a good dose of english justice as they are living in a land that has laws and not some lawless village back home. But as already recommended read the Quran and stay strong in your beliefs sister.
  15. I watched the whole clip on you tube and was sickened at what I seen. As for everyone involved including all the people on their mobiles filming what happened should be destroyed. I am pakistani (punjabi) and from what I hear what goes on back home in the small villages in pakistan and all over these natural disasters are a wake up call from The Almighty (swt) so that people correct their ways. First it was the earth quake and now the floods. This is history repeating it self from what we read in the Holy Quran. Allah (swt) should send two angels to destroy the whole of Sialkot for what has just happened in this blessed month of His (swt) where any form of violence is prohibited. Its village mentality and where I am, in the UK, a majority of pakistanis here are from villages back home where they find this kind of behaviour acceptable and the only thing stopping them doing what they do back home is the law in this country. Pakistan has no law so they get away with s*!t like this. If there was no law in the UK these village folk would be doing the same here in the UK. As a matter of fact some pakistanis here in the UK act the same as they do back home and have no regard for any law never mind islamic law. Just watch what happens now as Pakistan is being taken over by the wobbler's (wahabbis).. Their goal has been more or less achieved to take over PK and now they have their eyes set on India!!! Thank you Zia-ul-Haq.. I hope you burn in hell. There is a good old saying 'you can take the paki out of the village but you can't take the village out of the paki' After watching the video I don't want anything to do with pakistan and would never visit the country again!!
  16. Nice one enlight_warner and very interesting :) Thanks Koko313 :) Some people probably know better then our pious scholars ;) but I then wonder why they are not the ones issuing guidance on Islamic laws.. Maybe they just :wacko:
  17. Over a year on and after significant research and justified answers, the finished product: :) Used my signature as the template with an italic touch. Oh by the way to all the tattoo haters out there who still think tattoos are haram even though they are not. 1) it did not hurt 2) i did not shed blood 3) it will settle in the 3rd layer of my skin so I can perform wudhu correctly 4) while having it done i saw no form of mutilation 5) i love it and its for life.. 6) its for me and no one else 7) its my identity, my belief, my love and my physical reminder.. 8) if you feel or think it is haram, are our prominent scholars wrong in their reasoning.. 9) i would much prefer to listen to them...
  18. If your intentionally watching porn while fasting, why should you be embarrassed? It's not like The Almighty (swt) is watching you.. Just carry on watching porn while fasting where The Almighty (swt) can't see you. Then no one will know and there wont be any need to get embarrassed.. :D I concur
  19. She is only answerable to the Almighty (swt). If she believes in the foundations of Islam, she is Muslim. You can't take that away from her. Whether she practices or not, it is not our concern. We are no one to judge. What position are we in to judge? The Almighty (swt) will do with her as He (swt) pleases. Maybe The Almighty (swt) is allowing her to lose herself in what she is doing and He (swt) has let go of her... as mentioned numerous times in The Quran. I think we should worry about our own problems and not others.
  20. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani = the exact kind of knowledgeable English speaking individual the Muslim world requires today.. Mashallah.. Look at the structure of his lectures.. Just imagine how many people Muslim and non-Muslims, he can reach out to and who can relate to, and appreciate his style who have been through any form of educational system.. :yaali:
  21. phew, i was getting a bit worried there. :angel:
  22. nice one guys.. The fruit char my mam makes is delicious.. even for opening fast with it's just spot on. not heavy at all. coke is good at anytime as long as it's not while your fasting.
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