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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Jazakallah Sis.. Your are in my prayers too. Thought: I wish The Almighty Allah (swt) answers my prayers, my call, my needs and my wants, Inshallah... :yaali:
  2. false, how can a set up be fair? Are you going to make up any rozeh (fasts) you missed after Ramadhan is over?
  3. I ain't going to lie. That bought tears to my eyes. :cry: No, I did lie, I cried my eyes out as I can relate to what happened. :cry: :cry:
  4. Salaam bro Can you do me a signature with my name and my signature below on the picture below... May Allah (swt) send his blessing upon you.. :angel: Jazakallah. Will you be able to email it to me once its done?? :)
  5. Its not Hazrat Abbas (as) charging but thought it might help:
  6. Good question bro.. Allah (swt) does state in the Quran that He (swt) only guides the righteous people and keeps a seal on peoples hearts who he does not want to guide or know the truth.. ;) :yaali:
  7. ... wow.. have to agree with you bro, that is amazing... Subhanallah... There is no Power apart from the Almighty (swt)
  8. if I had seen her do that I would have thrown her upside down in the bin and then kicked it while she was in it!!! :shaytan: If I ever see her I would do it anyway!! :shaytan: Sorry for my strong opinion but I used to have a cat.
  9. more chicken breast pieces in my mams home made masala with more corn on the cob.. yum yum.. A chana (chick peas) saalan sandwich.. bottle of lucozade.. fruit chaar and loads of water.. and i washed up afterwards.. :angel:
  10. Sis, that is a very long story and its doesn't have anything to do with my work situation at all. The story takes up half my life... ;) False, for sure.. do you think obama is a muslim?
  11. Thanks sis I already have a degree and masters and I'm not wasting any more time doing a phd for the next three years. Due to my age and current circumstances its not really an option at this point in my life. I thought a master would give me an edge over all the graduates in the UK, but for some strange reason it ain't working out, lol. It's a dog eat dog world and to survive in this current economic climate you have to provide for yourself and not rely on others. for example: if you work for an organisation and have commitments, i.e., mortgage, bills, tax, and other essentials to pay and the organisation you work for faced financial difficulty, they would not think twice about getting rid of you to cut on costs. No matter what commitments you have out of work or the time and effort you have given to the company. I fortunately don't have many commitments outside work, Alhumdullillah. In my last job I was employed by a university and they would not extend my contract due to cuts in the UK higher education sector, even though I worked my socks off, and now after ending my contract they have employed some one else for the same role I had. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. therefore, i feel why should one put him/her self through so much trouble, so some one else profits from your labour, when we have the ability to work for our selves and when you do, its worth putting in the blood and sweat to reach your outcome or goal. hence, becoming a self employed Taxi driver... i'll be my own boss and if I don't work i don't make any money. Plus the pay is way better than most professional jobs in the UK, depending on where you work. I have thought about taking my skills to Canada on a skilled workers visa but that is for the future. I want to experience what the world has to offer first before I do that. My thoughts right now: F, the British system. It stinks. The conservatives have imposed some of the worst economic cuts since WW2.
  12. False.. but I wish I was.. Have you ever thought what the Angel of death would look like when it approaches you?
  13. My Dad is Shia and my Mum a Sunni. I was raised and taught about Allah (swt) and the Prophet (sawa) and nothing beyond. I was left to make my own choices which I am really glad to have the opportunity to make. Growing up all my friends were Sunni and I guess I followed the crowd. I did whatever they did and went to Sunni mosques. This just made me a robotic muslim. No explanations for what every one did but just it had to be done. I knew there was more to religion and Islam as I have always had a conscience about my faith. I went to uni and started to read which gave me the opportunity to learn about what my Dad believed in. The more I read and compared my study to Sunni Islam the more I got hooked and started to believe more in what my dad believed and wow I was amazed at what The Shia belief had to offer. The more I read the more certain my faith and belief became which makes me a very proud Shia today. I am so grateful, Alhumdullillah, that I have never had it forced upon me and that I had the chance to choose for my self what path I wanted to take. both my parents are cool with my choices and my when I told my dad he said he had always prayed for me that I would choose the Shia Path. This is why I am a Shia today and I have a strong passion for what I believe in. :D :yaali: :yaali: :yaali:
  14. Sorry to hear.. Yes I guess you don't want to freak your mom out with the ring tone.
  15. false do you think Israel will launch an attack on Iran?
  16. that's bad. I hope they send the man down and throw away the key..
  17. Jazakallah sis.. I believe I can do it.. Inshallah.. anything is possible if you put your mind to it and your faith in Allah (swt) Sorry to hear your plan messed up when you were younger. :( I have travelled but want to see the whole of this world and the natural wonders created by the Almighty (swt)... not by man... Did you know Ibn Battouta was more well travelled than Marco Polo? I feel he wasn't given the recognition he deserved as he was a muslim. I am quite sick of working for someone else as they benefit from my hard work more than me.. your right about being self-employed.. I told my mum today about becoming a taxi driver and she looked at me strange and said what about all your education? I just said it doesn't mean anything in the UK anymore, which I feel it don't.. I have 7 years managerial experience and both my degrees and when I apply for jobs I get told, thanks but no thanks, in a nut shell. So I guess its time to make it on my own with the help of the Almighty (swt).. The tax man is going to have a hard job of finding me from now on.. :lol: I've paid enough in taxes over the last 12 years and got nothing in return. My thoughts: My next steps of obtaining my taxi license. A jobs a job as long as it brings the money in. I never thought I would do it but why not.. :)
  18. There are a few: Qibla & prayer times (£3.99) Dua Kumayl (free) islamic Library: lots of shia and sunni books (free) Iduas: Muharram (free) Iduam: Ramadhan (59p) Risalatul Huquq (free) Nahjul Balagha (free) 2500 Adages of Imam Ali (as) (free)
  19. This is what I mean about people doing crazy things on facebook. My good friend just called me and told me his 17/18 year old nephew has these photos on his facebook. :wacko: Can some please explain what is going on? :cry: :cry: Now when people put up photos of posing in cars (hired) that don't belong don't to them, it just looks silly, this just takes it to a whole new level!! He asked him if he can hire it for Eid and he replied 'it needs a valet' :Hijabi: Oh my days!!
  20. yes all network have the microsim for the ifone 4. the 3gs takes a normal 3g sim. Good choice, go for the 3gs as its a more promblem free Ifone. As for internet on the go you need a sim plan that has the wifi option which allows you to connect to wifi networks across the country while out and about. for example i get 1gb internet/data and 1gb wifi on vodafone. 1gb internet/data = I can use my ifone to access the internet anywhere in the country as long as i have a good 3g or Edge signal on my ifone. (reception) 1gb wifi = I can connect to wifi hotspots dotted around the country without having to use my 1gb internet /data allowance. Its like hooking up to your wireless at home but connecting in a public place. For example prominent wifi hotspots in the UK are BT openzone and The cloud. your network will allow you to have access to one of these as long as you have the wifi option on plan.. You will never really use up your internet/data and wifi allowance... I am always on mine streaming vids and surfing and never go past my limit. The only downside to o2 is that they only give you a 750mb allowance. Voda give you 1gb allowance and trust me their speeds are super fast... Voda do similar 30 day rolling contracts
  21. If I work hard enough round the clock for the next year I know it can be done, Inshallah. Its when you work for someone else you can't make 'X' amount of money. Your told when to go to work, when to finish work, when to have lunch and how much you earn. I've had enough of that really and now being unemployed for four weeks I've decided to do things for myself. I'm a post graduate and to be honest the work front is really grim in the UK and sitting around doing nothing is doing my nut in. I've decided I'm going to be a taxi driver for a year and a bit and if you work hard enough it pays way better than a professional job, Inshallah. Your self employed, you decide when to go to work and when to finish. If you don't work you don't earn any money. Simples. Plus its better than sitting around doing nothing and work is work. Therefore all being well, Inshallah, i'm going to work hard round the clock and, Inshallah save as much as I can to go round this beautiful world The Almighty (swt) has created. When I get round to doing it most my travelling will be by trains and buses and in the east it not to expensive to travel by this mode of transport. Thinking: Hoping all falls into place with getting a job and my taxi license so I can start working hard to achieve my goal, Inshallah
  22. False Do you think the admin folk on SC are cool? :angel:
  23. No real fix apart from a software update which gives a better reading of signal strength. One of the main guys at Apple who worked on the Ifone 4 knew of the problem before release and has now lost his job due to the 'antennaegate' scandal. Yes, the consumer group is not recommending the Ifone 4. I would hold on till the next ifone model comes out as Apple won't and can't afford to get that wrong.
  24. Its allowed anywhere on your body. the tattoo settles in the 3rd layer of your skin which means when you perform wudhu the water will pass directly on your skin and not the tattoo. All prominent scholars have said it is ok and not limited it to any body part.. No fatwa has been issued against having a tattoo.
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