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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) An interesting new lecture by Sheikh Imran Hosein (sunni scholar), he makes some good points but also tries to refute Shia theology in parts, which is expected of course because he is after all a Sunni. But he isn't takfiri, nor is he hate preaching. He actually praises Imam Hussain (as), Iran & the Shia in parts of his lecture. However I feel he makes some key errors in regards to our beliefs, especially when he says that ALL the Muslims accepted the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, Omar & Uthman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hHjI2TknjE Please watch thoroughly and share your thoughts inshAllah Jazakallah Khair
  2. Salaam I need to attach some scans in the Shias and the house of Ali topic. this is in sunni/shia discussion. As these scans are urgent & need answering can the mods please find a way for me to do so. Jazakallah
  3. walaikum Salaam brother, Very sorry for the late reply. How much content would you like me to post ? Apparently this book is no longer in circulation & is banned, so i dont know if you will be able to see for yourself. The chapters of the book are: 1. Shias & Ahlul Bayt 2. Shias and the opposition of Ahlul Bayt 3. Lies imputed by shias towards Ahlul Bayt 4. Shias Humiliation of Ahlul Bayt. He tries to 'expose the shias from their own books' & says they are not followers of ahlul bayt at all. Unfortunately my urdu isnt very good brother, i can speak & understand to a decent level but beyond that i cant go very far.
  4. (bismillah) (salam) The book Shias and the house of Ali is one by Ahlul Hadith/Wahabi Scholar Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer from pakistan. It has many claims against shia in it, my family members have given it to me & think its gospel against the followers of Ahlul Bayt. I must admit i read it in my days as a sunni. Is there any good refutations of this? A lot of the content seems like lies but how can we prove this. Appreciate any help momineen & mominaat. Fi manillah
  5. (salam) It's not that easy to do brother. They know deep down i am Shi'i/have Shia influences. I pray with my family but do not tie my hands & they accept this. The problem is just about the prostration. If they see me use a turbah they will just refuse to accept it & say its unecessary,stone worship, stupid ect Thats why a haseer mat would have been useful, at least that way i can pray with them comfortably. Also they regard shias are deviants, so you can see this isnt going down nicely, neither would me saying we are brothers in islam.
  6. (wasalam) Sorry i should have realised. If possible change to Taalib Al Haqeeqah please. Jazakallah Inshallah in real life i will remain a Shia Omar, but on here i would prefer not to use my actual name.
  7. (salam) Can i have my name changed by an admin please ? I think the reason is obvious why i wouldnt want my current name, being a follower of Ahlul Bayt i would prefer not to have such a name as my User Name, even though it is my name. Jazakallah
  8. (salam) It's been a while. I have looked around and on ebay for the haseer but i have been unable to find one. I don't think there is any in my vicinity. Do you have any other suggestions ?
  9. Sorry for the late reply brother, i am in exam period at the moment. I'll have a look around & on ebay and inshallah let you know if i have any problems. I'm going to London next weekend inshallah and visiting the Islamic centre of England, so maybe the brothers there will assist me further if i need it. You are quite right that i cannot carry on in secret forever but now is not the right time, when it is, i will eventually come out in the open inshallah. Just make Du'a that Allah makes it easy for me. Also when praying with sunni family memebers, when they turn for tasleem to complete the prayer what is the best thing for me to do. i have been told raising the hands thrice & saying takbeeer is optional. Inshallah if anyone knows the answer then please do help.
  10. Mashallah that's an excellent idea brother, you are right. Unfortunately we don't have Chinese stores in my area nor any Shia Islamic shops as the Shia Community is very small here, we only get together for Muharram, Arbaeen ect. If you could sort something out for me i would be very grateful, it would solve a massive problem for me inshallah. Thanks for that brother, Jazakallah. I'll definitely use that if i'm questioned. By compulsion i mean that they don't know i am Shia, so if they see me using a turbah then they will become suspicious. So when praying with them i dont use it.
  11. (salam) When praying with a family member who is sunni i am unable to use a turbah (because they dont know i am shia yet), is it acceptable for me to pray on the prayer carpet out of compulsion. They dont force me to tie my hands as i've proved to them this is perfectly acceptable according to sunni fiqh & the position if Imam Malik, and i've even shown them hadith proving this from the maliki side. I try to pray individually most of the time in my own room at home and alhamdulillah thats going fine but when we visit other family or if my dad asks me to pray in jamah with him then you can see its tricky. So inshallah if anyone has the answers then can you please let me know.
  12. Ok, Thanks for that. Amazing names. If someone could confirm that please it would be very useful inshallah. Jazakallah bro. :) Quick Question for anyone who can answer, When praying with a family member who is sunni, naturally i cant use a turbah, if i prayed on the musallah out of compulsion is it accepted ? They dont force me to tie hands for example as ive proved to them this is acceptable in sunni tradition even & ive given the proofs.
  13. (wasalam) Thanks Brother, inshallah this will be the first thing i will use to sunni brothers in the future who question me regarding my faith. An event that shocked me too, as to why ahlus sunna fail to realise the significance of it. Ajeeb. What observations have you made when using this ? good success rate ? Of course there is no better name mashallah. Jazakallah for the beautiful list of names. In particular i have always likes the names Hadi, Hassan and Jawad. Even as a Sunni. But i thought if one wishes to have Hadi in their name it should be Al-Hadi eg with my name Omar Farooq Al-Hadi. Is this true/acceptable ? also is it the same with Jawad ? Also Sister if you dont mind what is the meaning of Al-Hadi ?
  14. (salam) I think you are right brother, life will be very awkward if i tell them while living with them, inshallah i will wait to the future. But theres always the chance they may stumble upon me doing something & realise that i am in fact Shia. Theres a arbaeen majlis on friday for example, in this situation am i allowed to use taqiyyah? and tell them im going elsewhere in order i can practice my religion & safeguard myself because if they knew then im sure they would not be happy. True, we need unity you are right. Thank you for the advice. Jazakallah Yes i know about the feeling towards the name sister and i agree with your suggestion, i think it would be better that way. No parent would want their child to come home and tell them that they have changed their name, it would probably really upset them if anything. What names would you suggest ? Of course i wont make a hasty decision on this. Mashallah, you are blessed & lucky your dad is so accepting. Allah make it easy for you with your family inshallah. Allah guide her & your brother. The lovers of Ahlul Bayt have to endure so much tribulations for their love, just ignore it & educate with love & good adab.
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