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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams, On a recent lecture Syed Zaki Baqri mentioned he has a series of lectures on Marriage and Family life in Islam and is recommended for engaged couples/ those on the verge of getting married and I was wondering if anyone had links for mp3 for his lectures? I have searched online but either the links are down or its on Youtube and I require it in mp3. Also, would appreciate it if you guys have any links for lectures on marriage. Either english or urdu is fine. My weddings coming up soon inshAllah and while I am ready, I feel we have thought more about the wedding but not the marriage in
  2. farah


    A Global Campaign For Zahoore Immam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Immam

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  3. khuram


    happy birthday to you

  4. 'True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all'. Socrates 'From morning till night the sun works very hard spreading its light, then it works the night shift somewhere else'. Sally Huss 'It's fun to discover something new in an old friend, especially when it's wisdom'. Sally Huss
  5. -azra

    salams sis :)

    It would be a pleasure to have you as a member on the ShiaSisters.net Forum!


  6. S/A, I highly recommend everyone to watch Baabeilm presentation on Imam Ali(A.S). Lets all raise our voice to denounce the greatest oppression and injustice against the most just people (Ahlul-Bait). Presentation: Ali (A.S)The Oppressed Imam sorry if this has been posted here before. I havent been here for a while now. Wasalaam
  7. hope its useful for you. Inshallah your essays' gonna rock :)
  8. ^not exactly. draw a circle on the center of the page. write the name of a book in that. then draw out branches. start with similarites. differences. same with the next. after that, all you have to do is put them together. it may sound a little complicated at first, but its real easy and before youv even begun your essay, half is done.
  9. try mind mapping.jot down essential notes for both novels. then put them together. the mind maping helps give an idea how the essay will turn out.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss sister, MayAllah ease your pain. Inshallah my prayrers are with you and your family.
  11. I always get yelled at for having cut my nails on tuesdays...i think i have read in a book.just not sure of the days.it even specifies as to which finger you should start cutting your nails from.. regarding the shower..i hope thats not true. :blink:
  12. 1 - At what age did you get a cell phone? 15 2- Which model was it? Samsung..dont quite remember the model. 3- Why did you get it? it was a birthday gift..i had been nagging my parents to let me have me..plus they were always calling up people i was with to find out where i was.. 4- Were there any warnings given b4 you got it? no warnings 5- When did you decided to change it? almost a year later..because it wouldnt function properly..(because i had dropped it several times..)
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