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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. To help the Bahrainis would be sucidal for Iran & at the same time defeat the blood of the Bahraini martyrs
  2. javed abbas


    (bismillah) We need to trust people.However it depends upon the circumstances that would decide the level of trust in a person.
  3. You ought to be banned.Guuter ki zuban gutter main he rahe to achha hoga
  4. You are wrong again.The basic reasons all this trash is propagated so that Sunni brethren may not enter into a healthy disccusion with their Shia friends and stumble upon facts wich are otherwise hidden from the mases
  5. You need proof?.Back in india there is a state of Gujarat which experienced one of the worst communual riots in post independence india.The then and present Chief Minister openly asks for proof of his involvement whereas everybody in the world knows how his regime collided with the roiters.Taliban is worse my friend .Please start saying and accepting reality.Condemn the oppressors even if they are your brothers.It is not Muhammed(swws)Islam is not what Taliban brings.
  6. (bismillah) The Sharia deal is a license to Wahabbi Taliban to expand their reach and indulge in ethnic cleansing especially of shia community.
  7. How true one never realise the real worth of a mother
  8. Zardari is not a Shia.Please be careful to check facts before you make a comment
  9. (bismillah) (wasalam) Why trivalise a simple matter.We in India first get married and then fall inlove and believe me it is a wonderful experience.By the way refer to your Marajae in reaching a proper decision
  10. (bismillah) The day i believe Imam Ali(a.s.) married his daughter to Umar i would not remain a shia
  11. (bismillah) Jazakallah. As far as the issue of spending on decorations is concerned let us begin with Kaaba and the innumerable Mosque around the world.Surely a lot of money can be saved for the betterment of the community.Why do we only talk about the Roza's of Ahlulbait(a.s.) why not of the house of Allah(swt).
  12. (bismillah) Are they going to deal with it in all sincerity or is it going to be an exercise of shia bashing
  13. (bismillah) Its our duty to protest killing of innocents where ever in the world
  14. If you can work,however it is better to search for alternative options if available
  15. His shoes must have more pak than the floor of a muslim.LOL. :!!!:
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