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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) so the objective behind the Iddah period is to rule out pregnancy, So does it make any difference if the couple had already been separated for a year, and have not had sexual relations for one year? does the woman still has to observe iddah after the divorce ?
  2. sisters........ i need urgent duas for my daughter........ time is passing by and last day tomorrow ........:(( cant go in the details now sisters please please pray that Allah and Imam e zamana (a.s) relieve me and her of the difficulty before tomorrow ends
  3. salam bros and sisters.. how does one keep their hopes up in times of difficulty...... i am praying and reciting ziyarat e ashura everyday.... and trying to keep my faith strong by remembering the 12th Imam (a.s) please if anyone could tell me of any personal experiences how they passed through the difficult times in there lives, it would help me see light at the end of the tunnel. i shall be very grateful kindly pray for me......need them badly
  4. thank you ! May Allah shower his blessings upon you
  5. salam can someone explain these verses to me 37:172-178 i know its pretty simple.but still (١٧٢)[That] indeed, they would be those given victoryBahawa sesungguhnya merekalah orang-orang yang diberikan pertolongan mencapai kemenanganوَإِنَّ جُندَنَا لَهُمُ ٱلْغَٰلِبُونَ (١٧٣)And [that] indeed, Our soldiers will be those who overcome.Dan bahawasanya tentera Kami (pengikut-pengikut Rasul), merekalah orang-orang yang mengalahkan (golongan yang menentang kebenaran).فَتَوَلَّ عَنْهُمْ حَتَّىٰ حِينٍ (١٧٤)So, [O Muhammad], leave them for a time.Oleh itu berpalinglah (wahai Muhammad) dari mereka, (ja
  6. i want to know the islamic ruling about the money and jewellery that was given to the wife at the time of marriage ... this wasnt part of mehr.. the jewellery was gift by husband's relatives and the money was given to her by husband soon after marriage .... now the husband and wife have seperated , they havent decided about divorce yet, but the husband is demanding the things back........ what is the islamic ruling regarding this? can/should the wife too ask back for the gifts she gave to his family?
  7. Thank you bro ali,those are all very good suggestions but unfortunately i dont think i will be able to put any of them to practise. The reason that the in laws were successful with their interference was my husband's attitude. In the past he never did anything to protect me and the children. I dont think he's going to do much now,despite admitting that his family are the ones who are behaving badly. My children are too young to understand whats going on. All the suggestions you gave require a united front (not letting them enter house without permission etc) by husband and wife, unfortunately,
  8. Thanks for ur replies, can anyone provide me any rulings relevant to this matter
  9. @ varun: there's nothing left to explain,husband know everything but is unable resolve things @keystoparadise : askd husband to move away several times but he's not going to,had we been living sum distance away i might not hav felt the need of taking this step,but since we r going to live in close proximity to them i need to draw clear lines to keep them from interfering,hence.....
  10. Salam everyone,i wont go in the details but my inlaws have always treated me v poorly ever since i got married 6yrs back,neithr me nor my husband has been able to come up with a good explanation of their behaviour,its just that they never accepted me ,i hav always tried to be good to them.they interfered so much in our marriage and nearly destroyed it. Even the birth of our children changed nothing for them.most of the time they ignore my children or openly show preference to other kids, some of those are not even family,yet they get preferred over the children of their only son.at other times
  11. good point, i think she probably can........ if that guy hasnt gotten resident status yet, no she doesnt have to pay back any money.......... just get a divorce....... people from her family can pressurise him he isnt behaving
  12. algerian shia....... if he is willing to gove it another chance...... why not????? some many men i know had affairs outside their marriages, some of their wives came to know abt it........ what happens...... lots of times nothing..........you ll find so many posts on shiacht and on the web about husbands being into porn.......addicted to it....... does that mean that the wives should automatically divorce them..........??? while i admit that this brother should have been stronger in some aspects........ in other ways i think its very wise of him to give his wife and his marriage another chance
  13. salam sis, please can someone tell me from where i can get those arm covers/gauntlets in pakistan? i dont seem to find them anywhere, i am desperate.
  14. just reading the Q&A on najaf.org out of interest............... most of the answers seem to be ambigious, not very clear cut and difficult to make out
  15. bapsi sidwha.......... highly recommended
  16. yeah very right........ i am a sister and sis zzaveri plz dont start judging me on why i sent the message........ if i could talk to it about anyone else i would have......and i think SCG was created to discuss personal issues........
  17. (bismillah) (salam) i sent a message to both the sis in SCG about two weeks ago and after failing to get a reply i sent it to sis smiley.............. a week back.......... no one replied back.........i was so upset about that issue....... i knw sis are under no obligation to reply and they must be busy because of ramadhan etc but i was so distressed and upset and i always felt shiachat members were my family and hoped someone would be there with advice ............ i counted on the ppl here....... maybe i was expecting too much.......... anyway and i am depressed and donno whom to ask for
  18. i cant access my messages......... :( this ad that you are running on the top right corner........ it blocks the drop down options that appear.......... is there any other way
  19. i sent a messafge to one of the sis in the SCG........ four days..... no reply.......... that sis hasnt even read my msg yet :(( i was so distressed and in need of advice when i sent her that msg and log in several times a day to see if she had replied............ why.................... :((
  20. mt daughter is 10 months old mashAllah now,she drinks milk from a feeding bottle, i have been trying to change over to a sippy cup for like 2and a half months now but have been unsuccessful, any tips....... have i started too early??
  21. (bismillah) is it okay for women to do wudhu with head completely uncovered, my mother says its not correct to do so.....any rulings please???
  22. anyone.please reply........i really need to know anyone.please reply........i really need to know
  23. i want to know what rights/duties a husband and wife share if they have separated/ not divorced.i think there's no islamic equivalent for separation but what if there's no other way.......does the husband/wife have any duties/rights while they are separted?
  24. (bismillah) dear sismyfiveangels.......about the fish with the scales thing...... i have come to know from a very reliable source that fish with scales never eat dead fish, insects (Murdaar) i am not sure but i think this could be the reason why its allowed for us as the other sea animals devour other dead animals, only fish with scales dosent
  25. oooooooops. when i saw two long posts by my sister Imed i got myself ready to read 'solutions to stop so many people from dying everyday' sis Imed ......... since you have already decided that i am pretentious , spoiled and have the worst attitude.... i dont think its going to do any benefit answering your questions....... but i am still going to...... beacuse at least i am not rude and ill mannered and try to empathise with people instead of making quick judgements about them....... coming to your question....... i not only always helped prepare the food ..... i also 'tried' to serve it to
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