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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Listen, that is absolutely appreciated but you do understand that racist posts are also against your Terms of Use and thus you must expect a person to defend themselves from racist attacks; particularly on a dawah forum. Jazaak Allaahu khair for removing those inflammatory posts though. Salaam
  2. Shouldn't the Qur'aan have said this was a fabrication if it recalls the story of Lot and makes no disclaimer about there being untruth in the Biblical account? Salaam
  3. Yes there are a lot of morals in the story and yes the story is a parable. So the first thing people should remind themselves when they read a parable is that a parable is a metaphor, not just a tale with a moral to the story; it is a story about something that is being described metaphorically. Now that the morals of the story have been discussed people should consider what the metaphor is about; as in a metaphor a dog is never a dog, a cat is never a cat, and here a Princess is never a Princess and a pauper is never a pauper (nor is vegetarianism vegetarianism). Salaam
  4. If "Muslims" here wish to attack and nit-pick everything in the Bible that they don't like perhaps you should not regret it when the same is done by Christians and Jews towards Islaamicate traditions? Salaam
  5. There are a myriad of ahadeeth that attest the 313, the followers of the Imaam, his inner circle and himself will be "Jayshu-l-Ghadab," meaning "troops of anger." Salaam
  6. If the Imaam will only know the day before the Qayyim itself then why does `Usoolu-l-Kaafi tell us that "should the Imaam wish to know a thing" it will be made known by Allaah to him? Salaam
  7. It is not true that none of the 313 are Arabs. Upwards of 8 of them are according to ahadeeth. One of them will be killed (the general over the 4 in Mekka), but the Mekkans. This will prompts a declaration of the blood of the Hijazis as halaal. As well, jinn will be permitted to kill any in the related area of this man's slaying. Anyway, long story, well worth your time and effort to research in shaa' Allaah.
  8. My friend, why do you not let Christ speak for himself? Why, as a Christian, do you not quote Jesus Christ in your signature; chosing instead another to speak for him when he came to Earth to preach the Gospel? Just a question for your consideration and introspection my friend. Shalom, Salaam, Shanti, Peace...
  9. All praise is due unto the One and Only God alone for these beautiful words of Christ. These words speak for themselves and need no clarification from presumption and conjecture. Instead we find these words complimenting the teachings of ALL prophets throughout the world and ages, and all who are spoken to by the Angels and by God directly (muhaddathoon). There is no contradiction between the teachings of one prophet and the next. Shalom, Salaam, Shanti, Peace...
  10. Of course this is the case since the sun does not actually set, the Earth creates the illusion that the sun has set. So clearly there is nothing literal to the concept of the sun "setting" in the first place. It merely refers to the Earth rotating away from the sun and causing it to shine in regions further to the West. Wa-Salaam
  11. If they are spirits alone and not bodies with spirits as with mankind, then simply present daleel that says this. Every SHEEY`IY source of Hadeeth that i have ever read speaks of them as being tangible, physical beings who not only the Ahlu-l-Bayt (as) have seen and counciled with, but that their disciples have also seen in their presense and then seen walk away. So let's stick to DALEEL and not qiyas in shaa' Allaah. Wa-Salaam
  12. Would the Isma'eelis here care to share the ahadeeth where Imaamu-s-Saadiq (as) speaks with direct reference to his son Isma'eel being the successor and next Imaam? Furthermore, for those who believe Isma'eel became ineligable BEFORE death by wine drinking and the like, what are references for these claims as well? i am looking for references regarding this; i am already well aware of the numerous references following the death of Isma'eel from Imaamu-s-Saadiq (as), that the change in appointment was the epitome of the Bada'a Allaah. Wa-Salaam
  13. Exactly. It is like saying "i'm an anti-terrorist Muslim" or "i'm an anti-child-molestation Muslim" or "an anti wife-beating Muslim," etc, etc. Obviously these are redundant terms in relation to real Islaam. i wonder what Khadijah (ra) would have thought of such a concept. i'll leave the rest for now... Wa-Salaam
  14. Naziri


    Like "Chicken of the Sea!" :) *Joking* Wa-Salaam
  15. Naziri


    No where. What are dogs and pigs that that live in the sea? Wa-Salaam
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