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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalaam alaikum , do u still provide Shia dua CDs? If so can I pls have one sent to 356 Brettenham Rd, London e17 5au

  2. salamu alikum oops :blush:
  3. salamu alikum i am 27 and my husband is 17 yrs older than me...we dont have any probs alhamdulilah due to the age difference... jazakAllah khair
  4. salamu alikum thanks sis blessed flower but her real ques is..are having those types of thoughts haram??if it is haram then why??? jazakAllah khair
  5. salamu alikum i found these links dont know if it is what your looking for but hope it helps inshaAllah.. http://www.yildun.com/quran.html jazakAllah khair
  6. salamu alaikum thanks everyone for ur replies...i have really tried hard on this one with her...she is muslim obviously b/c her father ( my husband) is shia and a very good pious brother..alhamdulilah..anyway ..her example is this..say a girl sees a guy even one within her own family who is not mahram to her and she likes him..she may even want to marry him but for whatever reasons she doesnt...but she continues to have this attraction for him inside her but she never acts upon it or tells anyone else it is just inside her ..she may even marry another..in this situation how are her thoughts ha
  7. salamu alikum thanks for the reply but that is what i told her but she doesnt accept my answer..she says that a person cant help but think they like someone that it is a mere thought..and as long as there is no action upon it ..how is the thought haram????
  8. salamu alikum my step daughter and i are having a discussion and i owuld like some help answering her...she wants to know how thoughts can be haram or at what point do thoughts become haram??? what if you like a guy and you have impure thoughts about him but you never act on them nor do you ever share them with anyone??? how is just merely having the thougth haram if one doesnt act upon it...??? jazakAllah khair
  9. salamu alikum it is the marble tile from the floor of Imam Hussein shrine..i always thought we could do sajdah on marble but some people told me no we couldnt so i was just wondering if i was mistaken or if they were so that is why i asked but you guys have confused me almost as much as they did.... jazakAllah khair
  10. salamu alikum @ Ali Imran ....but there is nothing written on it..it is only a piece of marble tile...
  11. salamu alikum my two step daughters just returned from iraq...the shrine of Imam Hussein (ws) was under renovation while they were there and the people were givng away the old floor tiles...they brought a piece home to me..and we were discussing if it is allowed to do sujood on it or not??? does anyone know??? i thought it was allowed but some people said no... jazakAllah khair
  12. salamu alikum for doing sajda does the person reciting do the sajda or just the ones who hear it...like in our home we all sit every nite and recite a juz so we finish the whole quran so ..would the person who is reciting at that moment also stop and do sajda or just the ones listening?? jazakAllah khair
  13. salamu alikum www.shiasource.org check under supplications jazakAllah khair
  14. salamu alikum alhamdulilah she is perfectly ok except for being a mouthy eight yr old full of energy but alhamdulilah she has not had any health probs ...we were very lucky... jazakAllah khair
  15. salamu alikum just thought this needed to be brought to the top as a reminder to us all ..maybe this could be made a sticky post ..inshaAllah jazakAllah khair
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