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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam is wine vinegar halal as a dressing and for example in pizza dough? Thx u all
  2. Salam, hope someone could help me with online sources regarding Jihad fatwas, the rules of Jihad in shia Islam, from Grand Ayatollah sistani, in English, jiahd in shia islam, not the struggle Jihad the war Jihad, thank you very much:)
  3. Yes true its not about wearing it infront of non mahram
  4. This was a bit complicated explained
  5. The thing is how can it be tested? In what way? like how can I know if its a barrier or not when i have the nail polish on and do wudo?
  6. How do I get certain if it is a barrier or not? On their website they say it is, should we rely on them islamically or not?
  7. Oki thank you sister, i will read in-depth the threads regarding the nailpolish
  8. Salam alaykum, I have a question regarding a nailpolish so called breathable nail polish, this is from their website; "Excellent nail enamel that allows water and oxygen to pass through thanks to its special ingredient – a highly advanced polymer. The product helps keep the nails in the best condition while wearing nail enamel. Use with O2M Breathable Base to improve application of the nail enamel. To prolong life of the nail enamel, cover with a layer of O2M Breathable Top Coat. Both products also ensure air and water permeability. Does NOT contain Toulon" -So my question is, is it permissible to do wood with this kind of nail polish? If someone has a contact with a marjaa and ask I will be so thankful. Thank you so much wasalam
  9. Salam, brothers and sister hope you are all doing good. I hope each and everyone of you could pray for a person who needs dua, she is waiting for an answer from a medical test, plz pray it will be oki and nothing dangerous. Do not forget this person from your dua on this holy month of Rajab, she will get the answer in about one weekya Allah
  10. Thank you very much for your answer, how can I calculate Kums? Could you explain it with a arithmetic problem?
  11. Thx for the answer, but the thing is, if a person gets loan lets say of $5000, and didn't use any of the money because there was no need, e.g the $5000 is saved. And the person will one day return it. lets say whithin 3 years, should one pay kums for that amount of money? Another scenario, if I get loan of $5000 and one day there was a need to use $1000 of that amount, and next month I return it and puts it back with the remaining loan, (with save it I dont mean saves it for myself, but saves it for the date I will have to return it), so when the day of paying Kums comes, should anything be payed to Kums? The last question is; If I have saved lets say $4000 (not loan) and did pay its Kums last year, and when a new year comes I within the year added amount of money on the old amount ($4000) but the thing is I do not remember I do not remember know how much was saved and when I did pay the Kums of that amount of money, so the question is, should I know pay kums for the whole amount of money I have saved, which means the amount i have already paid kums of and the new one, and if so when should i start to pay the Kums, since I do not remember exactly what month of a year i paid Kums. I hope this is not to complicated to understand
  12. Salam, I have questions about Kums, if a person has taken loan from an institute but did not use it, and still have it, like have saved it because there was no need to use the loan, should this amount of money include in Kums calculus? And if a person have or will use some of the money, for sometime, or in future will use all of it what is the ruling? Also if a person have an amount of money and did kums for it last year, but forgot how much and when it was being kums, what is the ruling? Should the new amount of money a person have saved and the old one be both kums this year and when? Thank your very much for your answers in advance, if something is not understandable or confusing let me know I can elaborate I want an islamic ruling for it.
  13. Salam, I would appreciate honest and serious answer. There is a rumor going around in social media that coke and Pepsi contains animal flavor, how true is this? It doesn't sound logical and at all so If someone could verify it once and for all thx
  14. Salam my brothers and sisters I would like to ask you kindly to pray for a person who is in hospital waiting for test results to see if there is a need for an operation or not, the doctors do not know what kind of tumour it is if there is a need to remove it or not, so pleace pray that there is no need for operation or anything bi haq Zain al abedeen, do not forget the person in your duas and ziyaret ashura :(
  15. Salam Its very sad and painfull reading what you are going through, things shouldnt be this way its not fair or just, but this is life and it has always been like this, just imagine till this day Imam Mehdi (altf) havent reappeard to avenge the brutal and tyrannical killing of imam Hussein (as). You will and can go through what you have been through but it needs patience, prayers and some time, make your relatinship with Allah stronger because at the end of the day thats all that matters. The good thing is like you are saying your intension was pure and wanted to marry her and did everything you possible could to get her, but it didnt work but thats not your fault and you are not the one who messed it up so you do not have to live with guilt rest of your life, so say alhamdullilah to that. Remember every loss is nothing but a reminder that nothing in this life is permanent, if its good it wont last and if its bad it wont either. Always read ziyaret ashura it will give you peace within insallah Keep us in your prayers as well
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