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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Zareen I hope you realize how silly you are making yourself look. She is sunni therefore she must be lying or an actress. The question is,...why the hell would ANY woman in the middle east claim she was gang raped if she wasn't? The cost of the stigma attached to such an incident is too high for political reasons. Its obvious that she was gang raped, Maliki is lying,......again. The security forces have been raping sunni women so much that the odds were one of them was going to go public. Whats even more sickening,...the Shiite police and army are even raping Sunni men they capture. Depraved
  2. There we go with the racism. The Iraqi army won't be doing squat. It would be the Americans that take on muqtada and his gangs. The Iraqi army couldn't be more useless if they were armed with slingshots. If Baathis and waahabis DO get slaughtered,...it will be because they atleast had guts enough to put up a fight. But I wouldn't bet on anybody significant getting slaughtered, this looks like a bad replay of Operation Together Forward. LOL. True resistance? Running away to a safe foreign land is "true resistance",....mashallah!! No real resistance has ever run away. This is no more than p
  3. Ohhhh I'm shaking in my boots. You ain't even a moderator. Actually you need to be banned for calling other poster munafiqs.
  4. So simply being a shia movement makes them good and makes their intentions pure? [edited]
  5. Its simple, they are completely gutless. These people call themselves followers of ahlul bayt. Ahlul bayt never ran away like cowards. Ahlul bayt also never drilled holes in peoples heads with power tools.
  6. LOL, this is really quite comical. I think it has entered the realm of scientific fact that [edited and suspended] who have capitulated at the slightest pressure from the US army.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070216/ts_nm/iraq_border_dc By Ross Colvin 1 hour, 25 minutes ago BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has ordered heads of his Mehdi Army militia to leave Iraq and asked the government to arrest "outlaws" under a U.S.- backed crackdown, Iraq's president said on Thursday. President Jalal Talabani made the remarks after Iraq closed its borders with Iran and Syria and as U.S. and Iraqi troops tightened their grip on Baghdad, patrolling neighborhoods and setting up checkpoints that searched even official convoys. Arab television stations early on
  8. Why after 3 years would he bounce to Iran? Good grief, are you living under a rock or something? He is pre-empting the security crackdown because the US has made it clear they are gonna target jaysh al dajjal along with Sunni insurgents. Many of his top commanders fled Baghdad like the cowards they are, moving to the South. Others have been captured. This wimp is feeling the heat, THATS why he fled to Iran. Its been proven again and again with jaysh al dajjal,....if the US applies a little pressure they run away. Its a fact that they don't have the balls to stand up to the Americans even thou
  9. First you start off by saying all muslims should unite. Then you single out Sunnis for criticism. Some unity.
  10. ^^ Brother the arab league is a 3 ring circus. The only reason Somalia joined was political. We know we aren't arab, and they sure as heck know we aren't arab. Arabs usually use the "muslim unity" or "arab unity" card when it suits them. "A friend in need is a friend indeed." If and when Somalia gets a proper government inshallah, I would advocate for withdrawing from the Arab League and concentrating on strengthing relationships with fellow Black Africans, and the wider Muslim world like Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, etc etc.
  11. Its ok we don't need the arabs. They can't even help themselves.
  12. All this coming from an Iranian. Dude just don't say anything, you make yourself look bad, you make your country look bad, you make shias look bad, and your bigotry would make the kkk blush. Oh yes, and all demographics suggest Sunni arabs make up no less than 20% of Iraq. Do you usually fabricate your own facts along the way? I'll answer for you, yes you do.
  13. LOL, exactly. And these same people condemned Saddam Hussein as a coward for hiding from the US army.
  14. Well no wonder people question the loyalty of Arab Shias. No wonder they call them safawi agents.
  15. Wow. That was BAD! LOL, let the Republicans air this trash it will just make The Daily Show and the Colbert Report seem that much better.
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