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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. asalaamu alaikum sisters, I wanted to share with you all that my families new store AllZons is carrying French/Algerian overhead jilbabs and khimaars. These are very comfortable and will cover the chin and sides of the cheeks very well, they are literally pop on and go. We are also carrying plain quality abayaat in colors and nursing abayaat with a hidden zipper over the chest area. Do take a peep...en'shallah
  2. asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh So I admit some dismay at how prominent Wahhabis have become in the Muslim Ummah, they are *everywhere* and it seems like when most Muslims speak about any aspect of Islam they give the Wahhabi version. So I need some information... recently on this general Muslim sisters discussion board I asked about some differences between sunnis and wahhabis (ofcourse I used salafy, because they dislike the term wahhabi)... Ofcourse the Wahhabis sisters on that board were saying that Salafism basically encompasses all of the Sunni madhabs. Like for example the Salafi ulema in Saudi uses rulings from all the madhabs, picking and choosing which works best for them. To me, I find this confusing as I think it would be hard not to follow/taqleed one particular scholar...like Maliki's following only Malaki fiqth, etc. But these Salafis...they pick from all??/ So where does Shiaism stand on this? I personally follow Sistani and find it easy to do so, I think the whole living Marja system makes so much sense esp in this regard. Where do Shias stand on where Allah subhana wa ta'ala resides? Like Salafis say Allah swt resides on a throne and they call Muslims who think he is "everywhere" as being innovators...yet...dont the mainstream Sunnis consider Allah swt as being everywhere? How do Shia's consider bidah and shirk...like what comprises either as Ive read the salafi sources on this, but couldnt find much that is definitive from Shia sources or even mainstream sunni sources...?? Lastly, and I guess this is a personal complaint. I always feel so depressed when I read anything from Salafis because they engage in a lot of backbiting within theirr community-like calling each other "hizbee" and stuff or they call other Muslims as innovators and they are soooo self-righteous, considering themselves the real Muslims and everyone else is destined for Hell yet they go around, name call and take from everyone... ?? Where do Shias stand on such a self-righteous attitude, name calling, backbiting, calling XYZ as a hizbee? Honestly I havent seen this too much in the Shia community but my city has a very, very, very tiny shia community so I dont really know. Okay one last question...like oK, if you go to say IslamQ&A...their fatawah site you see their scholarly rulings are incredibly...incredibly long...yet if you say go to Sistanis site and look for a ruling its literally 2 sentences...some Muslims use this against us, saying that the Shia Marjah dont know anything as they give very sort and often ambiguous rulings yet the Salafi ulema give these lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng rulings which are very detailed. Why is this? Okay, jazakhallakhairoon...I look forward to any/all info.
  3. Need I mention that "hejab" is NOT JUST A SCARF. If this was the case than being "in hejab" could mean walking around in a bikini with a scarf on your head...there are unfortunately way too many misinformed Muslims of both genders who seriously consider "hejab" to solely relate to a scarf and covering the hair while neglecting what hejab is which is for woman and men attire and attitude. Having a scarf on your head does not mean anything if you as a Muslim woman are walking around in skin-tight clothing, showing your curves for all the world to see and behaving with a raunchy attitude. Ditto for Muslim men...walking around in revealing clothing and with a raunchy attitude is NOT HEJAB. This also is similar to your statement above...you think that hejab is just the thin, narrow piece of material covering a small portion of her head and haifr, neglecting to consider the makeup, demeanor and attire from top to bottom as hejab. As I mentioned above...hejab for both genders entails both demeanor and attire. The attire needs to be loose, modest and not flashy. For women this is taken a step further to cover her extra adornments which men dont have...such as hair, bosom, behing, legs, everything...hence wearing an overgarments which is loose, opaque and covers entirely along with a opaque and well covering scarf of some sort. According to Sistani we should cover atleast the hair, neck and chest with this scarf. Need I go on? If you think that walking around in hejab is hot and bothersome then I suggest you really think about why you are covering in the first place. We as Muslims should follow our deen solely for the pleasure of our "Rabb...not society and definetly NOT the weather. As a Muslimah who covers in full and proper hejab-alhamdullah-I would rather sweat in summer and follow my deen along with my other Islamic duties such as fasting and prayer and charity than risk hell for an eternity. If you really cared about your deen then this entire thread wouldnt even have been started!
  4. Ruqaya...are you even Muslim? What Muslim is going to go around encouraging their fellow muminaat to be lax in their religious duties by say...neglecting their salaat, their sawm, their hejab, their aqeedah? Maybe you dont consider hejab as important, which frankly I cant understand, but..you shouldnt come here trying to discourage your sisters from observing proper hejab ...you should try to be a good example, particularly as there are so many new shahadaat or Muslims new to practicing, you should entice them to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Also its obvious that the pathetic scarf half off the head is NOT proper hejab. If you think it is, than thats seriously wrong. We are Muslims have a specifc dress code which varies a ltitle between schools...but the bare minimum according to all scholars of all schools (sunni and shia) is for a sister to be covered in loose, opaque attire with ONLY her hands and face exposed. If you wish to argue with the Scholars of Islam...then you are free to contact them and do so. LOL *tsk tsk* While I'm not salafy...this is a good explaination. "http://www.muhajabah.com/khimar.htm" This is from the classical Sunni standpoint "http://www.islamfortoday.com/almuhajabah01.htm" And from Ayatollah Sistani "http://www.sistani.org/local.php?modules=nav&nid=5&cid=504&hl=hijab' He says that the hejab is to cover the hair, the neck and the chest. So...if you wish to argue for lackadaisical, cultural hejab...go ahead...but dont do it here! To add-To think that hair is NOT a womans adornment is absolutely ludacris!!! If this is the case then why do so many women spend serious moolah on getting their hair done, permed, colored, straightened? Why all the expensive shampoos and conditioners and sprays and hair styling objects...why do you think women go to such great lengths to get "perfect hair" so they look GOOD...Its the same as makeup or your body.
  5. asalaamu alaikum wr wb Sister post is directed to the sisters here...I'm doing a group order for modern chadors (i.e. melli, daneshjoo, 'aba 'arabi, shalee, etc) and maghnehs and prayer chadors from a manufacturer in Iran. I'm placing the order at the end of this month. There is a rather large range of choice and the quality of their products is very high, mashallah and even many of the designs are difficult to get in most places even within Iran itself. If your interested in taking part in the group order and ordering...send me a PM with your location and email and I will send you the link to the private blog I made with all the pictures, prices, details, etc and everything else. OK. Fi aman Allah Umm Ibrahim Modern chador with half sleeve and attached maghneh (although worn over a seperate scarf in picture)
  6. salaamu alaikum Wow, some of the responses to this original sisters worry are outrageously immature and idiotic. Its time to get your head outta the sand folks and eralize that people are snapping pictures of you left and right and 99% of the time you wont know about it because its incredibly easy to take a covert picturee of someone with ones cell, laptop camera or even a regular camera. Wearing hejab does NOT keep people from taking your picture and it is incredibly unintelligent and dimwitted to assume that wearing hejab means your picture will not be snapped by some random person. The original sister who posted this was just mentioning how people in the malls and stuff like to snap covert pictures. It doesnt mean shes a hootch because she noticed people snapping covert pictures. This happens to everyone-yes even you! For example...I had this incident happen to me today and I wear an overhead abaya and a scarf and actually that was the reason why some random weirdo wanted to take my picture. Infact I was standing outside the public library waiting for my husband and the car when I looked over and saw this guy aiming his Nikon at me, I immedietly turned away with my back to him and he actually came up to me and asked to take my picture. My obvious response was "Hell-i-o NO, you phreako!"...and I was fuming...but I cant be sure he didnt take a picture of me from the side or the back... But then again, whose to say that someone else isnt in their car at a stoplight, sees me waiting to cross and snaps a picture. It seriously seriously irks me...regardless of whether your dressed in a tank top or chador...it doesnt matter...snappping other peoples pictures covertly...or overtly like in this case happens...frankly...it creeps me out. But, Allahu alim. This is a problem everywhere...the US, Saudi, Iran...everywhere!!!
  7. Arabian Threads is my company. I'm also having a $10.00 off Eid sale. Use coupon code "eid2010" at checkout, en'shallah.
  8. asalaamu alaikum well im in the USA and have pretty much solely worn overgarments like abaya (shoulder) or jilbab for much of the past half decade-more like 7-8 yeahs...Ive now started to try to wear overhead abaya when out and about as I feel its better and I like it more. I cant say people dont look...but heck, people look regardless-if you even just have a scarf on your head, people look...but who cares...we dont cover for them...do we? I dont think it would be very hard, you can start slow-like wear one sometimes or wear colored ones and then progress to the style you find most comfortable in. I say go ahead, do it...I havent experienced any problems and most of my overgarment wearing friends havent either,
  9. asalaamu alaikum sis I just came back from Iran a few months ago, I have maghneh for sale. My listing isnt active on mystore, but I will make it active if you want. About manteau, unfortunately the styles of manteau right now are pretty bad, the trend is short and very snug fitting and the prices have risen horribly! Most religious women are wearing the modern chadors with sleeves in its place. I have a LOT of info up on my blog about curent styles in Iran-although unfortunately, outside of Tehran and Mashhad, the trickle down effect is VERY slow. Also I have some chador-e shallee and melli which I am going to try to get copied for my store. en'shallah. send me a PM and let me know if your interested.
  10. I am bumping this...Im now back in the USA and am running it from the US. I'm also on facebook. My store; http://arabianthreads.ecrater.com My FB page. From within the USA-for one Abaya or smaller items its only $4.95 via priority mail, international varies between country but is via Priority Mail International. Here are some item pictures... I have plain abayaat as well.
  11. asalaamu alaikum sisters, I have oodles of maghnehs from Iran up on my eCrater store. Varous colors and both the traditional kind and the kind with ties under the chin. ArabianThreads en'shallah take a look.
  12. I just wanted to add...as a married sis...who also likes to look nice. First off, she could be dressing up for you when you two go out. I know when dh, I and the kidlet go out to the mall or a park I try to look nice...like a nice pretty scarf, nice manteau or abaya, all that. Thou I can't walk in heels...I do try to look nice for the hubbster. I remember when we got married ages ago...I did this even more as we were newly married and I donno...it just seemed right. secondly...definitely dont focus on what you think shes not doing right. As others mentioned...this will invariably jack up your relationship...like make her feel insecure and stuff. Instead, really compliment her when she looks nice regardless of what shes wearing, but esp when she wears something you really like, also...when you go out, buy her little things which are more in line with your tastes. Ofcourse, respect her tastes, some cultures/communities/groups/families...women...like a bit of glitter and bling. It makes them feel feminine and put together. Lastly...peoples styles change over time. I know over the course of our marriage Ive changed what types of clothing I like more times than I can count...a few months I'm into the Turkish styles...next few months into the Khaleeji styles...etc...it changes all the time. Her style will probably change too over time and be thankful you have a wife who actually cares about how she looks...some women just let themselves go as soon as they marry and look all sloppy and mismatched. Best of luck
  13. You know, Ive gone to weddings in Iran where the women there were in incredible...almost shockingly skimpy attire! Like mesh dresses with just knickers and bras on under and high, high heels, all done up. Yes, its allowed after all your before women. BUT, personally, I find its always better to err on the side of caution, while walking around in your undies before women is OK (cuz a bikini looks like undies basically), unless you really know them, you dont know their intentions or whats going on in their brains. Personally, around women UNLESS I am with relatives or close, close friends I would probably wear a tank or something a bit more covering...BUT, thats me. I also go to weddings covered up too...LOL. But anyway, just my 2 cents.
  14. well the store is hArabian Threads Just contact me via the store and I'll get back to you about the maghneh(s)...Okay, but pls do so ASAP...as I'm leaving soon!\\
  15. wa alaikum as alaam well sis, Im living in KSA now as an expat and we have done Omrah once and are doing a 2nd Omrah next week and we have a 3 1/2 yr old son. I can tell your its hard with a child but it depends on when you do your Omrah and how you handle it. nces.. The biggest consideration is the heat and sun. Okay so like even for someone like me coming from within KSA I can tell you Makkah is scorching! Way, way, way hotter than it is here in the Eastern Provinces and the mountains that surround Makkah really keep the heat in, so staying hydrated is extremely important as is NOT exerting yourself/family an dressing properly. As far as overgarments go, try to wear a lighter fabric abaya or jilbab or even long tunic and pants/skirt, nothing heavy...here in KSA, the saloona crepe is a good fabric for summer heat. also, you might want to consider doing split shifts with the hubby, like you stay in hotel with son while he goes to the Haraam and then vise-versa, wallah its just utterly scorching in Makkah right now and even at night, its not much better, another thing is during the day, the sun shines off the white marble and is utterly blinding, you need a high SPF sunscreen for the entire family and make sure your son wears a nice big hat to protect his face/eyes. as far as actual Omrah goes, unless you plan to do it at like 2am-which I recommend as the Masjid is not nearly as crowded...you should invest in a good, sturdy ring sling or back carrier for your child. What we did what I put my son on my back in a Storch wrap and my husband walked behind me to protect my son and I, and I walked in tawaf with my hands on my hips, elbows out, his feet under my arms to protect his extremities and dh kept his hands inside the carrier, but my son is old enough to understand he had to keep still and keep his arms in as people really, really push and shove and if you go during a peak time its hard doing tawaf!!! For sai, again, depends on time buy try to do it in the middle lane for the wheelchairs, the first time we got to Makkah right at maghreb after driving 12 hours across the penninsula and we were exhausted and it was the most crowded part of the day. That was 2 months ago almost, now its even more crowded!!! Hence, I highly, highly recommend doing Omrah as a split shift, u go first or dh goes first while the other of u stays in the hotel with the baby. Also, strollers wont be pushable in Makkah, the layout of the streets would make it hard to push it, even a high-tech stroller for city streets would be hard. I highly suggest u log onto TheBabyWearer.com and look at baby carrier options for get some nice sturdy fabric and make an impromptu wrap or sling. But pls, remember it will be INSANELY HOT and CROWDED!!! Your child comes first, you MUST be ready to curtail your activities so your infant does not get heat stroke or exhaustion which is VERY< VERY< VERY easy in such heat. Okay. lemme know if u need any more advice.
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