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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ghawth al azam (ra)'s grave is in iraq. I know a bunch of sunni's that did ziyaara there. it's not really under my control though. Everytime i think about going anywhere during vacation, the thought that always comes to mind is "well for a little more money you can visit the rawdah!" Theres a beautiful couplet from a poem that comes to mind "my head bows towards mecca, but my heart is inclined towards the abode of Mustafa may Allah bless my heart, this thing is not in my power."
  2. I've wanted to visit Sayyidna Hussayn's (ra) tomb, but honestly i'd rather go to madina instead of any other place. (salaam)
  3. some akhbari's believe that too ^_^ http://www.akhbari.org/ <~~ browse through that website and see another side of the ithna asheriyya's
  4. When did `ali receive that authority and did he nullify any of the marriages of the Prophet (saw)? Nevermind... Whats the point of this thread? We all know that the shia's believe she will be resurrected by mahdi and lashed, and her father (ra) and umar (ra) will be brought back from the dead and crucified... That should sum up shiaism to all the sunni's on this board..
  5. the 4 madhabs do not differ in any of the tenants of Islam. Unlike the shia who split up into what 2-3 different sects with different tenants of faith after each new Imam. Imamiyya shia's are broken up into how many subsects as of today? Theres the Usooli's, Akhbari's, Shaykis, Isma’iliyah, Nizari, Tayyibi, Mustalian Tayyibi, etc.......
  6. Who's speaking about the taliban? I was talking about those who believe that the Almighty has limbs or is literally above his throne. Says the one who's sect is within another sect that has a bunch of other subsects that range from beliefs that ali is god to beliefs that the Quran has been altered. ;)
  7. It is disliked (although still more reward then praying alone) to pray behind the people of innovation. I believe it was Ibn `abidin (ra) the great hanafi jurist who stated that. (salaam)
  8. Since you asked... here it is. (salaam) P.S. Anyone who knows even a little of the Quran can tell its one of the oddest forgeries of trying to imitate the Quran. No rhyme no rythm... its all out of sync. La hawla wala quwwata illah billah
  9. Surah not ayah. An entire chapter. I've seen scans of it as-well.
  10. Who made it up? And why are their verses out there from this surah on shi'ah sites?
  11. Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) called them deviated, not kaffirs... They obviously forged that. I don't know about the rest though
  12. Bring forth a couple of shia hadith in which their imams (ra) compare themselves to the Prophet (saw) in rank and in knowledge and you'll see them stuttering with multiple interpretations.. "Ohhh it didn't mean that.. What the heck is wrong with you!!??". Anyways.. do not waste your time explaining the same stuff that has been explained over and over bro. It'll most likely fall on deaf ears. Just go through earlier threads on this exact same topic and it begins and ends exactly the same.
  13. It's comments like this that make me believe that the shia think sunni's accept everything within the sahih's at face value... Sad.
  14. umm.. Who says he (saw) wasn't born a muslim? I don't know of anyone that does..
  15. How i understand it is that the Prophet (as)'s are sinless. Sins are not the same as making a mistake. Sometimes Allah (the glorious) causes his prophets to make mistakes. Why? To show the ummah how to correct the mistake or what to do when one makes a mistake by example etc.. (salaam)
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