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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :blink: i dont knw what type of urdu i spk - help? my parents are from kashmir. i tink call it patwari - but not sure. we spk like this: me teek hoo i am fine. ummi ke karne o mum what are u doing
  2. salam evryone! i have been chatting away as usual to people and i have noticed quite a lot especially as i have reached my ripe old age :rolleyes: but generally shi3a/muslims have rubbish general knowledge that doesnt extend wider than these regions usually lebanon,iraq phalastine, pakistan and india - y is this? it really disgusts me u knw - i wsh we were so much better than this. :cry: we really need to be,
  3. Salam bro. well from a girls point of view: tell the girl first to see if she definately will accept as otherwise no point in u talling ur parents. thats the fist hurdle and see if she wud want to get married that young. Im 19f and i ceertainly wudnt want to be tied down in anyway! at that age studying or not.
  4. :P yeh it was the best ! did u see all the iranian women! lol!
  5. FOOD!


  6. la sunni la shia na`am Islam i really hope this will be the outcome im praying this to be true! This is the reaction we need to defend ourselcer against the kafrs.
  7. Hey guyz salam! more article on these sites get a diff ngle on the reporting. these from iran: http://www.tehrantimes.com/ and http://www.tehranglobe.com/ :(
  8. Thanx bro sayed, Also having a uni degree is preparing for your life after death. It hurts me to see muslims say that. why not give up evrything in this world then! the fact is islam is a religion in which u have to make use of this world without getting "sucked" into it. There is another rivaya' that one of our imams(cant remember -if anyone does plz let us knw) was walking and a mo'omin passed him from prayers. The muslim sent his salams to the imam and the imam asked him where he was going - and he sed to work - so he can provide for his family, educate his children and send them to sch
  9. hey im pureeeeeeeeeee kashmiri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. Salam im from kashmir originally and my freinds are from all over the world. Pakisatan has a lot to answer for as do many countries who are far worse. esp middle easter ones but we shud unite! i mean i want kashmir too be independant as it shud have been! but i blame india more for that than pakistan. However i wud not go up to an indian muslum and go hey u indian usurper of my home land - i have respect for him on a higher degree of him or her being muslim!
  11. Bro Aba Abdullah - alhemd there are lots of knew ullema! never lose hope for a heart of true believer shud always posses hope - as im sure urz is! We really need all to be strivers of knowledge! ullema cant make true shi'a themselves. remember theres that true tale of one of the prominent scholars wanting imam Hojjat to cum and imam sed he wud if 40 believers. So this prominent scholar gathered who he thought were 40 true believers- majority all alim! and one butcher. anyway 12th imam came and called the buthcher into his light, and told him to slay the carcass and the butcher did so.
  12. YA Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (FATEHA) my sister had the pleasure of meeting him;he was really charismatic, with a noor around him! she had the privalege of praying salat in jamat in a group of~ 20 plp with the the eminent scholar! i would crave the same , but it too late. :cry: It shows you time is sooo short and the craving of this world is that of a dead corpse! But he is in a better place! and he saw and tasted the soil of Iraq b4 he left; as sis Hajar has sed! [3.169] And reckon not those who are killed in Allah's way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided su
  13. :o really! sorry! my contact with shi'i other than mosque is very limited. I never expected his popularity to be that great. what do u think of him?
  14. Plz sis remember to pray for all muslims - for those that are astray to be brought onto the right path; for those that are injured to be healed; for those that are childless to be blessed with many kids; for those students who have hajjats , for those to come true; and for all shi'i to embrace this"title" they are honoured with, with their mouths, hearts and limbs. plz sis i pray for u too and u all.
  15. The best lectures series i have ever heard are those by Allam? Talib Juree but all in urdu unfortunately. He proves shi'ism from the Quran and Quran alone! I know a sunni alim who has converted in this country after hearing him! I dont know if any of you urdu speaking folks have heard of him?
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