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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I'm pretty sure he's khoja. 99.9%, I would've said 100% if it weren't from my fear of saying things for sure when there is always a possibility that one could be wrong. (I know this from people who are close to him though) Sis. Layla, they were talking about someone named Abdulaziz Sachedina. The fatwa is NOT about Sayyed Ammar. To be honest, as I mentioned, I didn't know about this Sachedina person, I goodled it and found the orinigal farsi fatwa that's all. Take care, wassalam
  2. Salam You might want to show some respect when speaking about the scholars. I don't really know about the person you guys are discussing, but Ayatollah Sistani and Sayed Rizvi are not your buddies to call them like this. Thank you AND I did find you asked for :) the original fatwa by Ayatollah sistani: http://people.virginia.edu/~aas/images/farsi2.jpg this is the link, the fatwa is in farsi, I read it and it is a really straightforward fatwa saying that you should not listen to his lectures and not ask him questions regarding religion. (I don't expect you to trust me, photocopy it and ask a
  3. Salam :D Serez-vous mon correspondant?

  4. Salam Alaykum everyone, azzamallah ojoorana wa ojoorakom I'm opening this topic hoping that nsha'Allah by tomorrow noon I will have what I'm looking for so please please help me out. I need a play in English for the arbaeen (40th) of Imam Hussain (as). I want the story of Atiyya and Jabir and then when they meet Imam Zayn Al-Abedin (as) in Karbala while vising Imam Hussain (as)'s grave. If anyone has it please send it to me or the link where I can find it (if you can't find it in English any of these languages will also work and I'll translate it myself: Arabic, Farsi, French or Spanish of co
  5. oye moti... how u been?

  6. Salams all, thank you sooo much for everything, I can tell you that alhamdolellah I am feeling much better, and I am sure it is from your duas Purifying the nafs is best thing a mumin could do, but the question is, is zekr ahlulbayt (a.s) enough? you know what actually, you're right zikr must be enough if we do it the proper way, which is remembering them, their life, tragedies and then following their lead in our actions, not just cry over what happened to them or from their love. Thanks so much for the last dua you made for me (having the patience of Bibi Zainab (as) ) This is more than r
  7. that's the funniest joke i've heard...lol ...do you live on earth and speak of getting along? :P
  8. thanks Layman for your great advice, the problem is you missed a big part of the issue...what do I do when my patience is coming to an end...shouldn't Allah (swt) save me before I make a mistake? Allah Kareem nshallah and thanks agains..and please..i've said it before and will say it again..pray for me wassalam
  9. Zamzam ....salam!

    how u been larki?

    hope ur doing gr8! :)


  10. salam Bint , is that a complaint or your grievance because of shiachat complainers? :) (I imagine it could be the latter without you knowing it, so youmight have inintentially joined the club :P )
  11. Salams, I don't know turkish, as you have noticed by now since I'm writing in english, but I understand some of it when it's close to farsi arabic. I would love to learn it though... I try to listen to turkish nasheeds and to memorize them (that's how I started when I was learning spanish and it was helpfu), So, does anyone know a website for learning it, or any other way? Oh and would anyone volunteer to transcribe (maybe translate as well) a nasheed for me, I found it on youtube and it's beautiful, here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PURC27IxdHE...EE1&index=0 If you have
  12. Salam, I think one topic was left out (we could say it falls under the Aqaid category, but this one is important to me), the topic of Shia, Sunni comparision, not because we have a fight with our sunni brothers and sisters, only so that we can explain ourselves better and to defend our beliefs when attacked. A really good book that I would recommend is "To be with the truthful" by Doctor Mohammad Altijani Alsamawi wassalam
  13. Salam, I know I'm going to sound like those "better than thou" people, but I'm not. I'm just going to menion something that I heard last night in our Husayniyya from a Aalim. The lecture was about love and all the stages that you go through until you reach it. It was comparing the "human" love to the love of Allah (swt)...and a short story was mentioned. Layla (from the story of Layla and Majnoon, which you could say is the eastern version of Romeo and julliette, although I don't like the comparision), anyways, so Layla, at the end of her life when she was sick, she was thinking of Majnoon and
  14. this is why I love it here and I think this is why I wrote what I did, because I know there are Mo'min brothers and sisters who care. Thank you :) ma'assalamah
  15. salam, and thank you, that is a good advice, but the thing is what I am asking for is very close to what you're telling me to ask, it's not worldy as you might have thought. But I appreciate your advice,and I ask for your prayers please. I know you don't know me and all, but I need to get as much dua as I can get from whoever it may be. Thanks agians.
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