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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. surely everyone at the time of the 12th Imam, will be believers? As when our imam comes, he will bring, peace, justice and Islam as it should be.. so im not sure i understand the concept of the 1st Mahdi as being the first believer??
  2. Please add names of your local imambargah
  3. OH please!! its such a mere 'coincidence' that you didnt mention one of the utmost important aspects of a sahaba.. which is, ADHERING to the ways taught by the prophet!!! so according to your belief, is HYPOCRISY an attribute of the sahaba?? if not, then the fact is that the ones u call so called 'sahabas' dont even come close to deserving the title of sahaba!! i dont need to mention any names, as everyone, including urself know of whom i speak!!
  4. Darik's Boot and Nuke is a good dos based formatting tool, it may be a bit of an overkill, but it will format the drive real good, with minimal chances of data recovery..
  5. lol, spot on.. could not have given a better answer!!
  6. i agree! firefox is good, yes.. BUT what's so special about it?
  7. IT technicians?! LMAO! what have IT technicians got to do with mallangs?!
  8. excuse my ignorance but what is a muqasir? and ive heard many rumours about him too, personally i think hes a very good lecturer and does make some very interesting points, but never any anti-shia comments. yes, he has objected to karahs and zanjeer zani. i.e he said something like "imam zainulabideen had a karah on when he was held captive, but it wasnt of his choosing, why the need to wear it now?, if you want to remember and respect imam zainulabideen, then why not recite dua's from sahifa sajjadiya?" - i personally agree with that but i guess everyone have their own opinions.. i.e the malangs :Hijabi:
  9. very well written khaibershikan.. you have made some very interesting and valid points. However, this does bring the debate down to one specific factor.. we all can agree that tawassul does exist in Islam and cannot deny that intercession will occur only on the condition if Allah ( SWT ) permits it. However, is it right to pray for intercession to someone who is no longer living? i am specifically looking for references.. however your opinions would be appreciated too.
  10. i do understand intercession to the extent that i do believe in it stongly, however, i am just looking for references to prove intercession to the non believers. Intercession is mentioned in the Quran on many occassions, however, one surah relates to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and was revealed to him, during his lifetime. i.e. is there any reference relating to:- praying for intercession to an Imam or prophet who is no longer amongst us?
  11. beautiful! i just finished listening to the lecture, it cannot be explained in simpler terms! many verses from the Quran were pointed out and explained thoroughly.
  12. excellent..thanks! thats my evening sorted! :)
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