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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. S/A brothers and sisters. I have two questions and seeking for answers. I also send it to the office of Sayyid Sistani and Sayyid Khamanei but have yet to receive an answer from either of them. 1) What are the laws of regarding the umbilical cord and the placenta? I believe according to our brothers (Ahlul Sunna) it must be buried and not be frozen or anything of this type. What is our opinions, means the school of Ahlulbayt (as)? Please if possible cite your sources as well as this is for a brother and his wife. 2) Sayyid Sistani says (A Code of Practice For Muslims in the West): So the question is what if you worked for a company's call center (inbound), such as JCPenney. and that company supports Israel with some of its profits, and your job as Customer Service Rep, is not only to answer any inquiries that the customer may have, but you must also try to promote a sell at the same time. Would rule 265 also apply in this case or no? Please if anyone already knows the answers, please them back asap, especially about the umbilical cord as the brother's wife is due sometime in November, if memory serves me correct. And what about working at gas stations? They also sell products from companies that support Israel, such Nestle, Coca cola, Kit Kat, Sprite, etc. Jazakumullah khair Insha Allah. waslaam fi amanillah
  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. Salaamu Aleykum Aurora. Are you Somali? It is safe then to assume you are Shia as well? And to answer your question ... My relatives and family members are the same. At first, it was very hard being a Shia in a Somali family. Kafir, Munafiq, do these terms sound familiar? I was all of them according to my folks (just to give you an idea of things were at the time. I was even told to leave my own house.). But I have to admit though, things are a much better Alhamdulillah. Read my "revertion" story on SC to get more details. Or you can pm me if you would like. But yea, it was not hard. The one thing I noticed was that the more hatred and enmity they showed towards Ahlulbayt and me , the more my love for Ahlulbayt(as) grew and grew and grew. I mean, they would even call the Ahlulbayt (as) names which I will never utter them. It was too much pain, but after I sought the advice on some Shia nobles, I was told to remain patient and punish them with my akhlaq, knowledge, and by being extra kind and nice to them. Alhamdulillah, it worked. while I noticed I was becoming different person (for the better), they were becoming more accepting of our beliefs as Shias and at least, showing more respect. NOW, they even claim (Allah knows best for I am huge fan of proofing your love through actions) that they love Ahlulbayt (as). So once again, we have come a long way. It has been eight years since I have embarked on this journey, on this Ark of Salvation, the Ark of Imam Hussayn (as). Please keep me in your prayers. I am interested to hear your story bro/sis Aurora. waslaaam fi amanillah
  4. And what happens when the claimed "love" is not supported by one's deeds or actions? Clearly (once again, I have to quote the verse), Allah states in the Holy and Noble Quran in Chapter 3, verse 31, that love must be proved through actions, through following the Prophet, otherwise, it is useless and fruitless. And again, some Sunnis actually do claim to love Ahlulbayt (as); some are sincere in their love and some just claim it. As for those (Sunnis) who are sincere in their love for Aali Muhammad (saw), I think they are just confused and need guidance. Like many Christian who are devoted to serving God and being righteous people, but only need the true understand of who Jesus was, and once this is accomplished, I swear they'd be much better than a lot of Muslims. So yes sister Rawshini, that is part of piety: love for the Ahlal Bayt and despising Their enemies , but what happens if they (Sunnis) don't see those companions as not so good people to say the least? Isn't then our role and job, as Shias of Aal Muhammad, to guide them and show them the way and then it is up to them to accept it or leave it? Certainly you would agree. And Allah knows best. waslaam fi amanillah
  5. W. Salaam brother. Thank you and actually the Somali Shias are growing now, slowly but surely Insha Allah. Please keep me in your Duas.

  6. salams bro...woah your the second somalian shia i've ever come across mashallah.. May Allah bless you for your struggles..

  7. (salam) Bro/sis eThErEaL, well said. IN fact, while on this topic, Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (as) said of the Shias: Imam Muhammad Baqir [a] told Jabir: "Is it enough for a person to (merely) embellish (oneself) as a Shi'ah (follower) by professing love of us, Ahlul-Bayt? Nay! By Allah, a person is not our follower except the one who fears Allah and obeys Him. O' Jabir! Our followers are not recognized save by humility; submission; honesty; praising Allah abundantly; fasting and prayers; filial devotion; attending to the poor, needy, debtors, and orphans who live near him; saying the truth; reciting the Qur'an; withholding the tongue from people except for benediction; and being trustworthy for relatives in any affairs..." Al-Kafi, vol. 2, p. 74 Yes true brother and I had few discussions with her and my, Insha Allah, about to-be father-in-law about Shia/Sunni discussions. The thing is that it is very rare for Somali women/girls to be educated (I mean the ones that live there, or maybe it is just my tribe) and this sister educated and still in the middle of her Islamic Studies. Her father is the same; he even wrote a book about the Prophet and His Message and loving Ahlulbayt (as). I quote him once while we were on the phone: "Loving Ahlulbayt (as) is a sign of Imaan and hating them is a sign of Nifaaq and accountable for great punishments and misguidance." So as far as loving the Ahlulbayt (as), no question; they do. But you know with our Sunni brothers, they say they love Ahlulbayt (as), yet they do not adhere to their teachings. Sometimes, I wonder to myself, have they not read the verse: “Say, (O Muhammad) If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and will forgive your sins; Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” Suratu Aali Imran 3:31 But anyway, I ask you to pray for me and my future with my wife and that they are guided to the Path of Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) for both the sister and her father said to me and I quote: "You are making a lot of accusation and claims regarding the companions, so if you manage to bring forth your proofs, and you show us the books you get your information from (Sunni "sahiih" books), and it is a rational and logical proof and it is verified, then we have no choice but to accept your beliefs." I am convinced there is nothing they can tell me or show me (from any book) that can disproof my beliefs. Can you use logic to disproof reality? Absolutely not! So I rely on your sincere Duas, my duas, my sincere and humble conduct and morals and teachings, and of course with Allah as the greatest of my Helpers and Aides. As for the children, they are mine and will be raised with the love and teachings of Ahlulbayt (as). That has been taken care of. :) wasalaaam fi amanillah
  8. (salam) Once again, thank you all for your replies and opinions. Which, by the way, me hearing your opinions was not meant to have any influence or impact on my decision regarding this marriage. I knew very well and still decided to marry her. And as you said sister, it is very hard to get married to a Shia when first, there are no Shias around in the relatives. All the Shias in the family are males. And secondly, the Shias I know are very racist, no need to mention their races (they know who they are). And the reason I keep talking bout the Shias is not because I careless about other sects in Islam, or even other religions, rather, from all the creations of Allah, from the Jinn, the Insaan, the animal kingdom and the Angles, 14 STOOD OUT FROM ALL OTHERS. So we Shias are the ones to claim the ones who love them; we the Shias are the ones who claim to follow them, yet, we, Shias, are the ones who do live by Their principles'. Ahlulbayt (as) were not racist, yet you find their so called Shias acting in that way. Anyway, on top of all this, for me, it was an act of obedience to my mother as it is very difficult for me to say no to my mother for ANYTHING she asks of me (of course so long as it is in the boundaries of Islam). So brothers and sisters, your opinions was not going to affect my decision nor have any influence in it. I just wanted to hear your opinions about the Shias views and outlooks in this matter because the few public speakers (very well known around the Shia world) I had talked to actually differed in the opinions that was mostly shared in this topic. Kinda gives me an idea of where, we, as Shia, stand in this topic, of course I do not mean to generalize. Anyhow, thats that and thank you once again for your opinions. Appreciated it. :) Please do keep me in your prayers. waslaaam fi amanillah
  9. Interesting replies. Well pious, one who fears Allah, obeys Allah and Rasul, prays, fasts, observes Hijab (both sexes), is well mannered, educated and knowledgeable. Of course the Sunnis do not believe in the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as), but some of them do love them.
  10. (salam) Okay brothers and sisters. As I have already told you, I am getting married Alhamdulillah. But during the last few weeks, there were quite few shias friends that were not happy with my decision to marry this sister. Why? Because she is not a Shia. Well, one she is Somali, just like me, and she is also my cousin. She is very religious and practicing. She is few chapters away from completing the memorizing of the Quran, she is almost a hafidh of Quran. She has a wonderful personality and is Hijabi. So all these and much more attracted me to her and plus, I was trying to earn my mother's pleasure who told me bout her and wanted me to marry her. Her family knows that I am a Shia and they are okay with it (to my surprise). But anyway ... here is the deal I hope I do not offend anyone first of all but what would you have done? Will you ever a choose a Sunni over a Shia, even if the Sunni is more pious from the Shia (at least of what is apparent since we cant judge what is inside one's heart)? Or is that a no-no no matter what the situation is? Interested to hear your opinions. Thank you. :) wasalaam fi amanillah Br. Abdul-Mahdi
  11. (salam) Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers. Actually, about the wedding date, it will be during the week of the Prophet's (saww) Milad and Imam Jaffar's (as). Insha Allah, we pray that Allah blesses with pious and righteous children and a long spiritual and loving life. :) wasalaam fi amanillah
  12. Salaamu Aleykum brothers and sisters in Islam. I just wanted to let all of you know (especially those who know me) that I am, by the grace and mercy of Allah, getting married and ask you kindly to please pray for me that all goes well and Allah keeps the Satan away from us Insha Allah. Thank you and may Allah bless you all with a pure and righteous spouse Insha Allah. :) wasalaam fi amanillah
  13. Bismillah Inna lillah wa inna ialyhi rajicuun. May Allah bless her with the noble presence of Lady Fatima (sa) in the grave, in the land of Barzakh and in Qiyama for her devotion, love and dedication to serving Aal Muhammad. Amiin Ya RAbb. May Allah give her family much patience and forbearance Insha Allah. waslaaam fi amanillah
  14. Actually, no to be honest. I was so upset that I could not even think straight. But oh well...next year will come with a whole lotta changes. peace
  15. Salaam Aleykum akhi. I am here bro. I was just busy with life you know. But as for the Skiles firing, to be honest with you, I was disappointed as you know I was a fan of him and liked his coaching method. However, maybe it was for the best. He did not let our big guys play and prove what they can do. My boy Noah is playing well as of now since he is getting heavy minutes. Anyway, it has been a disappointing season thus far; hopefully we can turn it around before the All-Star Break in NE. Anyway, about the Pistons winning. lol please dont like you know who;) lol We both know well they aint winning nothing. And you will see. Anyway, take care and I hope you enjoyed the beating Boston gave you this past weekend. I sure enjoyed it. waslaaam fi amanillah
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