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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. sorry i just saw your comment on my profile, i barely come here anymore. and no i am not, sorry. do you know anything about her whereabouts though? I was wondering too.

  2. Qabr un se mulaqaat ki hai jagah Main yehi soch kar qabr tak aa gaya Zindagi bhi ata meray maula ki thi Naimat-e-maut bhi un se mansoob hai - Sibt-e-Jaffar We've been robbed.
  3. OP is a great guy for stalking a closed group. MashAllah jeetay raho
  4. ZINDABAAD ZINDABAAD But on a serious note, there is a whole Sunni population in Pakistan that reminisces about the days they'd watch matam, drink sharbat, and walk under Zuljanahs etc. PTV's Majlis-e-Shaam-e-Ghareeban is one of the biggest proofs of general coexistence. I was just watching one the other day from '86 by Naseer Ijtehadi where he talks about Shia Sunni bhai bhai waghaira. Damn thread-hijacking kids
  5. Meray pehlay jinhon nay post kiya tha. Urdu bolnay waalon ko cherna sahab ki aadat hai.
  6. پتا نہیں اس کو کیا مزہ آتا ہے بھونکنے سے
  7. Thanks for the answer huzoor. I was reading an old Shia book.. probably from the 1920s or 30s and I kept seeing hai spelled with a do chashmi hay so I was confused. Then another time I was practicing writing Urdu with a noha.. 'haq o sadaaqat ki raahon ko', I kept spelling sadaaqat with seen and realized it's with swaad later lol.
  8. I have a question on pronunciation. No idea if this is a dumb question, but I'm a gora pakora so I wouldn't know. Ye to maloom hai kay kaaf aur qaaf main farq hai, alif aur ayn main bhi farq hai.. Laikin hay, choti hay aur do chashmi main farq aata hai? tay aur toa, zay & zwaad, seen & swaad. As far as I know do chashmi hay is only after some letters for words like phool or jhanda but I have no clue.
  9. This joke of a thread should be deleted. Instead of answering questions it's turned into a funfest to bash Pakistan. That possibly was OP's intent too. We should burn almost all Muslim countries to the ground then I say. I'm actually incredibly disappointed LOL, and I have no clue why.
  10. Difference between patriotism & nationalism.
  11. In response to being sanctioned by the Pakistani govt.. I guess you could say we are patriotic but not of our government. Nobody loves the government lol. Previous governments becoming involved with the Mujahideen and later the Taliban were two of the worst decisions made which continue to reap the citizens of Pakistan today. The current government is failing to eradicate the problem. It depresses us, but has nothing to do with patriotism. Governments and their moves don't exactly define patriotism.
  12. I never saw any apology considering you were kicked within seconds. I believe you though. Don't need to freak out. Uhh the same way Muslims would not be familiar with Yiddish and the same way Hindus would not be familiar with Arabic. My point was that Urdu is more influenced by this and Hindi by that. I'm not saying they are completely different languages. But there are differences and that is undeniable. Both Indians and Pakistanis acknowledge the fact. I don't see why any of this bothers you. Err it's not contradictory. I said they HAD the choice but mobs went crazy, started rioting &
  13. The way you spoke that day in chat gives me a different idea of your views. Forget it. Your other questions were answered. Hindustani/Hindi is more Sanskrit based, obviously Muslims are not going to be familiar with Sanskrit. Urdu has Arabic and Farsi influence.. Common lingo and grammar may be similar but look into the pure thet languages and vocabulary is incredibly different. Don't see where you are trying to get here. Even Indian Muslims and Hindus would agree Urdu is a more soft language, hence Bollywood songs, Indian ghazals etc are predominantly Urdu in place of Hindi. Hindus/Sikhs were
  14. Real answers? LOL nothing is wrong with asking these questions and wanting real answers. But asking them in a rude and ignorant tone will not get you anywhere. Your tone comes across as a racist kid wanting to mock a whole population. If you truly want answers, ask like an adult rather than making a joke out of the country, then I'm sure we'll be happy to answer your questions.
  15. You bought this junk into chat before and you now bring it here? What's wrong with you man? You are one weird kid.
  16. So 150 people decide to stay and watch. Executions are like a Saturday baseball game for these morbid people. I read elsewhere that they were cheering as she was being killed.
  17. Lafz مجرئی kehnay ki koshish kar rahay hain mujraayi khalq main inn aankhon nay.. mujraayi, fauj yoon thi sheh-e-karbala kay saath
  18. Oye Marbles Urdu main nahin bol rahay thay ab main baywaqoof kyun hoon?
  19. khhheeeema I was going to say qainchee waala qaaf aur kutta waala kaaf but then I realized Hydros probably say khainchee.
  20. Political parties should not be created on religious or sectarian basis.
  21. The persecution is ridiculous, and I really think this should not even be an issue. Like previously said, live and let live. It's pretty hypocritical though that Ahmadis want to be recognized as a Muslim group in Pakistan, but continue to say Sunnis and Shias are not Muslims..
  22. The reason this happened is because somebody accidentally pushed or stepped on his daughters toes or something and he just went ballistic. There was nothing about separation. http://www.dawn.com/2012/03/24/shahid-afridi-attacks-fan-at-airport.html
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