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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asslamun aleykum. How are you friends
  2. Why do all near death experiencers experience the same thing coming from such different walks of life and backgrounds?
  3. You only deny meditation because it is not consistent with the religion you were raised to believe in. It is the closest connection with God, and therefore the closest connection to everything. Astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance, omniscience, etc. Prophet Muhammad used to meditate, why can't all of you?
  4. Stupid Lion banned me from chat : (

  5. Psycopaths are exempt from namaz

  6. Hello and Salam Alaikum :D

  7. People have seen God in deep meditative states. Not so much deep namaz states. Y'know, because there's no such thing.
  8. Smoking weed is sawab. Jesus used cannabis oil. And yes, Allah did create marijuana as a plant for us to use for many purposes. Same with coca leaves and poppy pods. Get over it. Marijuana is only good.
  9. Movements only serve as distractions. Same with the words. Sit still and completely relax. Just relax.
  10. Just keep smoking weed. Allah has no problem with it whatsoever.

    Yes, it is a natural plant created by Allah just so we could connect with him more easily.

  11. There is no significance. Meditation brings you much closer to God.
  12. How are you supposed to connect with God while making all those useless physical movements and reciting some words? Try completely relaxing mind and body. See where that gets you. Hopefully past the illusion of duality. :wacko:
  13. We judge ourselves after the life review. And trust me, we are our harshest critics. Only we can forgive ourselves. And that's why some people stay in the void (what you Muslims consider "hell") Some suicides even make it to the white light, no "hell" involved.
  14. The dying person's description of the afterlife almost always sees a white light that fills them with peace and joy. They are usually sent back to Earth because they have some purpose. There are a lot of other consistencies that seem to show that there is no hell or judgment from an angry God. He is only filled with love for all life. Thank you.
  15. Now we're getting somewhere. Some of you are finally waking up.
  16. There are thousands of planets full of life in this universe. Some more advanced than us, some less. Here is excellent footage of a UFO. You will be amazed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fXPs7QYTLU
  17. Hell refers to levels of negative thought-forms that reside in close proximity to the Earth realm. It is where we go to work out, or remain within, our hang-ups, addictions, fears, guilt, angers, rage, regrets, self-pity, arrogance, or whatever else blocks us from the power of our own light. Everyone participated as spirits in the creation of the Earth which we created for the purpose of our spiritual growth. We participated in planning the conditions on Earth including the laws of physics and mortality which would govern us and the spiritual powers we would be able to access.
  18. You can only learn Truth from near-death experiences. near-death.com nderf.org
  19. God is real. He is love & light. That is all. He does not punish and we are not his slaves. Like attracts like. Open your minds!
  20. I predict many followers of theistic religion will commit suicide in this year.
  21. And we are NOT slaves. If you die in a negative state, you'll have negative experiences in the astral dimension (where you go after death). The Law of Attraction is real. Now go meditate.
  22. ^Psychosis is not sociopathy. Psychosis is not psychopathy.
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