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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother you got to take a chill pill, i know its tough been a sony on a shia site, but did this site is 10x more lenient then any sony site on the net..be a soldier and rise up instead of been a little emotional girl...

  2. (salam) Man you shias are weird, you's celebrate a million holidays a year. When an imam dies, was born, ruled, had a baby, bla bla bla Just like the christians. :lol:
  3. (salam) Abu Bakr & Umar (as) did more for islam than any of you did.
  4. (salam) I don't know why the apes around this LIGHT show no emotion at all ?
  5. (salam) The Shia believe that their Infallible Imams posses knowledge of Al-Ghaib (the Unseen). Here is a quote from Lesson 23 on the popular Shia website, Al-Islam.org: “The Immaculate Imams can also make contact with the world of the unseen (Al-Ghaib) whenever necessary by seeking God’s aid and support and thereby gain access to knowledge they need.” (Source: http://al-islam.org/leadership/ ) So the Imams are believed to be able to see Al-Ghaib , even though the Quran clearly says: “None knows Allah’s Al-Ghaib (Unseen realm) except those whom He chooses from among His messengers.” (Quran, 72:26) In this verse, Allah categorically declares that only Messengers can see Al-Ghaib by the Grace of Allah. Source:http://www.http://www.*****************.com
  6. so overall is it acceptable or not what he says in the video?
  7. So its up to the marja3a who decide if you enter heaven or not.
  8. (salam) Check out Sheik Ahmad deedats talks/debates (may Allah bless his soul)
  9. What happens to a person if they die without following a marja?
  10. (salam) Why is it that sunnis never have any of these pictures & lots of shias have them, ive seen one of a man who is supposedly meant to be Husayn (as) and it looks like the christian picture of jesus.
  11. (salam) In shiaism, if you practice your religion and do everything right but don't follow a marja then you will go to hell when you die
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