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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Question I had in my mind any one would like to answer will be appriciated.
  2. Some short questions ... Please Answer... 1; Did Jesus merry any one ? If not then why ? If he eats, sleeps , breaths and walks like a human being then he must have desires like other human beings too ? 2: Do muslims also believe that merry (Maryam) was engaged with Yousuf ? and Was Yousuf a prophet of not ?
  3. (salam) This is a video with pictures of Ashura day procession in Stockholm Sweden this year. Share Pictures of the area you live in as well with us. Click to Watch. Youtube link. (wasalam)
  4. No not bin laden, I am talking about Ahmad Shah Masood. Are you a Shia? and do you know any thing about the wars in Afghanistan and the suffurings of our Shia brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.
  5. As a Muslim and a Shia we should always try our best for the unity of the Muslim Ummah not something against it. Actions like this is also one of the reason which is disunifying Muslims. All Muslims should greet eachother with Salam and it shows that they are muslims, this is what our prophet and Quran has taught us. Saying Ya Ali madad is not wrong when you want to do tawasul but it should not replace the Salam. Then it is something against the teachings of our Deen. Wasallam.
  6. (salam) Please remove this from shia chat, You don't know how many of our shia sisters and brothers were killed by this person. Thousands of hazaras were forced to leave their homes and thousands others were killed and tortured by this person and his forces in Afghanistan, yet you call him a mujahid???
  7. (salam) Can you as well post the videos of your Ashoora or Arba3in processions. I begin with this procession video which was held in London by the Hazara ( A shia group of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan ). Click to Watch. Mashallah. Ya ali(as).
  8. I can not see any baby in those pictures, Why is that?
  9. (salam) To muslims the prophet(saw) and his family(as) should be near to them more then their own family members as you mentioned the father, mother, or husband etc. And to Shias our beloved Immams and Ahul bayt are more near to us then out ownselves. Our brothers did not die, How can you say that when you know that the prophet(saw) have said all muslims are brothers??? Why should we blind our eyes and not see the mistakes they made and only try to tell minor good things they did and hide major bad things they have done to this religion? Wasallam.
  10. (salam) Well, If you mean by cursing as saying bad words to her or swearing at her, As a Shia I have never ever in my whole life met any shia who do this, But if you consider discussing the things she did to Islam or the problems she made for the devine Immam of the time as cursing then yes we do discuss about these. But As a Shia of Immam Ali(as) we never curse the mother of the believers, But her raising against the purified members of the family(as) shows us that she has made mistakes and that should not be covered by lies, Which other muslims used to do. Wasallam.
  11. (salam) Very well done guys, Am very pleased to see SC back running. You made my day.
  12. Can someone put some light on this???
  13. (salam) It was narrated that [ Imam ] Ja`far Ibn Muhamad p.b.u.h said : The prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h used to put his face between the breasts of [ his daughter ] Fatima before going to sleep" Bihaar al-Anwar, vol. 43, p. 78 Fi aman Allah.
  14. ^^ I think that you are right but What difference does it make!
  15. (salam) One thing which makes me surprised is that Sunnis will never answer to a question which they know will put their believs in question! I asked many sunnis about this and they failed to answer or were afraid to answer the question. Prophet(saw) who came to this world to complete the job of all 124000 prophets sent to this world before him however could not complete his job as a father(naudhubillah) to tell his child what is good and what is not. Or what to do after his death or what not to do! MohibA, Bro, you have lots of knowledge and you increase your knowledge by sharing it with o
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