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  1. Who said it does not exist? This is elementary, sure it exists, but given our limited understanding, given our limited scientific understanding and evidence and finally given that you or I have yet to see god first hand, we cannot reach a concrete conclusion with 100% certainty, for or against the existence of God. For the moment, we have to suspend that judgement till we find sufficient evidence.
  2. LOL, did we touch a nerve? Calm down. I didn't bother responding to your 'logic' because your moronic self had a hard time comprehending what I initially stated in very plain words, initially quite respectfully I must say, but that went over your head. Anyways the initial point I made still stands, and you have provided nothing that proves otherwise. Once again since it flew over your head, I do not take sides on either extreme of this question, hence you implying of me being an atheist is quite desperate as you put it, but I do not take you seriously enough to give a damn. So it remains and shall remain until some miracle takes place or we are endowed with what seems would be supernatural knowledge, you cannot prove or disprove god. Plain and simple. Your genius logic which so happens to be the most common argument for creationists is also known as the teleological argument, watch maker argument or argument from design or whatever you want to call it. This has been taken on by most philosophers, critical thinkers and everyday simple minded folks. You can go read about them, that is if you can get your head out of a Dawkin's work of entertainment which no one takes seriously. Any how I will point out an obvious fallacy in this argument, one which the same 8 year old child could pick out. If you ignore the fact that things have evolved, naturally through natural selection, or through whatever coincidental means, you ignore the fact that despite the perfection embedded within our universe, there are imperfections of equal or greater profoundness, you ignore the fact that of this immaculate design, we had to be stuck up in this tiny, minuscule part of the universe where life happens to have come to existence for a very, very ,very short span of time, you still have to explain who came up with the grand designer himself, who happens to be more complex, more profound and much more immaculate than its creation. Obviously this is where the first cause argument comes into the fray. An argument which used to hold much weight in ancient times but is inherently fallacious. If you assert that God is the first cause and has existed forever, that implies that there could be an entity without a cause, well that entity might just be all the ingredients that were in place when the universe began expanding, a dot, matter, or whatever, its all a possibility. These are all common sense alternative explanations, and the inherent fallacies within these creationist arguments are quite apparent, hence they clearly, do not amount to 'proof' for gods existence. Personally I believe in a higher being, a god, I am inclined in that direction through whatever evidence, logic we have in place, but it would be utterly stupid and irrational of me to assert that I can say so with a 100% degree of certainty, I cannot. Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali are not with us today, they apparently possessed knowledge that we don't, they may have perfectly acceptable and rational reasons to believe with 100% certainty that god did exist. Well that knowledge has been kept from us even if it existed. Any rational person has to take a leap of faith to believe in a higher being with any conviction, and as I said before, that is quite reasonable, its fine, its sufficient. I cannot accept a claim of a creationist that their conclusion was reached based on irrefutable evidence for the existence of a creator, just as I cannot accept that an atheist has determined its position through the same irrefutable means. I think this amounts to arrogance to, as human beings with barely any substantiated understanding of insects to assert such profound claims, it is irrational, we just do not know enough, we should be humble in accepting this fact. Peace Loving can go take her logic and run circles around some holy shrine screaming I have irrefutable proof for gods existence, no rational person would give a damn.
  3. So out of all the speakers in Toronto, which one is most worth listening to?
  4. Do not stress too much, its not only reverts that have this problem, it is also sincere hearted no BS, no nonsense women who face the same type of isolation. My mother is an example, she tried to involve herself heavily in mesjid activities and shia gatherings but the small minded culture just got to her. She now simply goes about her business quietly, does not bother with too much socialization, participates to the best of her ability and comes back home quietly. If you are somewhat neglected and isolated in today's world, you are doing something right, trust me. Religious or not, most people today have primarily sold themselves off to societal pressures and cultural practices. Naturally speaking, any person who has an ounce of decency, care and compassion for fellow human beings would go out of their way to be extra nice and comforting towards an individual who is in an unfamiliar environment, yet we tend to see the opposite. You cannot really blame these people, it is very easy to conform, to blend in, to be accepted, happens all the time in religious communities since they tend to be not so religious in the first place. If I were you, I would look for specific individuals who are capable of seeing past all the BS and are in somewhat of a similar situation, arab or not, these people do exist, just that most are in isolation like you are. If you can grab a hold of even one sincere, brave and compassionate individual let alone a few, itll have a drastic influence on your life.
  5. Well the situation is dire in states like Pakistan, truly seems hopeless, but if you take a look at South America, where most nations had direct US installed dictators and puppet leaders, they have finally through examples of Cuba and Venezuela decided to kick out American corporations and nationalize their oil resources. In effect, they have gained independence from US control and formed a strong pact, yes some of the current regimes there are brutal but at least the first condition towards real reform and change is now in order. Their oil revenue is now being redirected to their own population, Latin America has some of the most democratic societies in the world, far more democratic than anything in Europe or North America. Cuba, despised and hated within the US has a universal health care for all which the US does not. Cuba defied US control, it stood as an example just like Iran does, other nations followed but through struggle. It is obviously different in the middle east, Arab states seem to desire a collapse of the Iranian regime, but I do not think Arab populations do. Recent polls right across the arab population suggests that almost 80% of them see US as the main threat, a mere 8 percent or so see Iran as a threat. Khomenies revolution already inspired many sunni groups to adopt similar ambitions, they have obviously failed but the political and religious example remains. US is more concerned with Irans political independence. Yes most Arab leadership is currupt right down to the core, but as always, everyday ordinary people are capable of rising up given persistent organization. The situation in Pakistan seems the most hopeless, there it seems are all the ingredients for a mass revolution to take place except that the majority of the population is divided among stupid lines, punjabi, muhajir, sunni, shia etc etc, and even if there is common ground, the public has barely enough energy to make ends meet, so theres no time left to actually socially organize and challenge the corrupt elites. If people can somehow organize, there could be hope. Once again, just until very recently white elitists rich dictators were installed in Latin American nations, these nations, finally through intense public struggle were able to elect leaders that actually had the same color as the population, not only that, the leaders in Bolivia and Brazil come from poor working class backgrounds. The middle east is the last stronghold of the declining American empire, this is why a destabilized and weakened Iran is so important, a strong Iran can severely undermine American efforts in Arab states. I mean sure America would have loved to have controlled Iran, as it did during the Shah's period, but given its control in other major regions of the middle east, US would have been OK with an independent Iran had Iran not served as an inspiring example and threatened US domination of the region.
  6. There are various reasons, firstly, any move towards war needs at least passive public support in the west, given their utter failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and also the economic troubles back home, an attack on Iran would be an incredibly hard sell. There are extremist elements in western politics that are serious about a strike on Iran, but where is that going to get them? They cannot sustain a prolonged occupation in another country, and the occupation in Iran will be far more straining than Iraq or Afghanistan. If they do not want to invade Iran, perhaps they could do with a quick strike, but a quick strike will hardly cause any substantial damage to the Iranian regime. Any way you slice it, an attack on Iran in present circumstances would be incredibly stupid, but you never know. With respects to what they fear in Iran, well quite simply, a good example. Iran is an example to other puppet states of a nation that alone has been able to exercise its independence and sovereignty despite constant pressure. A nation in a US controlled region of the world, and one which is able to do as it pleases is simply unacceptable. If Iran can sustain its independence, other states will follow and denounce US imperialism and control, for now they play the waiting game since they fear Iran will be attacked. Quite simply, the US needs to teach Iran a lesson, you cannot challenge the global power by exercising your sovereignty and get away with it, US simply needs to create an example out of Iran so other states do not dare move towards independence. The US does not fear Iranian nuclear weapons, in fact in recent report which the pentagon presents to the state department, the pentagon suggested that the only nuclear threat from Iran is that itll use it as a deterrence. In other words they are convinced Iran would never even use the weapon.
  7. As it stands currently, the world faces two grave dangers which will potentially and most likely cause complete extermination of the human race. The first of these is a nuclear conflict, and the second is an environmental disaster. Both of these are dangerously possible and according to most experts, inevitable. Having established this, we as sensible citizens of the world should make these concerns our top priority, more than worrying about preparing for the Mahdi's return or uniting the Ummah. We are living in an incredibly dangerous period, given current practices, it will be nothing short of a miracle if our grand children actually have a world to live in. The nations of the world ought to make it their no 1 priority to completely rid this world of all nuclear capabilities. This isnt about Islam or the Marjas, every single sensible human being forbids weapons of mass destruction. Iran's case given the circumstances is different, the major nuclear powers of the world are hypocritical in their nature, these nations are more likely to invade or nuke Iran if Iran does not posses these weapons than if it actually does. US dropped two on Japan, do you think they would have dared to drop them had Japan possessed nuclear capabilities worthy of targeting American cities? No. Unless the world super powers are willing to sit down, united with the rest of the world in order to establish world wide nuclear free zones, the smaller states are well within their right to pursue these weapons, nuclear intimidation by nuclear states is just not fair. Also let me assure you, when push comes to shove in desperate and dangerous circumstances, Iranian leaders will act just as any other leaders do, irrespective of what Islam has to say about the situation.
  8. You can believe that chickens are capable of giving birth to pandas and believe so with all the conviction and confidence in the world, no one cares. The simple point is, your explanation does not amount to concrete proof with respects to gods existence.
  9. That is your logic and explanation? Ask for alternatives when you realize that your explanation is not in anyway 'proof' for gods existence.
  10. History clearly demonstrates this, plenty of major conflicts between nations with nuclear weapons have been prevented simply because engaging in a war would mean the total extinction of their respective populations. Pakistan probably would have faced a brutal assault at the hands of India if it hadn't tested its nuclear weapons when it did. Obviously it is a dangerous game since the cold war came dangerously close to nuclear conflict, however you cannot play this game of 'it is moral/justified for us to possess them and not for you'. Either you establish nuclear free zones by which all countries have to abide by, or you stop bullying smaller nations into submission backed by your own nuclear arsenal. Otherwise other nations are well within their rights to pursue such weapons as a deterrence.
  11. Given American invasion on outside both of its eastern and western borders, given the American military presence in southern Arab states and given the constant and hawkish provocative threats shoved in Irans face on a daily basis, Iran would be out of its damn mind if it is not pursuing nuclear weapons as a deterrence.
  12. You really do not know if islam is true with a 100% degree of certainty. It may seem the best option of the lot mentioned above but that still doesn't render Islam the unquestionable established truth. That is your belief, no matter how you try to substantiate this belief through whatever kinds of evidence you bring, no evidence to this date has been enough to deem it true with out a shadow of doubt. You may not like the atheistic arguments but there are other possibilities, possibly a higher being that is different from the one described in the religious scriptures of the major faiths, either that or countless other possibilities that your imagination can muster or not, we just do not know. Proving that there is a higher being is difficult enough and to this date not possible, proving that organized religion in whatever form is the unquestionable divine truth is even more difficult. Anyhow in light of all the evidence we have in place, philosophical, empirical, logical, mathematical etc, it is reasonable to accept that fact that certain people can hold onto such beliefs with a limited degree of certainty though not complete. This is fine, we do the best with what we have, and this is reasonable and in my opinion sufficient.
  13. Are you really into this fighter pilot stuff? My dad was a fighter pilot in the Pakistani Airforce for 21 years son. Being a fighter pilot was my obsession, till I left Pakistan.
  14. I do not know jack hizzle about hawza in Iran, however if you take a look at some of the most prominent and rare sincere and sound scholars in the west, most of them are heavily self educated. In fact if they have availed western universities at all, it has been primary for post graduate programs where you are allowed a lot of room to conduct your own research and use vast university databases and libraries. If you take a look at most undergraduate programs in universities, economics/social sciences/history etc, you will see the students are indoctrinated quite heavily even in the west, you are taught certain models without being taught their historical significance, the topics are picked out for you before hand, and rarely are you really allowed to question and challenge what you are being taught. The self critical, creative and imaginative aspect of learning (which is really what real learning is) seizes to exist. It is different in engineering, math and physics departments because these skill sets are more concrete, so you can still gain heavily from undergraduate programs in these fields. Anyhow keep these things in mind. As Einstien himself once said, "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education"
  15. Yes of course if you are open with your new partner, I am sure he/she would be understanding and naturally wouldn't want to know explicit details of your past relationships such as the size of her thighs or how many hours you spent staring into her banana shaped eyes hiding in your car beside some trailer park trash dump.
  16. Well I never said we should wait and do nothing, I simply said at the current moment given the world power structure, a united muslim front dictating terms or having a profound say in the peace process is impossible. If the muslim countries, 90% of them under direct US influence, can rid themselves of foreign influence, pick themselves up and establish themselves as a collective and united force, then sure they would have a direct say in international affairs, but I do not see that happening in the foreseeable future. After having gotten rid of direct dependence on American corporate structure, you would first need islamic nations to solve major internal crisis's before they are in a position to deal with the Palestinian cause in a united way. So there is always work to do, the primary goal should be to get rid of direct western influence, Iran is the only nation which has been able to do this and you have seen the resulted isolation. If other muslim states are able to gain that kind of independence, then we might talk about the kind of alliance you advocate. Turkey is a powerful state, but its interests are far too aligned with the west, and it considers them vital to its success. It is simply a matter of priorities, Palestine isnt a top priority for most muslim nations and for understandable reasons. There is a lot of work to be done bro, but the focus needs to be elsewhere before we can talk about a united muslim front that legitimately challenges global practices. I just do not think it is possible any other way. 1. Firstly gain independence, through internal struggle from outside influence ( Primarily this is getting rid of US corporate control in middle east lands ) and also getting rid of US military presence around the region. 2. After become mostly self sufficient and self reliant, at the very least being able to dictate trade terms that are in best interest of local populations, the states can finally gain tremendous leverage in international affairs 3. Finally you can now form coalitions that actually hold weight in the international arena, and other pacts will simply have to respond as states are exercising their sovereignty. South America has already gone through this process, theres no reason why muslims cannot.
  17. Women love that [Edited Out], you ask most women after they have committed some serious grievous sins, they'd tell you right off the bat that in future relationships theres no way they would ever speak of their ill doings, whats in the past is in the past. I frankly do not get it, if your future partner is at all serious, typically they would ask of your past relationships, and you should be woman (man) enough to speak of your past and how you have changed. It is just not fair to lie, especially if your future partner sincerely asks you to tell the truth. Most sensible people understand that people have made mistakes, keeping them secret from the most important person in your life isnt always wise. On top of that stuff gets around, theres a chance your partner may find out, from someone else, so better it be the honest you than someone else.
  18. Dude Mutah is FROWNED UPON BIG TIME in Pakistan, its like the worse thing you can do, in fact, 99% of the shias in Pakistan haven't even heard of the concept. Pakistanis shias in western countries are more likely to engage in mutah than Pakistanis back home.
  19. The chance of some Arab/Turkey/Iran combined peace initiative succeeding over one which comprises of the whole of international community is extremely slim at best. You need the help of global superpowers, Israel without pressure from the US will never budge from its stance, it wouldn't even look your way, not even begin to entertain any proposal. The only possibility in that case remains an all out war in which nuclear confrontation is a very strong possibility. A strong coalition is impossible in the middleast in the first place, most Arab states are puppet regimes of the United States, Turkey has strong ties with western powers and for Turkey, its sound relations with western powers take precedent over peace in Palestine. Iran on the other hand has severe problems in gaining Arab trust let alone have Turkey joining in on some comprehensive genius peace plan. These are the harsh realities of global power spread in the world, there has been a lot of progress made on this issue by peace activists, international bodies and human rights organization, lets not undermine it. Norman Finkelstien peace proposal isnt really his, neither is it western, it is quite accepted in the middle east among serious peace activists. Even if by some miracle you were able to get Iran, Turkey, and some Arab states on the same page, that is simply not where the muscle lies, no one would take them seriously. For me, this crisis is bound to unfold in one of three ways, either itll be resolved through public pressure in the west on western governments forcing governments to abandon blind following of Israel if not for moral then for business reasons, or semi super powers in China, India or Brazil will take on a strong initiative and join the Palestinian cause, or an all out war in which anything is possible.
  20. No it is not a problem, you accept that given empirical, philosophical or logical evidence we have, it is not possible as of yet to prove gods existence, it is also not possible to prove that he does not exist. That is a perfectly acceptable and rational approach, and we quite honestly do not and have not needed this question to be answered in a definitive sense in order to continue living our lives in a purposeful and moral way. This is simply the reality of the matter, we just know very little, and when it comes to questions such as the existence of god, you can be inclined in either direction, for or against, but you cannot accept a side with 100% certainty, we just do not have that kind of knowledge, not yet anyway.
  21. Why is this so hard for you to comprehend? You are the one claiming that there is enough evidence to suggest that god exists with 100% certainty, not me, so the burden of proof is on you. I do not have to prove anything, I never took a side to begin with. Since unlike the rest of human species you have somehow stumbled upon an abundance of evidence the rest of us are BLIND to see, let us know what it is... Go ahead.
  22. Peace loving, after having read some of your initial posts, I wasn't even going to bother replying because you do not even have the slightest clue of what you are talking about. You arguments are that of an 8 year old child. This issue is a lot more complex than our initial influenced impulses of 'how could such a complex universe come into being by itself' so there must be a god blah blah. Please take some time to read more than a couple of books by Dawkins, who isn't an authority on the matter in the first place. If you were at all serious about this discussion, you wouldn't have wasted your time with Dawkins of all people. Also it is just naive and misplaced to suggest that the prophets or Imam Ali convinced themselves of god purely through reason, that is irrelevant, if you have the proof which the prophets used or you yourself have stumbled upon, then bring it and it shall be analyzed. The existence of god has yet to be proven, through scientific, mathematical, philosophical or logical means.
  23. The girl should have a no nonsense no BS, no mind games approach. She should be modest, have a strong character, have a defined moral purpose in life and not be superficial/small minded etc. You are incredibly lucky if you find a wise woman, but this should be paramount. These are all incredibly attractive traits. A woman who possesses these traits would be modest not out of a religious or societal obligation to be modest, but out of natural tendencies that are a byproduct of her personality. So it is not about playing hard to get or having men chase you etc and all that BS. Notice what I said had nothing to do with her formal education, her family background, her looks and status in the community. Peace
  24. You cannot prove that god exists, this isn't even debatable, no matter how you slice it, this remains a fact and quite obvious one.
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