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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you are a guy you shouldn't worry too much about appearances. Enough decent women will always gravitate towards guys with attractive personalities. It maybe cliche but just be confident in yourself and command respect. A sense of humour and ambition also go a long way. Unfortunately for women it is different and looks tend to play a bigger role.
  2. Macbooks are strongly built machines, but Apple dropped the ball with Yosemite, Windows 10 will overall be far more feature rich and superior unless Apple releases a significant OS update. In fact there are reports that Windows 10 preview runs more efficiently on a mac than mac os itself. Apple did unveil their next os today, it has minor upgrades consisting on features already present in Chrome and Windows for years.
  3. No he doesn't, you obviously haven't paid any attention to him. Chomsky demystifies the world and shatters popular myths much more efficiently, he always gets back to the underlining philosophies and principles that define us, and moves forward utilizing intelligently compiled facts, which is what sensible people of reason do, the sheer amount of data in Marx's analysis is a case in point, someone who Zizek has profound admiration for. There is constant reference to classical liberal/conservative thought, enlightenment values, left philosophy, libertarian ideology and so on. Exposing inheren
  4. Blasphemous, that's like my two favourite teams being Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  5. We already have an over-abundance of ideology, it's more of a disease than a cure, in its dominant use anyway, it isn't king, it's mostly dangerous. This is why Chomsky is important, he can cut through the BS straight to the root of an issue. Zizek was wrong, Chomsky isn't purely empircal, to suggest this is beyond ludicrous, he organizes his arguments based on a framework of understanding of ethical and moral principles (which he admits are not grounded in unshakable evidence), appeal to elementary human emotions and rich factual insight. Zizek mostly just postures, you can take an hour lo
  6. Jeez, kids these days just don't have a clue about the never-ending responsibilities of marriage, in all probability, given we generally need to worry about religious compatibility, personality match, physical attraction, social/family/financial responsibility, cultural differences, an insanely long full time commitment, outside interference and on and on and on, I doubt whether more than 20% of married couples are actually in a good place. As far as children are concerned, muslims produce too many already, overpopulation is a serious concern in major muslim areas, lets be nicer to the count
  7. I quite enjoy Zizek, but he's not in the same league as Chomsky, seriously, lets not go there.
  8. Zizek can be entertaining but Chomsky is dead on about him. Chomsky covers in 10 mins what Zizek rambles on about for hours. Anyway, just stumbled upon a very recent Finkelstein interview, just a couple of weeks old, he was actually asked about Chomsky: the whole interview is worth a read: http://urbantimes.co/2014/01/norman-finkelstein-interview/?utm_content=buffer85ad1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer You’ve mentioned Professor Chomsky a few times in this interview - a man I intend to interview in the future. I know he’s been a good friend
  9. Good lord, stop being annoying, it wasn't meant literally, and FYI Malcolm (wasn't shia) and Khomeini are dead.
  10. Depends on what's cool in your eyes, but for me, not really. Finkelstein is from Chomsky's school, he's mostly focused on the Israeli-Palestinian issue and his scholarship is brilliant in this area. Chomsky is a genius, he literally founded an entire field, and there isn't another public intellectual on the planet that can come close to his insight and knowledge in multiple disciplines (Cognitive science, philosophy, politics, economics, media/press studies, and world political history) combined. He's become an intellectual moral authority that most sensible people naturally just defer to a
  11. Paya (Urdu: پایا‎) is a traditional breakfast dish of Pakistan. It is also served at various festivals and treated to special guests and get togethers. Paaya means feet in Urdu or Hindi.[1] The main ingredients of the dish are the Trotters or Hoof of a cow, goat or lamb; cooked with various spices. I like paye as well, but there needs to be some meat in there, don't really enjoy them alone.
  12. They pretty much have the same views, Finkelstein was inspired by Chomsky, he loves the man to bits. Chomsky is opposed to states period. In principle he wishes for a no state solution where Jews and Palestinians can live together, if not that then a bi-national state where both Palestinians and Jews have equal rights, he is totally opposed in principle to the concept of a "Jewish" state.
  13. What does atheism have to do with immodesty?
  14. Have you bothered to do this yourself? Chomsky has never denied being part of the Zionist movement, which not far from inception was quite varied and diverse. He was part of a Zionist wing that opposed the establishment of a Jewish state in what was then Palestine, he thought it was a terrible idea. In terms of their advocacy of the international consensus and scepticism of the BDS movement, its based on practical concerns, people can always disagree on tactics, the goals are the same.
  15. The BDS movement has turned into a cult, Chomsky and Finkelstein are two intellectuals of the highest moral integrity, they stick to their principles, even if majority of their traditional supporters happen to vehemently oppose them on an issue.
  16. This obviously is a propaganda video, not to say that it is fake. Both sides obviously are bent on not just defeating, but humiliating each other, war and senseless violence tends to bring out the worst in men.
  17. Not much to say really, these are typical westernized islamic scholars who mostly cater well to their intended audience: the relatively more tolerant and open minded muslims/non muslims in the west. They are forced to sugar coat, diverge, omit and deflect in order maintain relevance and not lose their target audience. For the most part I think it is a good strategy and a predictable one, because it allows muslims in the west to hold onto their faith and remain engaged in the democratic process. Lets face it, if most muslims in the west were simply presented the cold, hard facts about their
  18. ^^ Musharraf hardly got embarrassed there, he actually handled himself really well. You couldnt pay 99% of the worlds politicians (Indians included), to actually go into an enemy country's territory and face open questions from the media. Here is part 1 of the entire event:
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