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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The point of having Marja is that we believe them to be exceptionally knowledgable in jurisprudence amongst other things; they spend years studying every aspect of Islam. I know we are trying to discuss the issue here but when your Marja whom you believe to be most knowledgable says that boy-girl relationships out of marriage are haraam, then they are haraam. end of. It is true that such relationships are not potentially harmful to everyone, but the fact is Western society has proved that they do more bad than good. SubhanAllah in Islam there is halal for every haraam; in this case, as has been mentioned, you either abstain, do Mutah or get married.
  2. guys who are after your british passport more than anything else older guys who think that they will be happily accepted by much younger girls a sense of culture clash - guys who tell jokes that are just not funny
  3. Do you have in mind a revolution on the scale of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, because then you would be justified in saying that it is unlikely to come from 'hybrid' Shias; otherwise I think that the Shia in the West have done a good job of reviving Shia Islam in general. Alot of our resources are available online in English, reflecting the popular demand for them by the Shia living in the West. We are in more contact with non-Shias compared to Iran e.g who are 90% Shia, meaning that we have had more opportunities to discuss Shia Islam with non-Shias. Ahlul-Bayt Societies throughout universities here in Britain have also helped to raise awareness of our beliefs (though not as much as the Sunni da'wah projects admittedly). I sense that the Shia youth in the West are active Masha'Allah, but there is still alot of work to be done (with the will and guidance of Allah (s.w.t) )
  4. Salam I don't know about a Shia revolution to be honest; I think that because communication techniques are now so varied and accessible, there has been an increase of everything and anything through the internet and satellite channels. Also, after the fall of Saddam Hussein al-la3een, the Shia of Iraq have been free to go for ziyara, publish literature, establish further hawza schools etc that could not be thought of before. So I see where you are coming from, that al-hamdulilah it does feel like there is more unrepressed Shia activity than ever before, may it continue InshaAllah!
  5. The Aimmah (a.s) had the duty to worship Allah (s.w.t) just like any one else, so they would recite ad3iya addressing Allah (s.w.t).
  6. I generally carry a turbah with me and use it to pray at university eg where we have a prayer room for all muslims. I have had no negative reaction and can pray side by side with other muslims and its fine. You may feel self-conscious to start with because you are doing something no one else is, but once you are in prayer you dont think about it. As it has been said though, judge the situation and InshaAllah you will have no problems.
  7. so hijab is not good enough as a form of modesty to prevent being a "sex object"????
  8. you mean in Afghanistan. He was trained to work in the army so why shouldn't he? The media of course picked up on it because it would be humiliating for the British if the Taleban managed to kill a British Royal third in line to the throne. Especially beacuse the British had no right to invade Afghanistan in the first place. I think it is a shame for him that his presence in Afghanistan was leaked to the media so now he's back in Britain, but lets face it - it was inevitable that sooner or later this would happen. Maybe he should stick to a 9 - 5 day job.....
  9. Battle as in jihad-al-nafs, which is generously rewarded by Allah swt? Ive been quite surprised at the idea of taking hijab off to improve marriage prospects. In my 'neck of the woods', men are specifically asking for muhajiba, pious girls. We have quite a few non-hijab-wearing girls in the community who are wanting to get married but there is no one suitable for them. I agree fully that sisters must understand why they are wearing hijab. I'll admit that at the age of nine, I didn't have a clue! But I have been blessed by my upbringing alhamdulilah, and as you grow older everything fits into place. I think if anything Hijab is more liberating in the West because you know your hijab isn't because of peer pressure!
  10. If I was in such position, and liked the female enough to marry her (not in my case of course ;) ), then I would raise the issue with my parents to see their reaction. family are everything, if they are not happy then the chances are you wont be either. I think that regarding the child, I would come to love them if my love for my partner was sincere.
  11. Sister, the Marj'a you chose should be the one that you believe to be most knowledgable. Other than the usool-el-deen (Tawheed, Adl, Nubawah, Imamah, Ma'aath which you must understand through your own research) you need a Marj'a as a guide on issues of Fiqh and Jurisprudence; you must then follow the rulings of the Marj'a you choose. It is most certainly a neccessity rather than an optional choice. Look at the differences between the Maraji3, but be careful not to let your decision be influenced by a Marj'a who makes music permissible. Living in the UK I will not deny that I do not always close my ears to music when I hear it, but most scholars say music is not permissible because of its effects to revel in your mind, a form of escapism. I refer to (as I have in a previous post) the lecture by Sayyid Ammar Nakhshwani about why we are much better off without music: http://www.cyconline.co.uk/lectures/naksha...50_nak_lec.html (Lecture 25 - Examining Music in islam) May Allah (swt) guide us all to Al-Siraat Al-Mustakeem
  12. Ive been reading the thread on the Islamica website...... woaw. I couldn't find any decent responses to the questions posed by Sunni brother; there was more discussion about Sunni brother's identity!
  13. Juz' 7 from the first recitation has been completed. Al-Fatiha
  14. It is so easy to become relaxed about having a small quantity of alcohol; but why make it an option when alcohol is haraam? it is the potential to consume larger quantities of alcohol in time that has destoyed so many people, so abstinence is better than moderation. This issue of crisps however is interesting because your intention (you'd think) is to consume flavoured, fried potato thingies, not alcohol. But with other food items such as brandy-filled chocolates eg, it is intended that you will enjoy the flavour of the alcohol. So I'm unsure, but Ýóãóä íóÚúãóáú ãöËúÞóÇáó ÐóÑøóÉò ÎóíúÑðÇ íóÑóåõ {7} [shakir 99:7] So. he who has done an atom's weight of good shall see it. æóãóä íóÚúãóáú ãöËúÞóÇáó ÐóÑøóÉò ÔóÑøðÇ íóÑóåõ {8} [shakir 99:8] And he who has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it. Keep these verses in mind always, it makes a 'small quantity' seem suddenly very large.
  15. Allah Yarhamha InshAllah. may Allah (swt) raise her amongst those of the highest ranks on youm-alqiyama Illahi Ameen.
  16. www.shiavoice.com has a really wide range of just about everything.
  17. When I went to Iraq for the first time at the age of 17, I was surprised at the little regard my family held for religion compared to how I was raised, and especially because they are Saadah (descendants of Imam Ali a.s)! It was always said that I would marry one of my male relatives, but on understanding their lifestyle, it was no longer an option. I think that because I met my family at a later age, it was for me personally a culture shock. I would find it difficult to be married to someone who was not raised in the West, but I think that is more of an issue with 'Western' women being married to Middle-eastern men, rather than vice versa. If you are aware of the girl's background and upbringing then Inshallah your marriage will be blessed.
  18. I see what you are saying but the chances are that if/when the film is released, and if it is as controversial as the Iranians are saying, then the last thing the Muslims will do is 'ignore the moron'. I think that it is good that the Muslims react, but the problem has been in the way that we react. By staying quiet, we would not make it clear to the West that we are offended by such works. I feel like the Christians in Britain have become indifferent to the mockeries made about Christianity because it is now 'normal' in British media to joke about the faith. Regarding Islam however, our sensitivity to what some have considered to be minor incidents has meant that the media are not as willing to mock the intracacies of our faith; instead they mock the followers of Islam. Reaction is good, but ONLY if it is done appropriately. If the west 'preach' democracy, then we approach them by the same means, which is what the Iranian Justice minister is doing by speaking on political terms with the Dutch Justice minister about the film.
  19. A really good lecture by Sayyed Ammar Nakhshwani - http://www.cyconline.co.uk/lectures/naksha...50_nak_lec.html, click on lecture 25, it will make you think twice about what you listen to.
  20. haha. They haven't been impartial with their coverage of Iraq under Saddam thats for sure.
  21. I have to agree with this. A friend of mine recently got married when she had no plans to do so otherwise, and alhamdulilah things have worked out really well. If there is 'qisma' (like destiny) for a relationship to form, it will happen when and how Allah swt wills. thats not to say sit around and wait for your ideal man when you reach 45, but dont 'plan' to be married at a particular time either. wasalam
  22. lol :!!!: I wouldnt be surprised if they accepted that 'verse' without question.
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