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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. happy birthday!

  2. happy birth day to you , from jazzbox007@yahoo.com

  3. That fateful day often comes back to me. When I look down on the people who are, I think of those who were... once upon a time. Who were, and never will be again. The last battle I fought is like a sparkling gem in my memory, a gem I cannot seem to ignore. I remember myself standing in the middle of the forest; amidst all the bullets and corpses, after so many years, I was overwhelmed by the whole affair. Sick of it. Suddenly, everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. I watched helplessly as friend after friend went down, like trees being felled... while I just stood there, unable to do anything, unable to save them. And then, I cried. I a brave soldier, wept for my friends; for the children they would never have, for the wives they would never kiss; for all the joys they would miss. I shed tears for the generations that would never come, for the boys who would never run. For the daughters who would never be, for the beauty they would never see. Sadly I thought of the people who would never wed, of the love that would never spread. And with this ache in my heart, I died... a sad soldier.
  4. Today we laughed together; all of us were there... Tomorrow, I do wonder, where will everyone be? On different paths when all of us go, Shall we be able to see... The friend to helped us through the years, From whom never part did we? The people who were always there, To help, to sigh, to cry out with glee? Today they all sit huddled, Talking, sharing,laughing... Tomoorow, oh I do wonder- How much reason shall there be? Will time snatch away dear God, The romantic dreams of an innocent girlhood? Will it take away the twinkling eyes, The glorious smiles of the children they be? Such beauty as I saw today, Tomorrow I do think.. MMore beautiful it will grow, But my sight... will it still be? My eyes which may not see tomorrow, Shall they surround me with terrifying darkness? Make me useless, dependant and helpless... Take away my capabilities, make me imagination-less? But then, thinks I, It may be different slightly... For who knows, when tomorrow comes, I just may not be...
  5. javeria

    come back

    I like the feelings behind the poem, the whole theme... and especially the last lines, they seem to capture the essence of the poet's thoughts.
  6. javeria


    With burning sensation in my eyes, I sit here, all alone... Thinking... thinking... thinking... Of the life now past, Of the moments gone, Of beautiful times now long lost. With thumping heart in my bosom, I sit here, all alone... Remembering, remembering... The lovely places never seen, The glorious happiness never had, The wonderful life never been. With exhausting weakness in my body, I sit here, all alone... Dying, Ever so silently, Oh so slowly! Leaving the world, forgetting the past, Embracing death, finally...
  7. Hi all My name is Javeria, just turned 17. From Karachi, Pakistan, but living in the U.A.E. I enjoy making candles.
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    The Prophet

    You are so totally a professional!
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    Thats because most people submit their own work.
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