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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 786 ---- (salam) I shall inshaAllah keep posting scenarios that are good analogies of our modern day karbalas and modern day ashuras and how we can slowly depoison and reshape the mindset of societies in order to prune the culture in preparation of the Zahoor of Al Qaim (as) AJTF. InshaAllah, Ilahi Ameen. Other members also encouraged to contribute. Be well, with duaas and love, Anam
  2. 786 ---- (salam) This picture was sent to me from someone in an email along with a message, the name has been withheld (on the forum) for privacy reasons.
  3. 786 ---- (salam) I knew it, sisso - the reasons you described. No worries, I won't do what I proclaimed to do earlier and I honestly hate it when people come in and mention her 'real id' and ask me why do people dislike her? Anyways, my apologies to THE ONE I was addressing anonymously. In fact, the reasons you described, I had also visualized them and they touch a cord deep inside and bring tears to my eyes. However, one can't just trust their instinct when they ''feel'' there might be 'potential harm' being rendered to someone but....Aah well, I'd rather take this off the forum then continue here. :) Duaas and Love.
  4. The part in red: It's not my argument it's been sent to me by a Christian lady I respect. Secondly, Jesus Christ or the Son of Mary was not crucified, however a crucifixion of someone who LOOKED LIKE JESUS did take place. In fact, it's been said in Islamic history that Isa (as)'s enemy was given the very face of Isa (as) and thus the Romans thought him to be Isa (as) and crucified him. The REAL Jesus or Isa (as) had risen the NIGHT BEFORE the crucifixion was to take place - and the enemy had been given Isa (as)'s face that very night.
  5. 786 ---- (salam) God bless you Doctor. :) MashaAllah.
  6. 786 ---- (salam) Thanks hon. Cyan should provide his input in this thread... Quite obviously, Miss Veil. Shall I list the IDs? And who was this preferred mod? Don't tell me it was Rawshni. Talking to yourself, it's a cool habit. How come all the members accept Madre and Solid and some others who have replied in this thread are ''advanced'' members whereas their nicks are new to our eyes??
  7. People call themselves the servants of the Perfect Ones and yet refute what they taught. No, no Imam every stamped a piece of paper saying marry your daughters at nine. But whatever our infallibles did, their way of life and their ways of practicing Islam is also another Quran for us. I hope the devotees of Fatima (salaam ulaa alaeyhaa) won't refute this statement of mine.
  8. And this very kaniz of the Perfect Lady tried to tell me not to trust Allah and strongly advised me to BUY THE DOCTOR'S [Edited Out] and have my tubes tied after my third cesarean. I'm only waiting for a due time before avenging what I'd been told by not just Kaniz but many of her likes.
  9. The Perfect Lady married Imam Ali at the very impregnatable age of Nine. As goes the narration, during the Nine Years that Fatime salaam ulaa alaehaa spent at her father's house before marriage to Imam Ali (as), she did not ever eat a fully satisfying meal. Yeah, Kaniz of WHO? Marrying daughters at Nine is harmful ....... RAJAAH', in arabic, means ''to bring back''. And at the time of Zahoor and during the period of RAjaah the DAUR, the AGE, the TIMES of Rasool WILL BE BROUGHT BACK INTO PRACTICE. Kaniz of Who? Fatima (salaam ulaa alaehaa) and refuting Fatima's practice? The so called, Dajjaali hypocrite MUSLIMS (submitters?? :rolleyes:) waiting for the son of Fatima to arrive and rid them of their miseries. SubhanAllah :wub: As I've already rightly stated in my signature, in black and red... BRAVO. You hit the nail on the head bro.
  10. Wrong. They are erroneous human beings with knowledge limited. My doc told me I've a risk of dying due to my third cesarean or at least more health risks. I have grown younger (youthful), more active (energetic), more appealing (compared to looking old, tired, and haggard) and well, I can't list everything here only to point out that Allah has blessed me for believing Him with my AQL blindfolded. That's why so many people dwell in MISERY today because they don't learn to benefit from Allah's blessings after submitting to Him completely. Taubaah. And they want the Imam, one who submits to Allah completely, to come and rid them of their miseries. Yeah, right. The Imam is not going to come to exercise YOUR intelligence FOR you. YOU have to do it YOURSELF. Exactly the way He can't say your salaat for you, He can't submit YOUR nafs FOR YOU. You have to submit your nafs, the Imam has his own nafs to submit. Precisely what I've stated and implied through each of my posts.
  11. 786 ---- (salam) Hubby and I fight for the remote. And other things like who has to take the trash out. Arguments and minor fights are part of life - the younger you are at the time of marriage the better your chances of really absorbing one another and becoming close friends and thus spending the rest of your life dwelling in peace with bouts of little arguments, harmless fights here or there. Yeah and live in ignorance that the little cutie pie is absorbing the environment at a rate unexpected by them and thus becoming ready for marriage earlier then they can smell. Stop blaspheming Allah, Ahlul Bayt (as) and Quran. OK? It's only a matter of time till Zahoor anyway, for the likes of you.
  12. 786 ---- (salam) This was aired on Channel 5 a few weeks ago. It will give you chills. http://www.bestviral.com/video/6629/dont_e...m_hotel_glasses
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