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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, The project is truly awesome! Those interested in helping should just email the shiapedia admin. Another idea to help out, is if you have simple essays or notes on islamic issues, they could be adapted for the site. I'm sure all of us have some good stuff that we've researched in the past. Pass the word on! Eltemase Dua, the millionth hijabi
  2. SAlams :D:D WAg1 amzing no..?

  3. We are not IN a STATE of najasat, we have soemthing najis coming out of us. big difference anyways, i trust the respected alim more in regards to that and no alim or mujtahid has ever said that reciting quran is useless and thats an ignorant thing to say with all due respect, reading the qur'an can NEVER be useless. if you learn one thing, then it is thawab regardless if youre bleeding or not. makruh is just less thawab.
  4. Salaam I once heard a very educated response from a well respected Alim. In the case of reciting Qur'an, it is NEVER haraam for a sister to recite while in menses. and when the word makruh is used in this scenario, it does not mean better not to do in and of itself, it means that it is not as good to do as opposed to doing it while in complete taharat. this is completely understandable being that at this stage, we do have najis stuff coming out from us and it is understood that angels who surround themselves with taharat do not come so close to blood. There's nothing wrong in that. HOWEVER, it
  5. Salaam, No- she's unitarian christian (which is why i posted what i said) , as in she believes in ONE god, and jesus as a messenger as described above- not the other type of humanism.....
  6. Salaam, One of my really good friends is Unitarian- and their belief system is incredibly close to ours- its one of the reasons why so often Unitarians really respect Muslims. BTW Qa'im are you sure they believe in atonement? From my understanding, I didnt think they did, but I could be wrong. That being said, they're not muslim, but are certainly of the ahlul kitab- and those who did not corrupt the scriptures as much as other sects of Christianity. Also interestingly enough, the unitarian church where i live is often involved in fighting for human rights- including things like being against
  7. Just keep praying bro! You never know, InshAllah you will still be able to come :) Seriously though, I know people whose paper work has gone through SOOO fast and come the day before their flight- so keep some hope. And make sure you inform the embassy that you really want to go for an "educational" course and youre leaving on this date, and they may rush your paperwork through inshAllah.... and worse coms to worse, if you get it a few days or a week late, you can always join the al asr group half way through or something! dont give up :)
  8. Bro, you dont shave your beard, you shave your head- its ehtiyate wajib according to most scholars to not shave your beard at any time unless for medical reasons... That being said, no idea if it was actually him or not. the lack of beard does make it fishy- however maybe that is somthing else that the dream means.. i suggest speaking with an alim or sheikh that actually has a clue about the meanings of dreams inshAllah !
  9. I think it's good for young ages, especially in the west because thats when theyre able to soak in so much but unfortunately secular education really doesnt take advantage of that for good things. It's also super important for children to have that islamic core and have that fundamental knowledge of things etc, and just have a good upbringing. It's so crucial. So, I say yes to homeschooling (if theres no muslim school available) at a young age. BUT if one does choose to go this route, it's important to involve the child in alot of extracurricular activities and keep them very involved in mosqu
  10. If every Saddam supporter knew the atrocities he committed and still supported him, then I would say yes, you are right. But the fact is they don't know this or why he did what he did- and you cannot blame a people for their lack of knowledge when they have not been shown the truth. thats injustice to blame them for that. It is haraam to support the enemeis of the Ahl al-bait when they are doing it in full knowledge. Look up the definition of kufr- it is not jahil. Yes, we have limited resources and they should be directed carefully- but does that mean sinking so low so as to undermine a cause
  11. something key that i think youre missing is the fact that nobody giving importance to the palestinian plight undermines another injustice in order to give importance to it. NOBODY is claiming that we shouldnt be helping our shia brethren or even non muslim brethren- but the difference between some people is in the way we approach it. there is a HUGE difference between saying that "we should give more importance to our shias because they love us and are being oppressed as opposed to giving millions to people who dont understand shiism" AND "the palestinian cause is huge and important but we
  12. I don't even think this post is worth replying to. If you don't know what al-quds is, all it takes is a simple search on wikipedia to realize it. and keep in mind that jews and christians in their times were what Muslims were. Islam corrected those religions, it is not a new one. the shia of ali do not fight for approval or for a 'thank you' from the oppressed. we have morals and a sense of justice. also wikipedia saddams rule. its FACT that america gave billions and ARMED him. i dont think i should waste time replying to people who clearly dont know the facts.
  13. You don't know the importance of Al Quds... here's a few. It has the same importance to us that it does to the Jews & Christians (being that we do believe in the holy temple mount as a sacred place for all the same reasons- it being a temple of P. Sulayman, Dawud etc, the place of hazrate Isa (as) etc.. and Furthermore, it was our first qibla and has been mentioned in the Qur'an as the place of ascension of the Me'raj. It is a sacred land for ALL Muslims. the actual reliability of the rock in the dome of the rock is disputed, but that doesnt change the fact that this land is holy and sacre
  14. Salaam, thanks ya aba for the post :) You outlined it well and also structured it well... Just to add something to how they attempt to fulfill "aim" #2.. they claim that enforcing the sharia to the extent that Iran does (death penalty for specific actions) is something that "the majority of scholars" disagree with in the absence of an Imam- which is of course, completely false being that we do have an Imam and sharia is not limited ... this is NOT something that the "majority" of scholars disagree with and this is something that FM's will say in order to convince a naive population that what I
  15. there's no such thing as love before marriage- so no, you cant fall in love before marriage islamically you can have extremely strong feelings for somebody before marriage but thats not love. more like a strong liking for them. it's NOT falling in LOVE whatever it is. Let's quit the false conceptions of love and use the word where it actually holds true :)
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