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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey, I was reading sum of ur posts Syed Ali Husain Zaidi.. or whoever u r...

    u need to mind ur language sir!!!

  2. Bro, who are you anyway my cousin said this is you Akbar with your 25 other accounts.

    Ya Ali Madad!

    Plus Markazi aren't involved, the main Al-Khoei guys came to AZ and they all hugged my bro.

  3. Bro, Akbar and Najaf bhai talk more than necessary. There is no reason to resort to violence especially when my bro didn't do anything or say anything offensive plus he asked for forgivenance. Remember Imam Hasan (a.s.) tought us how to negotiate and not to resort to violence. Also if Najaf Bhai and Akbar hurt my bro in anyway Bibi Fatima (s.a.) would not forgive them in anyway because he will

  4. I, along with every other shia new yorker, haven't gone to recitation yet so he's going to less known places (azakana zehra and your house) where they don't have sangats wait for the karachi groups to release the same nohas in two years
  5. as usual, shabab reads katri, ravi, and pila party nohas and everyone thinks its new. btw, they are viciously murdering such a beautiful noha in babul hawaj
  6. Let me tell all of you something my good friends in ny always say: no matter if its a "wiladat season" or eid-e-azha, azadari always come first. In shaam the family of Rasool-e-khuda did not celebrate anything for one year. All they did was cry and mourn our Imam's (as) sacrifice. As shias we should celebrate the jashans on the actual day, but it doesn't mean that we can't limit our azadari.
  7. look at the similarities between the foundation of sunni'ism and following marjas (which is not wajib)... The devious ummah that proclaimed the prophet as their leader decided to replace him with two individuals who were not of his family lineage, and susceptible to errors because they were imperfect (non masoom). How is following someone who is from the prophet's lineage, but still a non masoom any different?
  8. mashallah, geo a lot of these momins are from new york back in the 90s right?
  9. There are so many shia sisters in our community who are not getting married because our shia brothers are going out and marrying women of another religion/sect. Unless this sunni individual you want to marry fully converts and says the three parts of the kalima and renounces omar for his murder of Bibi Pak (as) then I cannot see how this marriage is acceptable in the eyes of Allah (swt)? Tell me, how can anyone who really follows the religion of Allah accept the marriage of a shia to a sunni? They dont even follow the same ideology.
  10. doing taqleed to a non masoom is not wajib. Those who are against malangs are munafiqs, and who are shias only a few days. The non malangs have liberalized shia'ism with the help of ayatullahs. The shias in the west have westernized shia'ism, and are very sympathetic to sunnis because they all want to marry them and finish their identity as followers of Mola Ali (as).
  11. last i heard, and read, moulana Mustafa is in iraq (najaf)
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