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    shadow_of_light reacted to 3wliya_maryam for a blog entry, she fell from heaven and went back   
    A delicate young flower
    With great spiritual power
    A soul that descended from heaven
    And took some of its pure fragrance
    She brightened the whole city with her illuminance
    Her modesty and piety shone through its radiance
    She was indeed the greatest of the four 
    And God was the only one she spent time for
    Consistent in her prayers and faith 
    No woman could ever beat her status
    Without her existence there would've been no pure progeny
    To carry her father's word to all mankind
    She suffered with immense pain 
    After the loss of her beloved father 
    Not only she was faced with disdain 
    For trying to claim her right
    But she had to face the cruelty and injustice
    she had to face the torture and the flames
    Causing her to lose a small delicate soul
    The love of her life
    Couldn't bear to see those wounds 
    grief stricken to see his beloved wife
    Buried with those scars 
    She was a flower nipped in a bud 
    That fell from heaven and went back
    But her fragrance was still left in her lover's mind
    Peace be upon you, ya Fatima al Zahra (عليه السلام)
    سلام الله عليكي يا فاطمة الزهراء، يا بنت المعصومة❤️
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    shadow_of_light reacted to Qa'im for a blog entry, The Four Elements   
    The idea that the world is composed of four or five elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and aether) was almost universal in the ancient world. The science and mythology of many ancient civilizations, from Greece to Japan, operated on this understanding.

    While Islam is not really married to the idea of four elements (it is not supported in an explicit way in the Quran or hadiths), it is interesting to note that Islamic metaphysics and cosmology use this system.

    This is especially the case in the spiritual world. The jinn are made from a smokeless Fire, the humans are made from Earth (Teen), and the soul (ruH) comes from the word for Wind (reeH). The Throne of Allah was settled upon Water (11:7), until that water was separated into the heavens and earth. The angels are from light (Noor, a word related to Nar).

    Allah does not raise a prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. He may have used these literary devices to explain a realm that is ultimately beyond our understanding (ghayb). The Quran is a book that needs to be intelligible to people, especially when speaking on the unseen and unknown.

    While the universe is simply not made up of H2O, the image of Water as a fluid, clear, shapeless structure is befitting to understanding the world. In physics, the concept of fields (gravitational, spatial) operate largely on fluid mechanics. “Water” is a chaotic substance that was then categorized, compartmentalized and distinguished into the world we know today.

    Similarly, a simple sample of the water (saliva) in your body can create an entire profile of who you are: your DNA, and therefore, your family lineage, your appearance, your susceptibility to diseases, and even parts of your personality.

    There are some things that are beyond literal and metaphorical. The dichotomy of literal and metaphorical is sometimes not just inaccurate, but harmful to our readings of scripture.
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from habib e najjaar for a blog entry, A Song for the Sun's Son   
    لالالالایی گل داوودی
    عموی خوبت میاد به زودی
    لالالالایی گل آلاله
    طفل شش ماهَم چقدر بیحاله
    لالالایی گل ارکیده
    دستای عمو چرا بریده؟!
    لالالالایی گل اطلسی
    دلم گرفته از این بی کسی
    لالالالایی گل نیلوفر
    گل زیبایم چرا شد پرپر؟!
    لالالالایی گل پیچکم
    چشماشو بسته طفل کوچکم
    لالالالایی گل نسرینم
    بدون تو من خیلی غمگینم
    لالا کن لالا ای گل صحرا
    چطور سر کنم بی تو امشب را؟!
    لالا کن لالا, عزیزم حالا
    با اون دو بالِت, میری اون بالا
    برو فرشته! جات تو بهشته
    برو نازنین! این دنیا زشته
    لالا کن لالا, فرزند خورشید
    زیبا خورشیدی که خوش درخشید
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from Haimid for a blog entry, for Fatima(s) daughter of the Prophet   
    غمگین, گل یاس
    اشکت چو الماس
    قلب رئوفت
    سرشار از احساس
    بانوی خسته
    دلت شکسته
    زیر خاک سرد
    بخواب آهسته
    مسافر شب
    برو تا بهشت
    نیست جای تو
    این دنیای زشت
    عزم سفر کرد
    رفت تا افلاک
    خداحافظ ای
    دنیای ناپاک
    اگرچه هستی
    آرام و خاموش
    هرگز نگردد
    یادت فراموش
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    shadow_of_light reacted to Sisterfatima1 for a blog entry, Watching you grow up without me   
    My dear sweet daughter as time goes by I feel more and more we are being disconnected your birth was truly a blessing for me after a difficult time 
    you were my everything watching you grow up and having people around you caring for you and loving you when I can’t be there hurts me alot
    i wish I could be the one holding your hand and helping you during hard times 
    I would give anything to have one more day with you and just play with you like we used to play 
    I miss your laughter I miss holding you when you were sad I miss you singing to your brother 
    I’ve missed out on so much in your life I hate living with this 
    i wish daddy would let me know you more 
    if you ever read this one day my sweet girl know that mummy loves you and wants you no matter what anybody says I never abandoned you 
    I hope one day we can be reunited 
    I pray Allah will always keep you safe my precious baby 
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from Mzwakhe for a blog entry, promise4   
    St. 12 part 4

    By the high sky where there are glorious huge palaces;
    By the promised day when the creatures will meet the Creator;
    By night traveller, that shiny star whose glaring light cleaves the dark.
    By all of these that there is a protector, assigned by God, for every soul.

    قسم به آسمان بلندی که دارای کاخهای عظیم و با شکوه است.
    قسم به روز موعود، به روز دیدار که وعده گاه خلایق است.
    قسم به مسافر شب، به آن ستاره درخشانی که نور خیره کننده اش تاریکیها را میشکافد
    قسم به همه اینان که هر شخصی را از طرف خداوند مراقب و نگهبانی است

    Finally, the promised day came.
    Hoopoe again came and sat behind the window. This time, it held a leaf of ziziphus in its beak.

    After some hours, I noticed it and opened the window. Hoopoe entered and sat on the table. I patted it and said: What a beautiful bird!
    Then I went to bring food and water for it.
    But hoopoe didnt eat or drink anything.
    I touched the statue and it started singing. I thought hoopoe would like the song but it didnt.

    Instead, it put the leaf on the table and looked at me expecting me to remember something.
    I said: Maybe you need some leaves! There are many trees is my garden. You can use their leaves as much as you wish
    Hoopoe's eyes filled with tears for it realized that I didnt remember it and ziziphus tree.
    For a few moments, it remained silent. Then it flew toward the window and left the house.
    I stood by the window and watched hoopoe flying in the sky.
    Hoopoe flew high and high.
    I said: I wish I could fly like it.
    Suddenly I remembered that once I had 2 wings which I lost after my fall on the earth; I remembered the seventh heaven, the angels, God, banishment from paradise and my rendezvous.
    There was not much time... I left that mansion quickly.

    But when I reached there, it was late.
    The sun had already set. I had lost the best opportunity in my life.
    I sat under ziziphus tree and cried. Hoopoe came. I patted it and said:
    You, kind bird, you tried your best. Alas! I remembered too late!
    Gabriel appeared and said:....

    Whether you are close to the sun or far from it, its light and warmth dont change. But the closer you are to the sun, the more you benefit from its warmth...
    God is source of mercy and compassion; How much you benefit from his mercy depends on how close you are to him.
    The path which Satan and his friends follow, leads to the darkness. The more they proceed, the darker the path will get. And finally they reach total darkness. They will go astray so much that even if they want to return, it will be very difficult for them.
    You are free to choose your path. A path leads to light, to magnificence and grandeur. And a path leads to disgrace, aberrance and regret. You can choose: ascending to A'laa Eleein or descending to Asfal al-Saffelin!*

    Gabriel was about to leave. But before he did, he turned his face to me and said: Angels told me that they missed Human a lot. They are still awaiting you. What about you, Human? Do you still remember them?!

    The stars were shining in the dark sky. And it meant that there was still hope. Because the stars are torches of the angels who had been waiting in the heavens for many centuries to welcome those who travelling to paradise.
    * A'laa Eleein: the uppermost place in the heavens اعلی علیین
    Asfal al-Safelin: the lowermost place in the hell اسفل السافلین
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from ktk for a blog entry, Unforgettable Memories   
    به یاد روح آفرین زندگی بخش
    که هر جز جهان دارد از او نقش
    به یاد عهد و پیمان الستی
    به بیعت با ره یکتاپرستی
    به یاد جان در تربت دمیده
    که تار و پود انسان را تنیده
    به یاد سجده اهل السماوات
    به یاد سوره یاسین و صافات
    به یاد لحظه های آشنایی
    به یاد راه نیک روشنایی
    به یاد توبه های ناب آدم
    به هابیل اولین مظلوم عالم
    به کشتی نشسته بر دل کوه
    به یاد نوح و کشتیبانی نوح
    به ابراهیم و آتش چون شود سرد
    به کاری که نبی بت شکن کرد
    به یاد هاجر جوینده ی آب
    ز مروه تا صفا نالان و بیتاب
    به آن لحظه که اسماعیل خندید
    چو زمزم در کنارش میخروشید
    سجده خورشید و ستاره و ماه
    به یاد یوسف افتاده در چاه
    به یاد دیدگان خفته از غم
    به یعقوبی که در سوگ است و ماتم
    شدند آن خفتگان آن روز بیدار
    که شد زنده دلش از شوق دیدار
    به یاد مریم و طفلی که در مهد
    سخن گفت از کرامات خداوند
    به یاد کوه ثور و غار حرا
    به یاد جبرئیل و وحی و ندا
    به یاد جمله من کنت مولاه
    به اسرار نهفته در دل چاه
    به یاد دختر از جور خسته
    به اشک لاله ی پهلو شکسته
    به یاد چشمه های خشک و تشنه
    به خون حنجر زخمی ز دشنه
    به مشک پاره و اشک دو دیده
    تن بیجان و دستان بریده
    به ایام و به شبهای اسارت
    به گنج هفتم نسل طهارت
    به میراث نهان از چشم خاکی
    به یاد آرمانشهر آتی
    به یاد صوت عرش و حق الیقین
    به شور و شوق پیروان یمین
    به یاد لحظه های یادگاری
    به یاد خاطرات ماندگاری
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from Ashvazdanghe for a blog entry, The Rise to Paradise   
    towards the Creator, the Lord
                 to the celestial divine abode
             to the indefinite end of the world
                    to the eternal Jannat-al Ma'va
                   to the boundless Alam-e Kobra
                  an endless journey, he starts
               for a superior world, he departs
                     from an earthly alam
                             An Adam
                  (Read from down to up)
                                    به سوی خالق یکتا
                             به سوی غایت دنیا
                     به سوی جنه المأوی
                  به سوی عالم کبری
              به سوی عرش افلاکی
            شود راهی
         شود عازم
      از عالم خاکی
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from mehdi110786 for a blog entry, Living is...   
    "To be alive is a horizontal movement from the cradle to the grave but living is a vertical movement from the earth to th Heaven.
    Life is the infinite continuance of present moments.
    Our mission in life is not to live without problems but to live with motivations" (Dr. Mahmoud Hessabi).
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from mehdi110786 for a blog entry, The Rise to Paradise   
    towards the Creator, the Lord
                 to the celestial divine abode
             to the indefinite end of the world
                    to the eternal Jannat-al Ma'va
                   to the boundless Alam-e Kobra
                  an endless journey, he starts
               for a superior world, he departs
                     from an earthly alam
                             An Adam
                  (Read from down to up)
                                    به سوی خالق یکتا
                             به سوی غایت دنیا
                     به سوی جنه المأوی
                  به سوی عالم کبری
              به سوی عرش افلاکی
            شود راهی
         شود عازم
      از عالم خاکی
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    shadow_of_light reacted to Laayla for a blog entry, What Now?   
    Bismehe Ta3ala,
    Assalam Alikum.
    Whenever the topic of death arises, people try to stay away from the discussion.  For many, it is an uncomfortable subject, but Sub7an'Allah Allah always reminds us about it in the Quran.
    "Allah does not give any breather (or let up) to anyone for death when its fixed time comes." (Surah 63:11)

    Every person (nafs) will taste death, ....." (Surah 3:185)

    "... no one knows (where) in what land (or place) he will die". (Surah 31:34)

    Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction. But if good comes to them, they say, "This is from Allah "; and if evil befalls them, they say, "This is from you." Say, "All [things] are from Allah ." So what is [the matter] with those people that they can hardly understand any statement? (Surah 4:78)

    In Lebanon, we are constantly reminded of death.  Whether it is the martyrs, family members, or from accidents death is heard about in a daily basis.  
    I have a vivid image of death.  I saw a dead mouse once.  First, I didn't notice it, but there was a wretched smell.  I was looking to see where it was coming from.  I found it hidden between fake flowers.  I wanted to dispose it, and I got a metal utensil to put it in a plastic bag.  Of course, I wrapped my scarf around my nose, because the stench was unbearable.  I saw it's yellow front teeth sticking out.  But what was the eye opening image that I was left with?  It was the hundreds of white maggots that was crawling out of it.  
    I was crying and talking to myself at that point.  Is this how I will end up?  That my grave will be a house of maggots? (bayt al dood)
    Oh God have mercy on us.  
    God sends us so many warnings and signs throughout our life time. We are not for this world.  Every living thing will experience death.  A fact of life, if only people realize there time in this world is limited, would so many crimes, and evilness exist? Unfortunately, many people see death as far away and live carefree.
    If more people would focus about where they will eventually end up, I think this world would be an easier place to live in.  But people plan 30, 40, 50 years ahead and will do whatever it takes to reach there goals.  But the real question is, "What have you done for yourself for the Hereafter?"
    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
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    shadow_of_light reacted to Heavenly_Silk for a blog entry, The impact of Cognitive distortions   
    Carrying on from part 1- http://www.shiachat.com/forum/blogs/entry/311-understanding-negative-thought-processes/
    I wanted to speak about the impact cognitive distortions (negative thoughts) can have on us.
    The impact of Cognitive Distortions
    Psychologists recognise that there is a relationship between our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the resultant behaviour. Anyone recognise this vicious cycle?

    We are constantly trying to interpret the world around us, sometimes without even realising it. Thoughts are electro-impulses in the brain, not statment of facts, so dont believe everything you think! These interpretations will be a byproduct of our upbringing, previous experiences, culture, religion and many more and some types of thoughts can lead to particular emotions.
    Therefore, we shouldn't ASSUME everything because you will make an ASS out of U and ME!
    The above is typical of the cycle that takes place once we get a negative thought that we may dwell on. It, then, becomes a habit, so trying to change that thought to a more realistic and balanced one would be beneficial.  The question that arises now is how we can achieve that.
    Journalising your thought processes
    One such way to change our negative thinking style may be documenting your thoughts which is something people find helpful in this regard, as it’s a way of becoming familiar with the negative thought patterns you tend to become fixated on, and is one method of letting out how you feel.
    Having a thought diary can be very helpful for many people and can actually be effective for so many conditions, such as feeling socially anxious, OCD, GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), depression and many more mental health problems. You can also add columns where you rate your anxiety/mood from 0%-100%, you would then reframe (change) that negative thought to a more balanced one and rate your anxiety/mood again from 0% -100% to see how much it has decreased.
    Thought records like the one below can also be helpful and are less overwhelming if you don’t want to add lots of columns.

    Another less intense journaling technique is keeping a gratitude journal. The process is quite simple. Every night, before you go to bed, you write down three to five things for which you are grateful. The trick is that you can’t use the same ideas every day, so you can try to search your soul for what you are grateful for today and then write it down.
    If you feel a thought diary is not something that works for you, then think about what might. Using art as a form of art therapy such as colouring, painting or Caligraphy? Audio recording yourself or speaking to yourself in the mirror?

    (I know this sounds totally weird but it works for some! No one has to know :p ) Or how about using mind maps? The main thing is finding what works for you as an individual. Hope this helps!
    Inshallah in the next part I will be focusing on how to set and achieve goals.
     “I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah (s.w.t)” [12:86]
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    shadow_of_light got a reaction from IbnSina for a blog entry, st. 1/1   
    به نام روح آفرین زندگی بخش
    که هر جز جهان دارد از او نقش
    به یاد عهد و پیمان الستی
    به بیعت با ره یکتاپرستی
    به یاد جان در تربت دمیده
    که تار و پود انسان را تنیده
    "Read in the Name of Your Lord Who Created You"
    And you decided to create me. One morning, in the eternity, you began. You mixed the soil with the water, added the spirit and thereby created Human.

    You, without paying attention to the complaints, chose me as your favourite and ordered everyone to prostrate himself before me. And I, filled with joy and pride, watched the huge crowd of prostrators.
    You accommodated me in your paradise and how beautiful it was!
    You ordered everyone to be at my service and take care of me lest any scratch, though very small, should appear on my face; lest I should feel a slight tinge of sadness.
    By the way, did I know what grief was?! I lived happily in your paradise and didn't know the meaning of trouble and hardship, grief and distress. I didnt know that I had a jealous enemy who couldnt tolerate me being joyful and happy.
    He- your curse be upon him- was called Satan. He knew that I was an inexprienced naive person and could easily be deceived.
    So he began...and finally deceived me and then, you got angry. In paradise, you had given me everything but I was driven by greed and disobeyed you.
    On that day, I was summoned to the court. In the court, you reprimanded me. And I had no excuse. I was extremely frightened. I had never seen your wrath!
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    shadow_of_light reacted to Heavenly_Silk for a blog entry, Understanding negative thought processes.   
    In recent times, mental health problems seem to be on the rise and many more people are asking for and wanting help and more so because there is more awareness around these issues.
    Our negative thought processes can become or should I say do become a vicious cycle that we go deeper and deeper into unless we don't make the relevant changes. Now we can start by taking small steps by making changes to our lives.
    I just want to stress the importance of actually taking action and doing something about it ourselves, although we may ask for help from others, it’s not until we actually consciously make an effort to try and change things, that we will see results. Is that going to see a medical professional? Receiving some sort of psychological intervention like therapy? Or is that just making sure you have a support network around you? Depends on what you feel you need or what is more likely to help you. Nevertheless, you could try all the avenues out there and sometimes we may need more than one intervention to help us get back on our feet.
    I also want to mention that giving the advice of “stay positive” isn’t always helpful for people suffering from mental illnesses like depression. Many people know what they need to do but it’s not always easy to implement what we know especially when going though those difficult phases that may be due to a chemical imbalance or social stressors.
    Core Beliefs and the Cognitive triad
    Core beliefs include the thoughts and assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us. They are deep-seated beliefs often formed at an early age which can go unrecognised, yet they constantly affect our lives.
    What are some of your core beliefs?
    -I am unattractive
    -I am useless
    -I am hopeless
    -Everyone else is happier than me
    -The world is an evil place
    I am sure there are plenty of positive ones too!! But let’s focus on the ones we may need help with.
    Please complete these three sentences in your mind:
    -I am…..
    -The world is…..
    -People are…..
    If the answer to all these were negative statements then this may be problematic. Please see example below:

    This is known as “The Cognitive triad” and is an irrational and pessimistic view of the three key elements of a person's belief system present in depression/mental health problems. Now maybe you are just having a bad day and that’s fine! We will all have our bad days or go through periods where we feel low so don’t worry….. but, if these are your thinking patterns on a regular basis or if you are going through these phases too often then you may need some help with your psychological wellbeing.
    I will be writing more in the next part but did not want to overwhelm you guys, have a blessed day!  
    "Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear" [2: 286].
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