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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I cant see the picture but are you sure that he didnt pose it as a question/ objection/ misconception? Because he wrote this book to answer to some misconceptions. Can you take a photo of the page and post it here, please?
  2. One of the major reasons why Saddam became extremely cruel was that he was frequently belittled and severely beaten and physically and mentally abused when he was a child.
  3. Patients given fluvoxamine within a few days after testing positive for Covid-19 were 31 percent less likely to end up hospitalized and similarly less likely to end up on a ventilator. (Death from Covid-19 is rare enough that the study has wide error bars when it comes to how much fluvoxamine reduces death, meaning it’s much harder to draw conclusions.) It’s a much larger effect than any that has been found for an outpatient Covid-19 treatment so far.
  4. Most Covid-19 drug treatments that have been included in trials haven’t panned out. A large new study suggests fluvoxamine might be different.
  5. https://www.optometrytimes.com/view/fluvoxamine-can-prevent-covid-19-from-developing-life-threatening-conditions *fluvoxamine is an anti-deppressant.
  6. If you want to learn to easily control your nafs, whenever your nafs wants something, avoid satisfying its desire, even if it is halal. For example, you are not hungry but you like to eat a cake, however, you dont eat it. The more you ignore the desires of your nafs, the easier it will be for you to control it.
  7. I have never heard members of these groups taking part in killing or torturing the innocent. Maybe because they have pious leaders and that their intention is not gaining something material but defending the oppressed so every kind of person doesnt join them.
  8. Are they brainwashed? A normal human cannot be such cruel. I cant understand what makes some soldiers so brutal.
  9. 29. You shatter your child's self-confidence when: 1. You dont answer him when he calls you 2. You compare him with others.
  10. 28. If you wish to have a polite child: 1. You yourself must be polite. 2. Dont disrespect your spouse in front of your child. 3. When you ask your child to do something, say: please ....thank you...talk politely with your child.
  11. 27. Sometimes, let your child make a mistake and have a wrong choice (providing that it doesnt put his or other's life in danger) so he will learn from his mistakes. If you force him to listen to you, not only doesnt he learn that his decision was wrong, but he also will see you as dictatorial. Example: your preschool child insists that you buy a game for him which has text. You tell him it is not suitable for him because he cannot read and you suggest buying something else but he isnt covinced. You buy that game and he, later, will see that he cannot play it so he realizes that you were right. He learns to trust you and listen to your advice.
  12. I am sure many people care but maybe only a few people viewed your post. I personally care a lot but I dont know how I can help them. I like to adopt an Afghan child but I dont know how.
  13. Can sending a petition to UN be helpful?
  14. ‌May God save Afgans from any kind of oppression. They are in terrible conditions. Even thinking about it is terrifying.
  15. 26. Dont let your child become a stubborn person by empathizing (and dont arguing) with him. If stubbornness in children is not treated, it can lead to antisocial personality in their adulthood. Warning: many criminals, rapists,...have an antisocial personality. The reason why some children dont have good relationships with their parents or dont have enough contacts with them (dont call them or visit them in their homes) is that their parents didnt show empathy with them and ignored their emotions. So, for example, when your child is playing and enjoying himself, dont suddenly interrupt him and say: it is enough. You must go to bed right now. This will make him angry because he was enjoying his happy moment and suddenly you interrupt him and want to bring an end to his joy. Instead, say: play for 10-15 minutes and then let's go to bed and sleep. When he doesnt like the meal, dont say: that' s that. You must eat it. Instead, say: i understand that you dont like it but i have not prepared any other food. Let's see what we have in the fridge. Or tell him in advance what you are going to cook for lunch/dinner. Or use some tricks. For example say: this tomato will get upset and cry if you dont eat it.... Sometimes, allow him to choose (between two foods, between the games or her dresses) and by doing so, prevent him/her from behaving stubbornly.
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