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  1. Had the government permitted peaceful demonestrations and admitted its mistakes instead of denying them, had it shown more tolerance towards its critics, today there would not have been such violent riots. People are deeply disappointed and frustrated at the government.
  2. We cannot assertively claim what caused her death but according to the footage recorded inside the police station, there was no beating. As to Hijab, Iranian women are not forced to have a complete hijab but the morality police sometimes arrest some women (and later release them, after making a commitment).I dont know why they arrested her because her hijab was not unusual and many women have a looser hijab but they are not arrested. I have heard that sometimes, some police officers dont have a good behaviour. I dont know as I myself have seen them (not the morality police officers but their colleagues) just a few times and their behaviour towards me was good and respectable. Well...there are ill-mannered people everywhere but we cannot generalize.
  3. I dont know why they arrested her. Her hijab is not considered unusual or abnormal. Many women have a less complete hijab and police dont arrest them. God give patience to her family.
  4. Here are some of his advices: - dont talk about bad news at home - dont threaten the kids -mind your language when you talk with your spouse -dont destroy your good deeds by misbehaving -the best change is to become kind -reflect on your deeds on a daily basis -stop sinning before repenting -dont request many things from others
  5. Salam I have read his biography. He was a very nice person!
  6. Putin is a dictator. Chinese and North Korean goverments are dictators, too. And it is very bad that our government has to have friendly relationships with them and cannot dare to say anything against their oppressive actions.
  7. My parents and my husband have high incomes but I personally dont have a salary. Every time my father or my husband give me money, i give some of it to the poor or charities but i wish i could help them more but i feel shy to ask my parents or my husband to give me more money. So i decided to work as a freelancer for English websites and earn a salary. But since I live in Iran, due to the sanctions, I couldnt have a paypal account. So I paid for a verified paypal account and a vps that doesnt allow the admins of paypal and freelancing websites to know where i live (i have to pay monthly for vps). I also downloaded a rd client app which will help me to use vps in android (due to the sanctions, play store didnt allow me to download it even when I turned on my vpn!!!). Currently, I am trying to pass an entrance exam in order to be employed as a freelancer. It is a transcription exam. I have passed the non-audio part but the audio part is difficult. They speak too fast! They offer some hotkeys for reducing speed but since i am using my cellphone and the android keyboard doesnt have a ctrl button, i cannot use these hotkeys. I will try but if I fail, i will try other freelancing websites.
  8. BE CAREFUL! Change either your job or your shift. Please take my advice seriously.
  9. We also have hired our 6 year old daughter to work with her 2.5 year old brother at least 2 hours per day. We signed a contract with her and before it, she had an interview. She has to read books for him, teach him to paint, ... . The contract includes some clauses for example she has to be kind to her brother, so he will learn to be kind or she has to paint so he will learn to paint, ... . She also agreed to give a certain percent of her salary to the poor.
  10. I cant see the picture but are you sure that he didnt pose it as a question/ objection/ misconception? Because he wrote this book to answer to some misconceptions. Can you take a photo of the page and post it here, please?
  11. One of the major reasons why Saddam became extremely cruel was that he was frequently belittled and severely beaten and physically and mentally abused when he was a child.
  12. Patients given fluvoxamine within a few days after testing positive for Covid-19 were 31 percent less likely to end up hospitalized and similarly less likely to end up on a ventilator. (Death from Covid-19 is rare enough that the study has wide error bars when it comes to how much fluvoxamine reduces death, meaning it’s much harder to draw conclusions.) It’s a much larger effect than any that has been found for an outpatient Covid-19 treatment so far.
  13. Most Covid-19 drug treatments that have been included in trials haven’t panned out. A large new study suggests fluvoxamine might be different.
  14. https://www.optometrytimes.com/view/fluvoxamine-can-prevent-covid-19-from-developing-life-threatening-conditions *fluvoxamine is an anti-deppressant.
  15. If you want to learn to easily control your nafs, whenever your nafs wants something, avoid satisfying its desire, even if it is halal. For example, you are not hungry but you like to eat a cake, however, you dont eat it. The more you ignore the desires of your nafs, the easier it will be for you to control it.
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