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  1. shadow_of_light

    My mother insults me.

    Your mother probabely suffers from ocd. Those who suffer from this type of ocd, feel nervous or even terrified in a messy environment. So when she insults you, she is not her true self. I myself like everything to be in its own place and organized. However, I believe that a mentally healthy mother doesnt call her daughter a "loser" or "ugly" or "useless". Your mother really needs to see a psychologist or maybe a psychiatrist, as well; both for her mental problems and her misbehaviour. You also, instead of answering her back, go to your room and cry in silence and don’t say anything. Then after some minutes or 1 hour, her conscience will tell her: "look! You broke her heart! Go and apologize her!". But if you answer back, her conscience will tell her: "look! How rude she is! She must come and apologize you!"...This is the nature of humans!
  2. shadow_of_light

    Where leather comes from

    If you’re wearing leather, it most likely came from China, the world’s top leather exporter. In addition to the cattle, sheep, and other animals who are killed for leather in that country each year, an estimated 2 million cats and dogs are killed there annually for their skins. Confined to wire cages in which they can barely move, these animals are skinned—sometimes while still alive—and hacked apart, piece by piece, until they bleed to death. Many items made from the skins of dogs and cats are bought unknowingly by consumers, because they’re often intentionally mislabeled and don’t accurately indicate their origins.
  3. shadow_of_light

    Where leather comes from

    Most of the global leather is produced in Chinese fur farms where animals are cruelly and inhumanely skinned alive. So don’t use leather if you don’t want to have share in this crime.
  4. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    Thank you for sharing this video. I didnt understand her story because I cannot understand spoken Arabic but it is clear that she had a difficult life. If she has relatives, they must be in contact with her and not leave her alone.
  5. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    Ayatollah Sanei صانعی who is a marja' believes that adopted child is mahram to his parents (providing that he has lived with them since his early childhood) because there is no sexual attraction between them.
  6. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    You are quite right. I understand you. We should not reduce their chance of being adopted. I know they have many unmet emotional needs. My aunt in-law told me that once they spoke with these children and asked them what their greatest wishes are. They said that they wished to have grandparents and be invited to their relatives' homes. Sometimes I think if these little kids wake up at midnight because they are afraid, thirsty or hungry, who will meet their needs? I know there are nurses in the centres where they live, but do they have enough time for spending some time for each one of these kids?! Do they kiss them before they sleep and tell them stories?! When babies or toddlers are vaccinated and have pain, who takes care of them? Some of these kids have been abused by their parents and have never exprienced motherly or fatherly love. They have not enjoyed their childhood and it is very sad.
  7. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    Well, if I adopt a girl I will teach her and I will even teach my own biological daughter to wear modest clothes in front of their father but as to covering her hair, I personally think that it is not necessary because your adopted daughter who has lived with you since her early childhood (e.g, since she was a toddler) is not much different from your biological daughter ( I mean she has no attraction to you). There is a verse in Quran which says that very old women who are not attractive dont have to cover their hair so maybe we can conclude that when we are sure that there is no sexual attraction, there is also no need to have hijab (covering hair)...but I am not sure that my conclusion is Islamically acceptable or not.
  8. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    What did you learn?
  9. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    What restrictions? Do you mean being mahram or not?
  10. shadow_of_light

    child adoption

    What is your opinion about it? Have you ever thought about it? Do you like it?
  11. shadow_of_light

    Donation To Yemen

  12. shadow_of_light

    Donation To Yemen

  13. shadow_of_light

    Donation To Yemen

  14. shadow_of_light

    Guess my number and I will give you....

    If 20 members take part in this topic and each one guess 10 numbers, then obe of them will guess the number in your mind. These are my numbers: 1-31-52-67-83-109 129-151-172_199
  15. shadow_of_light

    High speed travel

    You will change to energy.