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  1. Guest table maker; I quite agree with you. It is very disgusting to admire a non-mahram person for her beauty. A person (man or woman) who has self-respect doesnt do it. I also think that for a woman, modesty is more important and necessary than saying prayers and going to the mosque.
  2. shadow_of_light

    I need some advice/help with my stress

    Depression and severe stress are mental diseases. You should not tolerate them; you must treat them. You shoud go to a doctor.
  3. shadow_of_light

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    He forbade celebrating death of Umar, so did many grand scholars including Ayatollah Behjat.
  4. shadow_of_light

    Divorce: Iranian Style (documentary)

    You're welcome sister! Just the correct spelling is "kheili mamnoon" ;)
  5. shadow_of_light

    Divorce: Iranian Style (documentary)

    I agree with this part of your post but: This video is very old...maybe for about 20 years ago. The couple can agree before the marriage that if the husband divorces his wife for no logical reason, half of his properties (those acquired after the marriage) will belong to the wife. Actually this is written on every "aghdnameh" and if the couple sign it, it means that they agree with it. After children (of divorced parents) reach the age of puberty, they can decide whether to live with their mothers or fathers. Currently, mothers have the custody of their kids until the age of 7 and after this age and before the age of puberty, it is the court that decides about it. Whether the child lives with his mother or not, this is the father who has to support the child financially. Living with the remarried mother is not always the better option. Some stepfathers are abusive, so are some stepmothers. So the court should consider the couple and the children's conditions and then decide. Sometimes, living with grandparents is a better option. We cannot issue a general rule about it.
  6. shadow_of_light

    #48 What's Worse: False Innocence or False Guilt?

    Both options are somewhat the same just paraphrased. When an innocent person is considered guilty it means that the guilty person is considered innocent.
  7. shadow_of_light

    What's your favourite dish

    Yes...karafs (celery) is not delicious so Khoresh-e Karafs is not very popular. Unlike khoresh-e karafs, ghormeh sabzi is very popular. They are similar in appearance but different in taste. This is khoresh-e karafs: This is ghormeh sabzi:
  8. shadow_of_light

    What's your favourite dish

    I think she cooks it in the same way you do.
  9. shadow_of_light

    What's your favourite dish

    Karafs?! It doesnt have many fans in Iran. Many dislike it!
  10. shadow_of_light

    What's your favourite dish

    My grandmother cooks Dolmeh with fresh grape leaves and it become delicious.
  11. shadow_of_light

    What's your favourite dish

    Spaghetti and Lubia Polo:
  12. shadow_of_light

    Living in Iran

    No, they arent but they are sold almost in every drugstore. Your brother in-law can buy old-fashioned disposable diapers which are very cheap (1 pack of 20 diapers costs about 7000 tomans) and found usually in every shop (under the brand name of "Panberes"(pronounced "panbehreez"). Just they have to be used with some special kind of plastic (also sold in drugstores). There are many domestic high quality brands such as "My Baby", "Barlie",... but since some of their ingredients are imported from other countries, they have become very expensive. By the way, Tehran is a very expensive city. Your brother in-law can live in new small towns close to Tehran (such as Pardis or Parand) where he needs much less money for renting a flat/ house.
  13. shadow_of_light

    Living in Iran

    Diapers have become very expensive. I potty trained my daughter 4 months ago and now when we go out or at night, I diaper her just as a precaution. Beforehand, we monthly paid about 80-90 thoudand tomans for 4 packs of baby diaper and now we pay about 80 thousand tomans for just 1 pack.
  14. shadow_of_light

    Living in Iran

    It is kind of you.
  15. shadow_of_light

    Living in Iran

    Our currency value constantly changes. I think currently 1 usd(American dollar) is equal to around 150000 rials. Well, we have enough income. My parents also have a high income so we dont have financial problems but I am worried for the poor; they are really under pressure. People blame both American and Iranian governments as well as those people who take advantage of the current situation. People feel very hopeless about the future.