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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please, dont remain silent. Take revenge and crush him. Silence makes oppressors more daring. Dont care what people say. What they say or think is not important. Do whatever that is right.
  2. I understand that you are not in good conditions but if you remain silent, he will think that you are weak and coward and he may try to assault you or other girls again. Besides, if you remain silent, then you may have to live in anger for the rest of your life. Such behaviours must not remain unanswered. So, report it. Even if you have no evidence, at least it will damage his reputation. Is he married? If yes, talk about it with his wife. If no, whenever he is going to marry someone, say it to his fiancee. Warn other women in the university about him. Do you have his phone num
  3. Salam You must stay at home and avoid such gatherings! Dont ignore covid-19/20 protocols!
  4. I guess that it is more rational to choose either 1 or 100. If we assume that the average of the numbers written by 199 students is something between 48-52,then I, as the 200th student choose number 1. Then we have: (48-52)+1= 49-53=a a÷2= 24.5-26.5=b c=24-27 c÷3=8-9=d 2×d=16-18 I guess that the number is 17.
  5. When i was a teenager, one of my best hobbies was doing crosswords. I loved crossword magazines. Doing their crosswords is one of my sweetest and the most nostalgic memories of that time!
  6. I didnt know. I referred to wikipedia to find the answer.
  7. Salam Invite your parents to study my topic
  8. No, we must not say it. We always love our kids. We can say "we dont like that behaviour" or "we are more happy when your behaviour is good".
  9. 15. Dont buy too many toys for your children.
  10. 14. If you dont want to damage your child's self-esteem: 1. Give him some independence and the right to choose (for example, to choose which clothes to wear, which toys to play with, how to play with a certain toy, ...) 2. Dont get angry when he asks many questions
  11. 13. When your child doesnt listen to you, dont say things such as "I dont like you anymore", "you dont like me...", "you are a bad child", "I am not your mother/father anymore", ... . Children believe these words. Dont hurt their feelings.
  12. 12. Instead of saying-for example-"if you eat your meal or if you tidy up your room, I will play with you", you can say "after you eat your meal/..., we will play together". Sometimes, it is necessary to use "if" clauses, but dont say too many "if"s.
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