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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "deposited her in a tree." LOL! :D Poor cow though.... steak anyone?
  2. SA, He was not afraid, but he did take some abuse due to the fact that if he didn't the whole ummah at that time would have been in trouble.
  3. SA, Dear Sunni bro, Before I begin, I must state that me must use the Quran as reference. That said it is impossible that such a book, is "incomplete". There is actually a problem with certain Sunnis. They pick out weak hadith from Al-Kafi and say "Your Sahih Al-Kafi says such and such". Al-Kafi is a book containing many hadiths, some are not Sahih. The whole book is NOT SAHIH. Only parts of it are. Next issue is that some Sunnis are telling us Shias, what we believe, "to expose us". I think you should as a Shia what they believe in and not as a Sunni what Shias believe in. The Quran is complete, but the order of the surah is not as it was revealed, this is common knowledge. What Imam Ali (as) has was the same Quran with its very thorough explanation on each verse. It is our loss that we don't have the book as it was rejected by a certain somebody. Thank you, hope you will always be in the care of Allah (SWT).
  4. Try www.megapixel.net for reviews. For online purchases, try buy.com. It's NOT the cheapest place to buy, but at least they won't charge you so much for shipping. I like Fuji digicams. Good balance between price and feature/quality. I wanna buy the one Sis Hajar bought. Right now I only have a Finepix 1300.
  5. Salamun Alaykum, Dear Brother, What is meant by the majority is actually the majority of Shias not the minority Shia groups, this totally exclude the Sunnis. Loving him too much are those who attribute divinity or Godliness to him, which he CLEARLY does not posses. That means if you are an offshoot from the Madhab of Imam Jaafar As-Sadiq and say Imam Ali (as) was (nauzubillah) God, then you should repent. BTW brother you refer to him as Imam Ali (as), alhamdulillah may Allah (SWT) reward you for that. I saw in a Sunni forum that banned both deleted postings by both Shia and Sunni who say (as) for non-Prophets. May you be in Allah's care all the time. Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028771382
  6. Milton, This is a Shia Muslim forum, you have to understand the concept of Imamate and how it too protected the Quran. Most sites which contends the originality of the Quran are doing so on the basis that the companions were supposedly keeping it intact, mostly Sunni sources. This is not what we believe to be wholely true. Understand the concept of the Imamate and then we can talk about the way the Quran was preserved.
  7. SA, Dear Sis Hajar, I think they were just trying to make peace with pagans and make the transition easier for the pagans. But still, I think they should not forsake truth for the sake of some pagans who will end up messing up the religion. Quality is better than quantity. It's kind of sad. Pagans should conform to Christianity, not the other way around. It's like some groups today forcing the church to conform to their whims. The nerve of some people telling the Church to conform. What disappoints me is that very few Christians are standing up for their church! Maybe they do, but you don't see much of it on any sort of media.
  8. Salamun Alaykum, Hi! I'm telling you both, you will like this forum more than other forums, just stick around and ask questions. When you ask, we try to answer. We don't say just come out and say "fitna", "rafidha" etc, delete your post, and ban you. Take care.
  9. Salamun Alaykum Dear Sunni brother/sister, open challenge? What kind of challenge? I saw a forum at Ummah.com and they ban a lot, even when some brothers/sisters were saying AS to their Imams. No proof as to why it is haram, just presto, delete the post and then threaten to ban. I suggest you go there and say the same thing to your Sunni bro and sisters since they don't seem to take any challenges that gracefully. I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here as we don't ban people unless they cuss bad words. So what was the challenge again? Thanks! Take care. Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028755173
  10. move along people....nothing to see here...... mkayyyyyy.... where were we? LOL! :wee:
  11. Salamun Alaykum, I think pronunciation is important. When I was in grade school in my country (south east Asia), we started learning tajwid at a reasonably early age, like 8 all the way until 12. So I have a pretty good grasp on Arabic pronunciation and reading arabic in general. Unfortunately, I don't understand much of what I read, only about 20% of it. :D But sometimes it's not easy for people to disassociate from their mother tongue to pronounce something in arabic properly. For instance the mosque where I go to, some people pronounce wau as vau, etc. It's not a big deal. But the wierd part is they can pronounce u but when it comes to reading the Quran, the v starts coming again :uhh: :D BTW, remember that some people were criticizing Bilal because he could not pronounce some words in Arabic properly like "shalat" instead of salat. But Rasulullah (SAW) said, when Bilal says "shalat" Allah (SWT) hears is at Salat, because Bilal had a lisp and just couldn't pronounce it properly. It's what's in your heart that is important I think, although if you CAN pronounce it, then you SHOULD pronounce it properly. Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028705859
  12. Dear All, Many Christians literally believe in the holiness of 25th December, which in actuallity is really not holy in itself. What has both the Protestants and Catholics done to clarify this issue with their followers? Shouldn't a holy day be celebrated on the actual day? I mean it is acceptable if you have different traditions saying that Christ was born on 2X of Dec, or 2Y of Dec or 2Z of Dec., but knowingly advocating that Christ was definitely NOT born on the 25th yet telling people it is a holy day because of his miraculous birth on that day sounds a little odd. I believe people should conform to the religion and leave their paganistic ways instead of Christianity conforming to their paganistic ways, don't you guys think so too? My mosque also celebrates the birth of Jesus (as), but it's on an Islamic Calendar. He was one of the 5 great Prophets of Strength and Power.
  13. Salamun Alaykum, If God was created (nauzubillah) don't bother calling him God. Every creation has a creator, if God was creator, than we should be worshipping the entity which created God. And if the creator of God was created by another creator, we should be worshipping the God's creator creator..... All creations stop at God. There is a reason why God is omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. He is unbounded, that's why we worship Him (SWT). I guess there is a problem with people's definition with the word God itself and what is attributable to it. Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028582098
  14. Dear All, Question, so you are saying 25th december was chosen becuase it was acceptable to many romans because they could relate to it?
  15. Salamun Alaykum, Welcome Bro Meggido Jin, Please feel free to ask around. Ask both Sunni and Shia to get a better picture so you hear both sides of the story.
  16. Salamun Alaykum, Welcome Bro Meggido Jin, Please feel free to ask around. Ask both Sunni and Shia to get a better picture so you hear both sides of the story.
  17. Salamun Alaykum Iran has helped some of us oppressed Shias in south Asia. Ashura Majalis at their embassy, free books, etc.
  18. Salam, Ignorance is not something degrading. We are all ignorant in one sense or another. Sometimes there are things that we are ignorant of. I think that's what bro Hezbollahi was trying to say.
  19. Salamun Alaykum, It's ok, but not recommended on the basis that as a woman, more than likely she may be over ruled by her husband and the children may follow her husband. I think I read this in the ruling of Ayatollah Seestani, can somebody else confirm?
  20. Salamun Alaykum, Bro, The sins between him and those hundreds of thousands he was responsible for killing, Allah (SWT) will not forgive him. It is between him and those he killed. If you killed a cat, you will be meeting the cat on yaum al qiyamah.. Saad Ibn Muaz was a great sahaba. He was a shaheed. But I doubt if a man who murdered can be considered shahid especially IF he was responsible for 9/11. Now this Saad Ibn Muaz was tortured in the grave because he was not nice to his family. This is for not having good akhlaq with your family, now can you imagine if you actually killed somebody without a good reason? Can you imagine the torture in the grave? Now what if you killed 3000 people? Ya Allah, I cannot even begin to think. May Allah have mercy on us! BTW, what made you think that Usama may actually be a Shaheed? Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028257147
  21. waalaikum salam, Well keep in mind that if he was behind the attack, then he has to answer to all those lives lost in the WTC, and the lost of lives of Shias in Afghanistan. Is there ANY reason to support 9/11 attacks? I think not, and I completely condemn it, I'm surprise some Shias support it.
  22. I'm gonna something that may get people looking at me in a strange way. But it's not that I care. I did mutaa with my wife before we got married. I was not engaged. I don't know what engagement means, to me it is meaningless. I don't know what engagement is in shariah, unless someone can explain it to me. So anyway, since it's not permissable for me to be with her, like going out and so on, so the only way for me to be with her is through mutaa. No sex though, since that would mean unnecessary burden on both parties if it doesn't work out, for example she get's pregnant, and maybe that she is no longer a virgin, it will cause her future life partner to belittle her when he finds out. And also I don't like "using" other people just to benefit my "needs", Allah (SWT) already said, what is in your hearts will be revealed, so the intention has to be good. Here is the funny part! OK I come from a country where 99% are sunnis. People get engaged, they take their fiances all over, well a lot of them do, holding hands, go to movies, and stuff like that....yet you know what? People think it's ok!!! My God! Mutaa is considered as a sin and they think you belong in sakr or something (ok understandable since they are sunni). But I really don't get it. Mutaa is there, yet you choose some "traditional" engagement thing and say mutaa is haram but engagement is halal. Sorry folks, please explain, what's going on here! And they say Shia is bad and this and that. I mean Sunnis here have 4 wives some of them neglect their older wives. Gimme a break! Let's put it this way, some allowable acts (Mutaa, 4-wives) are permissable acts but not necessary recommended, can be abused. This is also a test for us, please do not abuse the provisions that Allah (SWT) has given to us, not only do you make for yourself a place in jahannam you are also making it difficult for other people by painting a bad picture of some of the laws of Islam. Edited By 145_turbo_16V on 1028090513
  23. Salamun Alaykum, It's so sad that he thinks Bin Ladin is No.1, but nonetheless, he still seen the light, so may Allah (SWT) reward him. Fi AmaniLLah.
  24. Salamun Alaykum, How about wearing a scarf first? I think scarfs like and sunglasses, and baggy clothings look very trendy and cool.
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