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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just curious, wasn't Aoun the one who was threatening about "other means" of bringing down the gov. after the war if it wasn't dissolved peacefully?
  2. Marada? Fanjiyeh? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not Leb. Correction: Franjiyeh
  3. Learned, Do you have any info about the teenage shepard shot, I think around this the earlier part of this year?
  4. Hello, It is possible to have DU in the warheads of GBU-28s (BLU-109 head). These were used for tunnels believed to have been dugged under civilian sites.
  5. So you are saying Krusty the Clown also has a bad hairstyle? How insulting. ^_^
  6. (salam) Sister, How do you know those in the video are real muqawimun?
  7. IMHO, the Julia Boutros song is not suitable for entertainment at all. The beat is too slow, and the wording is all wrong for it to be entertaining. For the majority of it, the song has a "sad" tune. Not something you will find at parties or at an wild concert.
  8. Some of Hizbullah's songs has a very lively beat to it. It's wonderful.
  9. What about Hizbullah's orchestra and band? They have some nice songs.
  10. The people in the video, are they the real muqawimun?
  11. Do these people get funding from the payouts given to Holocaust victims? Norman Finkelstein complained that while he fought for compensation for his mom (holocaust survivor), others are also reaping the benefit of the holocaust even though they are not directly connected to the holocaust.
  12. (salam) Ya Aba, Apa Khabar? :D Thanks for the explanation.
  13. Am I correct to assume that Michel Aoun is more aggressive in trying to get Siniora's clans to step down compared to Sayyid Nasrallah? Aoun's statements have been very direct. Sayyid Nasrallah on the other hand is more ... appeasing.
  14. Looking at family size, even for Lebanese living abroad, I can say for sure the Shia outnumber most others. For example most of my Shia jnoubi friends have 3-4 kids. My maronite friends.... some have no kids. So even if you take into account Lebanese passport holders living abroad, I'm pretty sure the Shias exceed the others.
  15. US$15mil/month? Seriously, is that enough??? Doesn't FEMA cost more money to run?
  16. Exactly, thanks for the answer and being true to your name.
  17. Learned, Actually about the demographics, how would the census be conducted? Lebanese passport holders or Lebanese passport holders actually LIVING in Lebanon?
  18. There is hope for a 2 state solution, provided the "Bantustan" in the West Bank is dismantled. The Camp David plan was a non starter as even Shlomo Ben Ami said if he was a Palestinian he would reject it.
  19. Kewl. So high road means the right to use cluster bombs. I wonder who supplied the cluster bombs.... hmmm maybe something called Allia**.
  20. What a strange comment. What's the problem in Lebanon nowadays? Unexploded cluster bombs. Who makes cluster bombs? Allia** ring a bell? WRT China. I think it was right for the ambassador to say so, however we should be VERY careful as to support such a totalitarian regime.
  21. Well there's no help for a person whose only statistic so far is: The people of Lebanon trump it all. Well at least I can handle numbers. ^_^
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