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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I heard a lecture by the alim at my mosque of a special book by Ibn Tayymiyyah. The book, of poetry if I recall, describes the jism of Allah and it's beauty. Ibn Taymiyyah is a mujassim. Well I won't call mujassim a kafir, I have no authority to do so. I can find out the title of the book. On a related note, you can listen to some lectures by Sheikh Dimasqiyah (look him up on youtube) where he quoted 75:23 (ila rabbiha nadhira) (looking at their Lord). And he said people who believe that Allah can't be seen by their eyes have a problem with the Quran. The person who asked the question to the Sheikh should have asked him17:72 wa man kaana fi hadhihi a'ma fa hu wa fi al akhirah a'ma wa dhollu sabeela (and whosoever is blind in this, he shall also be blind in the hereafter, and more erring from the way). So what about the blind then? You would wonder, what happend to Marhum Sheikh Bin Baz then right? Dhollu Sabeela for him? Sheikh Dimasqiyah is wahhabi, he debates Sunnis (you can find them arguing with him furiously). I'm not sure how they determine which ayah is muhkam or mutashabih.
  2. I saw a video of Sheikh Al-Dimashqiyah who said A'isha went to the fitna (he didn't use the term ma'rakah) of Jamal to set things right between Talha & Zubayr and Amirul Mu'minin Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) but there were mischievous elements who crept onto both sides to start the war (why did he even call it just a fitna??). But look at this: http://www.beautifulislam.net/articles/muawiya_and_ali.htm "Let us go back to the Battle of Jamal. See how severe is the opposition between Sayyidina Ali (Radiallahu anhu) and Sayyidah Aysha (Radiallahu anha). Actually the battle was between the two of them. " One Salafi says one thing, another (I presume a Sunni who wrote the article above) says another with regards to ma'rakah Jamal Whatever the case, Shias in general don't curse her, but it is safe to say that they do not take her to be one of the role models. She is where is she is, Ummu' Mu'minin, but if you want a role model, you can look at Khadijah Al-Kubra or Fatima Az-Zahra (as).
  3. SA, Sometimes kids needs to be smacked. However do not leave a mark! And do not hit with any other things other than your bare hands. When I was young I got smacked by rulers, canes etc. That is wrong, very very wrong. But it doesn't mean I hate my parents or teachers for that. Don't smack them hard either. The intention is to show that they have committed something seriously wrong. I always choose their buttocks and make sure to not touch their bare skin (could be painful for them even if you use your bare hands). Please don't smack their faces or body. That can be quite painful. Smacking is not whacking ok? Don't get carried away. If you leave a mark like some bruising or even red marks, you need to pay blood money, and you yourself should be punished or be sent to jail. Also please don't smack your kids because they get bad grades or make a mess. I only smack my kids if they're outright rude and talking doesn't change anything. That is the only thing you should smack them for. I've seen kids get whacked for bad grades. So much so that one of my friends killed himself when he was just 14 because he was afraid of what his parents would do to him if they found out he got bad grades (mind you it wasn't even a failing grade). He tried to hang himself in the bathroom, but instead slipped and fell, hit his head on the bath tub I think. It was so sad, 2 days before he did that he told me something like, "wow. I have no more hope"
  4. Old topic but I would like to clarify. From a strictly fiqhi point of view, going through an shariah compliant bank is permissible. However you will most likely pay MORE. It is compliant with the letter of the law, yet to me at least, it is not keeping with the spirit of the law. First of all I would assume that if you go through Islamic financing you would be paying LESS than an interest bearing loan. But in most cases you would end up paying MORE. That is what I mean by being "against the spirit of the law, but compliant with the letter of the law". For example, say you want to purchase a car for $20K as mentioned earlier. If you go with a 1.9% interest loan (some car dealers offer this), you would be paying roughly $20,800 over the course of 4 years If you go with the shariah compliant "loan" at 8% (this 8% is built into the price to avoid the "interest"), you would be paying $23,436 over 4 years. So which is cheaper? Aren't Islamic finance suppose to lessen the burden of the people? I think this is what some of the brothers/sisters were trying to point out. Yes I know it is no ok to even pay 0.0001% interest, but the whole deal doesn't add up to me. One is "shariah compliant" but also more of a burden. Doesn't quite make sense to me. So for me at least, I would pay CASH or go with dealers which offer 0% financing.
  5. SA Wow, Sheikhna, haven't "seen" you since you went to Tanz.. BTW, Zahratul_Islam, his name not Shibby.
  6. Option 2 (2 state solution) WITH: 1-Everything back to the 67 borders 2-MONETARY COMPENSATION !!!!
  7. SA, Maybe the people should stop voting "leaders" who blow up foreigners, or "leaders" who sleep on the job. At some point, Malaysians will just have to wake up.
  8. SA, I read statement by Wiam Wahhab, that there were no real Hezb troops in Beirut. So he said Saniora was a liar. The armed people there were others (like what brother Learned said, AMAL etc).
  9. SA, Joined when the forum had the green frames or was it a green banner. I think that was pre-2000 or around 2000. Remember one alim joined this forum, but he left to further his studies. I wonder what happened to Bro. Orion.
  10. SA, Have you all heard the music by Hezbollah? They have choir, band and orchestra, and their music is very very nice.
  11. SA, I'm interested to know about that too. Particularly the hijacking of the TWA jet, was the person really marhum Mughniyah? If so what was the justification? Lots of innocent onboard. The thing is, it could be a case of mistaken identity, remember we had people claiming Ahmadinejad was one of the main participants of the US embassy takeover in Tehran.
  12. Yeah, Zainab Al-Saffar used to read the english news.
  13. SA, Tahniah kerana semua nampaknya semakin baik. Suami saudari ni dari Jnoub Lubnan ka? Saya ramai kawan dari situ (Saidar, Sur, Khiam, Bint Jbeil, etc). Ayah saya dia dulu Sunni tapi dia dah pergi Iran dan ke selatan Lubnan (Jnoub) serta ke Syria (maqam Sayyida Zainab dan Sayyida Ruqayya). Personally I have a good friend in Beirut. Tentang madhab anda berdua, kalau tak beritahu tak boleh ke? Nampak macam takda manfaat langsung kalau nak "berterus-terang". Saya dan isteri saya pun tak pernah beritahu in-laws saya mengenai ikutan kami. Soalnya, what for? They won't understand. Maybe akan jadi punca pergaduhan, perselisihan faham. Maklum lah, Malaysia Hadhari. Alhamdulillah my parents dah ok with madhab Shia Ja'fari/Ithna Ashari. Mengenai belajar di Qum. Boleh tu boleh, tapi susahlah kalau saudari dan suami nak balik tinggal di Australia. Kalau nak spend 4-years di Qum, bila dah balik ke Aus, macam mana dengan career atau business? Dah tertinggal selama 4-tahun, susah nak catch up. Kalau nak pergi ke Lubnan pun, kehidupan sana pun susah juga. Lebih2 lagi suami saudari dah lama di Australia. Keadaan di Lubnan tak begitu stabil. Alhamdulillah moqawama di selatan Lubnan masih kuat. Tetapi kalau nak hidup senang lenang, memang susah. Nak balik Malaysia...susah juga. Maybe you both can consider learning whatever you can while in Australia?
  14. ArabJew, ßá ãÇ áÏíäÇ ãä ÚÇÔæÑÇÁ ÇáÍÓíä I'm not Arab, so I could be wrong (please correct me if I am wrong), but I think it roughly means: Kul ma ladayna min Ashura Al-Hussein All what we have is from Ashura Al-Hussein (SA) Not sure if it should be Ashura of Al-Hussein or Al-Hussein's Ashura or etc. Kullu yaum al Ashura wa Kullu ardin Karbala
  15. That Fath Al Islam robbed a bank. I guess you are right then, you cannot blame a robber funding another robbber.
  16. I forgot Khezbollah invaded Lebanon before 1982. Thanks for reminding me.
  17. (salam) Learned, My dad was in Bint Jbeil and Baalbak a few days ago. He said locals told him the casualties for muqaawimun was around 500. Not sure if this is uniformed or uniformed + medics + volunteers etc. Can you expand a little on the numbers? Just a little confused that's all. I see no reason for Hzb to lie so I'm confused why some say 500 and Hzb officials say 250. According to one article I read, Israelis trusted figures from Manar more than their local news during the war.
  18. Oh, wow it's nice that you think he is a wonderful guy. I don't think much of him, he is just another politician. I already saw Norm Coleman's response on the TV a long time ago. The links were not necessary. Coleman still couldn't answer what I am interested to see. Please show the money in Galloway's account or how he benefited directly, not by association.
  19. That's what Coleman accused him of on TV. But no hard evidence, just inference. Galloway replied to this.
  20. Can you tell us what your username means? There are some chinese members here too, but I would be nice to hear from you, what your username actually means.
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