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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. in all sects there is khilaf. You realize that there are at least 4 madhahib in Sunni Islam and lots of sub-divisions within those?
  2. If one of the brothers here is going to leave Shiism and revert back to Sunnism, my advice is to find another ism. Sunnism is defective, the first "election" was defective and everything went downhill from there. Even the rather liberal Mufti "Abu Layth" has described this election as flawed but as he puts it, the best solution to the situation at that time. Best? Best amongst the worst, maybe. So even some sunnis agree that this election was not really Islamic, just a politically expedient move. This is also what one Sunni scholar said in the forum at Al-Mahdi Center in Birmingham. You
  3. for me this is a very important hujjah. i was a Sunni. Sunnis can argue about The fact that there are no specifics, no ayah about 12 imam, but the Quran is very clear about the the descendants of Nabi Ibrahim (عليه السلام) being Imams. An Imam isn’t just loved but not followed. He has to be followed. Any madhab which rejects this meaning of the Ayah IMHO, cannot be followed.
  4. Did you check with your marja? I think it’s discouraged but the definitive fiqhi answer should come from them not from this forum.
  5. Even the eyes that with the beings in Jannah are still a form of creation and limited to some degree. Even THAT eye will not be able to see Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى
  6. Why did Bilal Philips quote this: "As for previously mentioned verse, "Eyes cannot catch Him, but He catches all eyes", https://quran.com/6/103 It's absar no 'uyun That's just weird for someone who knows arabic to suddenly translate it wrongly. And we can see, but not with our eyes. Again look وَفِي أَنفُسِكُمْ أَفَلَا تُبْصِرُونَ , it it's not seeing with the eyes, it's basara not nadhara
  7. He doesn't deny imamah, but his opinion on imamah is flawed. I can no longer use his lectures.
  8. What was the point about Nahjul Balagha which MH brought forth which would "destroy" our arguments? He didn't state which khutba of Amir Al-Mu'minin it was. I would like to look it up. I mean the question which they keep on asking is pretty dumb. "Show me where in the Quran there are mention of 12 imams". "Why does Allah make it difficult for us, couldn't he just show it in the Quran about the 12 imams". Show me where in the Quran there are mention of 5 prayers. Seriously, why do these people to themselves. Isn;t there a hadith which states: صـلـّوا كـمـا رأيـتـمـونـي أصـلـّي
  9. Salaam I'm not Sunni, I was Sunni (following Imam Shafie (Rahmatullah Alaih)). Imam Shafie as you all know was a lover of Ahlul-Bayt. I came to Shiachat in 1997 when Bro Asad from Canada was the admin.
  10. Intercession or intermediary is not a new thing Jimmy. Even the Quran is an intermediary between us and AllahSWT. Haven't you asked yourself why you can't pray your own way? Why must you follow an intermediary like the Quran? I was born Sunni and I have no problems with the concept at all. Only problem I have with are those shias who think "mola" Ali will save us regardless of what our actions are, sort of like a Christian belief.
  11. Sayyid Abidi does not allow people do taqleed of him. All your questions are answered based on fatawas of your marja of choice.
  12. Salamun Alaikum, I don't understand why Sheikh Ariff is saying that mistakes are possible. See at timestamp 12:20. "But that DOES NOT MEAN if evidence is placed in front of them and that they are judging, there cannot be there a flaw in their judgement" I agree that it's possible that there could be other outcomes given a situation, all of which can still be acceptable in the context of the syariah, but what does he mean that it's still could be flawed?! That doesn't make sense at all. Our Imams have taqwa, knowledge, etc , to me, is a means to prevent them from making those flaws! I
  13. Sheikh Ariff along with other Shia and Sunni ulama have discussed this issue in a cordial environment. This debate with Asrar Rashid seems pointless because it's probably going to be similar to the ones with Dimasqiyah. Just lots of back and forth and both side loses. But just the title Adalat of the sahabah is a non-starter. Those 2 words don't go together.
  14. Sorry to bring this topic back to life again, but about the sermon 216, "......Therefore, do not abstain from saying a truth or pointing out a matter of justice because I do not regard myself above erring." The khutbah then proceeds with "....I do not escape erring in my actions but that Allah helps me (in avoiding errors) in matters in which He is more powerful than I." Seems clear to me that Imam Ali (AS) was indeed infallible with guidance from Allah (SWT), he was never independently infallible.
  15. His views are not the same as Sayyid Kamal Haydari and many other great ulama. I don't feel like getting into the Shirazi debate again. I got fed up with that since 1997.
  16. SA, Saya tengok video ustadh Kamil dan Prof. Azmi debat di Bagan Serai kut, hujung tahun 2011. Pejabat Agama tu cuba nak perangkap diorang. Diorang nak Ustadh Kamil kata kalau tak percaya Imamat maka jatuh hukm kafir. Pasai apa la setengah2 ustadh sunnah kat Malaysia ni suka membuat fitnah. Hang tak suka Shiah to tak apa, tapi biaq la depa nak hidup. La ni hari2 saya dok tengok videp Sayyid Kamal Haydari. Selama ni saya tengok videp dia, fuuuh dahsyat sungguh dia ni. Di ni kalau debat dengan ustadh2 Malaysia, habih, hancur.
  17. SA, Do you have the link to the denial by Sheikh Al-Attas? That would be good to read. I couldn't find it through google. The time discrepancy is really something disturbing, too much false news. I'm really very doubtful about the loudspeakers being so loud. I know Sheikh Zuhairi has had an understanding with JAIS, Bro Faisal, Were you there during the raid?
  18. SA, SIs. Zareen, where did you see the news of the interview with Hassan Al-Attas, do you have a link? Al-Attas and Zuhairi are both classmates of the alim who is based in CA. He knows them well. Bro Faisal, were you there on the night of the raid? We are all praying for all of you AB followers in KL/Selangor. Also don't forget, the USA will never help you all because they do not like any Shias as they know most shias are Wilayatul-Faqih types which are in conflict with their foreign policies. So they would rather see you all suppressed.
  19. SA, Hajj Kamil Zuhairi is the classmate of an alim of California's biggest Hussainiyah. They were classmates while in Qom. He was very saddened of this news. Bro Faisal, Any truth in some people saying loud speakers were outside the building during the Ashura program? IF that we true, I think that should not have happened. However, I really doubt that allegation. What does Anwar Ibrahim has to say about this? I want to see he's stand, see if he has any backbone.
  20. Akh Adool, My opinion, since you posted here I assume you want some opinions (without the need for us to be rude). Move on, hopefully without your wife who as is, doesn't seem to be a good choice as a life companion. Just from past experience, it's just better to suffer the pain now and move on . If it was in the early stages, I would say try to patch things up best you can and stay together. But from what you say it looks like it's too late now. Don't worry, ask Allah (SWT) for assistance, and He (SWT) will replace you with a better wife. Maybe not as good looking. But she will take care of
  21. that's not the end of it too. They claim that Allah SWT descends literally.
  22. From what I have read at some traditionalist Sunni sites, they oppose any form attributed to Allah SWT even if it is claimed by some that the form is not like our form. In Manaqib Ahmad, al-Bayhaqi relates that he said: "A person commits an act of disbelief (kufr) if he says Allah is a body, even if he says: Allah is a body but not like other bodies." He continues: "The expressions are taken from language and from Islam, and linguists applied "body" to a thing that has length, width, thickness, form, structure and components. The expression has not been handed down in Shari`a. Therefore, it i
  23. Botta, What do you mean about Allah descending from the 7th Heaven? You mean what he said about descending from the minbar? This was said by Ibn Batoota but was said to be false as Ibn Taymiyya was in jail at that time. However it is said that his disciple Sulayman Al-Tufi Al-Hanbali said that about him and was reported by Ibn Hajr Asqalani.al-Ta'sis al-radd `ala asas al-taqdis ....But Allah's elevation over the world is not like that, rather He is elevated over it literally (i.e. in space). And this is the known elevation and the known precedence in his book al-Ta'sis al-radd `ala asas al-taq
  24. Salamun Alaikum Nurul Islam, The last big sermon was at the Ghadir Khum after the Hajjutl-Widak. The speech is very long and is of utmost importance. It was not just a short announcement that the religion was perfected. The speech doesn't only say I've perfected your religion. The verse about the perfection of religion is: "Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion." (Qur'an 5:3) The verse that came down before 5:3 was: "O Apostle! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you don't do it, you have
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