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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hi there i saw your posts about surrogacy how can i discuss this with you?

  2. Salam. Can anyone actually verify that the crack has occurred and when/what time? I've scoured the internet but cannot find any news source regarding this phenomenon, either as a reference to Imam's (AS) zuhoor or Imam Ali's (AS) shahadat. My mum sent me the Whatsapp picture and I'm usually quite skeptical about things she forwards on to me as she does not verify or fact check and I usually end up with tonnes of pictures/articles with vegetables reciting shahadah and whatnot. Thanks. Wasalam.
  3. Salam brothers and sisters, For anyone in the Liverpool or Merseyside area: if you can come join us for the protest outside Radio Merseyside in Liverpool today (Tuesday, 1st June, 5-7pm) we would all really appreciate it. Show our fellow Palestinians support. If you know anyone who is in Liverpool or Merseyside area, please direct them to this event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128350103857241&index=1#!/event.php?eid=128350103857241&index=1 Thank you.
  4. Lol. You don't even KNOW me and already you've labelled me fat based on my response to your thread? Jesus. Never argue with an ignorant, man. Wise words. I wish you all the best in your journey of condemnation without even knowing the person. Where I come from it's called discrimination. I'm done.
  5. You know what's sad? It's attitude like these that cause girls to go anorexic and bulimic - diseases that claim their lives before they themselves do. It has nothing to do with being Islamic at all - it's called common decency. You will not see a 'fat' girl and knock her down so much that her self-esteem is through the ground and she can barely step out - that happens. Attitudes like yours destroy lives, ignoring the fact that it is so d*mn petty. And green eyes? Please. What if the girl was cross-eyes but had green eyes? What if the girl had cataracts but at least her eyes were green? Would you have an objection then? And your 'stating the truth' isn't everyone's truth. If your community subscribes to your attitudes then I feel sorry for them and I personally would have nothing to do with a community like that. It may surprise you but people do fall in love with 'obese' people because no one goes into a friendship thinking what dress size the other person is. When you get to know a person, their good traits, their bad - everything else becomes superfluous. I know this is a hard concept to grasp for many. People DO get married to people with cancer. I cannot believe the narrow-mindedness of some people. Ya rab.
  6. Wasalam. So he WILLS things to be and we cannot will them? I would have thought that neither His knowledge nor His will would cause things to be as His knowledge would be of the things that are and will be but His will would be to give US the free will to decide. As I said in my OP - I thought that Allah (SWT) has knowledge of the end but He will not change the end as that will be a consequence of our own actions. Yes, what Imam Ja'ffer Sadiq (as) said - Allah (SWT) knows how we will lead our lives but He has not willed the way we live our lives because that would refute the idea of free will and Shaitan (la'anullah) will then have no point and as everything would have been pre-ordained. You said mercy as forgiveness is to forget someone's mistake - but then how is that just? Oh, sorry, didn't read the whole line. But even if they have paid it back - how is that merciful in the sense that what if they repented right before the punishment was dealt out and they were sincere in their remorse? Are they still deserving of the punishment despite true remorse? But if they are to be forgiven - what justice is dealt to those who suffered at their hands? I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand the bold line - can you elaborate, please? Thanks.
  7. Follow this philosophy: Outer beauty will bring them to you, inner beauty will keep them by you. Having said that, I'm 5'10 and wouldn't marry someone shorter than me but again that's just preference. Doesn't mean life is about getting your preferences. If destiny comes knocking at your door, you're hardly going to not open. Only Allah (SWT) knows what - and more importantly - who's best for you, whether they be in the form of a giant/dwarf/anorexic/obese/blind/deaf/what-have-you. Having anyone in your life is Allah's (SWT) na'mah.
  8. Salam, I attended a inter-faith dialogue at my University a couple of months ago and I haven't had the time until to truly reflect over what was said. The faiths involved were Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Atheism. One of the topics that I found thought provoking was something the Atheism representative said: How can a God be just AND merciful? Surely if he is just then he will punish a sinner rightfully so until the penance has been paid, but if God is merciful then He will forgive, but where is the justice in that? My interpretation was that mercy can come after justice but the question specifically addressed the concept coinciding. The other thing that I found interesting was the concept of free will. I'm sure it's been discussed into the ground but I hope people won't mind me re-visiting the topic briefly. You have the determinists, the Jesus-died-for-our-sins believers, the fatalists who believe that every one of their actions has been pre-destined and therefore they have either no control over it or they are not deserving of the consequence. My mum sometimes says whatever's meant to happen will happen - well, what does that mean? How can something be 'meant' to happen if man has been given free will? But then she says somethings we have control over - like our immediate actions, while other things like death and life, we do not. That does make sense - I mean, we cannot consciously decide when to be born, yes, but we can decide when to perform the act of conceiving although conception is not determined by will. And what about death? What about those who commit suicide or murder people? I once convinced myself that just because there is free will does not mean that Allah (SWT) is not aware of it - if He is omniscient then surely He has knowledge of the end but has no influence over how that end comes about as that is determined by an individual's actions. Does that make sense? I would really like some hadith, or even your own views on the matter. I appreciate your replies. Wasalam.






    HAPPY B'DAY 2 U...


  10. The original point was to converse with like minded people and swap idea but. That clearly went out of the window.
  11. As others have mentioned, you will not be allowed to marry her after. Your second question - if she truly is under oppression, it is she who should seek out help and if you're concerned for her then enlighten someone about the situation. Do not get directly involved. You said you are ashamed of admitting it so you clearly no the magnitude of what you have committed. My advice - which might not be as good as other, more learned folk's on this forum - is to remove yourself from her life. Loving is learning to let go. And if you truly care about this lady and so her afterlife, you will make sure she does not compromise her position in the next world and if being with you, around you is causing her and yourself to commit sin then I think the answer is pretty clear. Seek guidance, repent, and build your life without a shadow of deceit. I doubt you would be okay if you found out your wife was having an affair behind your back regardless of whatever domestic squabbles you two have. Aside from Islam even, what you have done is immoral and unfair but that said, you clearly are looking to better yourself and as many have pointed out, first thing first it to remove yourself from each other's company. May Allah (SWT) guide you in your struggle.
  12. That's exactly what I'm saying and my point is what has happened to our generation that people seek comfort in a bunch of strangers on some cyber forum than their own families and relatives? If we are truly talking about prioritising then shouldn't family come first? And with it all the issues attached? As for what everyone else has been banging on about - division of charity between believers and non-believers. That is all irrelevant to my post. You want to just be charitable to the Believers, fine, to each their own - but at least start somewhere. Start with your family, start at the mosques, start with your neighbours. This isn't a competition as to who deserves our help and who doesn't. In my opinion, all of humanity deserves help but I can respect that some might not share my view. And you are quite right, Zareen. We are so bogged down with these tiny, minute problems that we're missing the bigger picture. Yes, we need to start small but we also need to progress. If we're stuck in the same rut, the same issues, the same beaten down into the ground problems, we'll never find the solutions to all the other exponentially growing problems.
  13. Thank you. I have to admit I called it that because I'm an alliteration geek :)

  14. Great posts in "Social, Sexual, Spiritual Corruption Seriously, where did we go wrong?" Nice to hear a humanitarian view :)

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