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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wonder about the implications of forcing such rules on new converts ? I know I've seen many women leave Islam because they've been told that they can't stay married to their husbands.
  2. You cannot tell who is and who is not trans by looking at them. There are many trans people (please, say "trans people" - they ARE people) who pass as cisgendered. Some people may or may not "pass" as easy as others and some folks don't want to. There's also folks who look very "masculine" and they are female/ciswomen. During my undergrad, I recall reading a text that said hermaphrodites were instructed by jurists of the time to pray behind the men and infront of the women. It's been awhile since undergrad so I don't recall where it was that I read it. It was a Intersexed people (more correct/not offensive term) are not the same as transgendered people. Intersexed people exist and are born that way. And it is alot more common than people care to admit. And guess what? I don't know any intersexed person who is "visibly" intersexed to everyone because sex isn't the same as gender. Anyway, there's a documentary called "Me, My Sex, and I" thats a BBC documentary and available online on youtube that can really explain that. Sometimes babies are born with ambiguous genitals, sometimes people with vaginas have testes, people have can have different primary and secondary sex characteristics or both m/f sex characteristics. My fiqh knowledge is rusty so I can't cite any of the maraja right now. lol
  3. Yes, it's me. It's been ages! nice to see you and @notme
  4. What's so offensive about the shirt? You can wear it at home. lol
  5. Offer support as you would offer support in any other situation. The taboo of suicide behaviour shouldn't deter you from being supportive.
  6. okay i added you. see yaa

  7. Zahra is 4 now. I don't wear hijab nor do I "practise" what people call "Islam." I'm an agnostic theist... ;)

  8. University of Toronto! Major in Islamic Studies, minor in Middle Eastern Studies and minor in Political Science.

    What about you?

  9. I'm doing fantastic...studying in uni ...my baby girl is in school too ... and what husband? lol i've been free like a bird for 2 years !!

  10. Aldo shoes are kindda cheaply done, imo. Town shoes has some amazing boots out right now. They have real, buttery soft leather, over the knee length, flat boots that are stunning!! Expect to lay down 200-350$+ for them, but believe me they are sooo worth it!! I like the ones with the tassels on the side...they look like riding boots. You can take the tassels off though.
  11. wow look who is still alive!!!! lol howdy hoooo

  12. Hey, hun, thanks for the offer. I've been Muslim for over 8 years though. :)

  13. "Shariah" is God's law, but the process in which we figure out just what that is called ijtihad... and that has always been diverse from the time of Imam Jafar as Sadiq and onward... So in that sense the shariah has NEVER been stagnant.
  14. Hey guys, I remember I found a website once that had MANY Qur'an translations (in English). There were sooo many, many I never heard before. It was over 10 different ones I'm sure. Do any of you know the website? or any website that can give more uncommon translations? Thanks
  15. (bismillah) (salam) When a woman requests khula, is it permissable for her to live the period of her 'iddah in the house of her husband? If a woman takes khula, does she have to see a shiekh for this? If the husband agrees anyway, can that suffice (as long as there is two witness, etc etc) or does a shiekh need to be called? Lastly, what if the shiekh just doesn't give khula? does he have to give khula? does the woman have to "shop around" for a shiekh to give her khula? What if the husband is a complete ass and the shiekh is not supportive? Can a sunni shiekh give a shia girl khula? Is it valid? Let me know, please. Thanks.
  16. assalaamu alaikom i have downloaded some dvds on torrentz and I can't get them to open. Inside the folder all the files say .bup .ifo. or .vob. What do I need to do to get these babies to work? Thanks
  17. Arman, come to Toronto. We have a huge Iranian and Shia population (From all oveR), we have a uniquely multicultural society, nice universities, affordable food, etc etc. ;)
  18. lol this reminds me. I was on campus the other day, I think the first day of uni and I was buying a Arthur's smoothie. The sales lady said "I never told this to a woman before but your scarf is so beautiful. " lol haha It was so weird and funny. Because usually the first part of that line is used when you say something like "...but you look so good" lol
  19. Just show the little girl what you are doing. I don't see what the big deal is. Your tits aren't awrah infront of a 3 year old child. Show her a cat nursing its kittens, a seal nursing its pups, and then show her your tit in the babe's mouth and show her the milk that comes out. It's not a BIG DEAL! You're not going to scar the kid. BOOBS ARE MEANT FOR FOOD TOO!! breastmilk = food for a baby. It's best to get her accoustomed to it now so she won't be like those goofy american girls who say things like "omgosh i can't imagine like a baby like sucking on my like breast"
  20. Why not have social programs? Why not have a society that protects women and children by providing them universal access to healthcare, education, AND childcare, affordable housing, and so forth? WHy should a woman be asked to sell something she knows she'd rather give for free (with a suitable partner)??
  21. I had a pinched nerve and went to the a chiropractor on a Saturday morning. There's not really many options for a chiro on a saturday morning. So I went with what I found. It was NOT life or death but it was MASSIVE PAIN and I found the dr nearest to me and went with it. If you ever been to a chiro you know the get really close and do stuff that's very ... you know touchy. So anyway. He did his stuff and I continued to see him for three weeks 2x a week and then I started to feel awkward cause the need wasn't that strong any more. It wasn't life or death but it was a need. kwim? Asses your situation..you know it better.
  22. H&M And never buy your pashminas at the Islamic stores. Visit China town or an outlet and get them for 4$$$$ max 7$$
  23. hasta la victoria siempre :)

  24. I love love love Canada! I've been living here for 3 years and I'm already active and no lots of people. 1) You're not talking about a masjid, you're talking about an elite social club that happens to cater to Khojas of the Muslim shia variety. But at least the resident 'alim is pretty cool. Come to Bilal centre and you'll see us chillaxin in sweats. haha There's more to Toronto then JIC country club. 2) You've must have been living in a cave in Toronto. I went every where with my little one in tow. We joined civil liberties group, Ontario Early Years Centre, North York Women's Centre, membership to the Ontario Science Centre, drop-in centres, women's centre, etc. Most recently we got a member ship to the art gallery. There's loads of places to go and see in Toronto and for all different budgets. There's so many parks in Toronto, festivals every weekend in the summer, free places, and places that aren't free have free days. I love the Riverdale farm. There's so many walking/hiking trials. Parks& recreation offer free women-only swim times, swim lessons, and other things. There's plenty of things to do in Toronto! I'm back in uni now and the things to do on campus alone are numerous. 3) Were you living around Bayview? That's a Jewish neighbhorhood. Come to Parliment street, Lawrence avenue. When I'm driving down Lawrence I think I'm in Lebanon. There's loads of great tasting Arab restaurants and stores. There's also alot of Afghan, Indian, Somali, and African Muslims. If your social life was that dry, I dunno what to tell you! There's just so many people here. I see Muslims all the time...so many constantly. I'm never the only hijabi in my town, and I regularly see Niqabis too. 3.B) Where were you buying bread? Bread is 1.30$ plain white at No Frills. The Arab pita breads are 2 for 1.99 at Nasr foods. I buy cucumbers for 1.00 out of season or 3 for 1.00 in season. Most of the produce in Loblaws and No Frills is local from Ontario. 3.c) What have you ever been to Eaton centre??? That's just ridiculous. I'm beginning to think you lived in suburb. Eaton centre is huge and Yorkdale mall isn't so bad either. I prefer Town Centre in Scarb though. There's loads of hijab stuff, even in the regular retail stores. Long sweaters, tops, jackets, monteou style tops, skirts, everything. Again, I 'm not sure where you were shopping because they're not that expensive depending on your budget. My budget is extremely low so I only shop clearance. Of course i'm not that OCD on fashion either. www.tigerdirect.ca for laptops. I'm thinking ppl saw you coming and raised the prices. lol I lived without a car for 2 years and didn't need much petro. A metro pass is 96$ at the student union office. I get to school in about 40 minutes. I live at the end of the train line and a bus away. That's a pretty good distance to get to the heart of downtown in such time. 4) Canadians are laid back and multiculturalism is enshrined in our country. Unlike Britain, most immigrants to Canada become a part of society, find jobs, and live a good life. Canadians are pro-immigration and welcoming and in particular Ontario. We are not like European countries or the usa that wants assimilation. You're free to be you here and Canadian at the same time. I've gone to so many organizations and they cater to Muslims. Even the Salvation army offers EID GIFTS to poor Muslim children. Most all organizations offer accommodation to Muslim needs. 5) lol are u serious? 6) Maybe in the country club you attended. The VP of equity at York is a SHIA muslima. There's Quds day of course but also alliances with other groups. While I do agree that the masajid are silent too much...I know SOOO MANY sisters who are very well knowledgeable on these issues and in Toronto itself there's sooo many groups fighting for these causes. There's the Stop the War Coalition, Food Not Bombs, No One Is Illegal, several Palestinian organizations, several student organizations, THERE ARE SOOO MANY ORGANIZATIONS!! There was a task force on the needs of Muslim students and it was published widely and one of the Canadian Federation of Students campaigns centres around Islamophobia!! 1) THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOMES: They are HUGE and dirt cheap. You can have a huge 6 bedroom house (and that's American size rooms) for like $500,000-00 CA. That's cheap to you? lol And you're complaining about the cost of clothes here?? lol 2) Nice spring and auntum weather but the extremelties of the summer and winter is so bad that i couldnt take my little girl outside. You need AC. I grew up with A/C and have never had A/C here. You do not need a/c. Majority of apartment buildings (except those in affluent places) dont' have a/c. Everyone goes out in winter. You just need to get adapted. Alot of ppl come here and they're like omg its snowing I can't go outside. If you dress appropriately, you'll be just fine. I used to be a apart of a mom and baby group and we'd meet for stroller walks as long as the weather wasn't bellow -14C. Granted that was in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Usually here though people manage just fine in the snow. Like I said I didn't have a car for 2 years and I managed the winters just fine and with my daughter also. They make plastic covers for the strollers, baby bunting bags or blankets, snow suits, hat, gloves, yall be just fine!! 3) Nice big roads and nice scenary. I like the way there were racoons in the garden!!!! But the skunks are bad.....very unsual scent they give off...its not like a fart but not like petrol either. Toronto has loads of trees. That's true. And the raccoons are soo cute. they remind me of little old men the way they walk. lol One time Iwoke up and saw some baby raccoons in my green bin. I made a noise and one of the raccoons so young and naive came to the glass!! It was the cutest thing ever. And Richmond hill is not even Toronto. It's part of York Region. There's a different transit and different people and different lifestyle.
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