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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I wonder about the implications of forcing such rules on new converts ? I know I've seen many women leave Islam because they've been told that they can't stay married to their husbands.
  2. You cannot tell who is and who is not trans by looking at them. There are many trans people (please, say "trans people" - they ARE people) who pass as cisgendered. Some people may or may not "pass" as easy as others and some folks don't want to. There's also folks who look very "masculine" and they are female/ciswomen. During my undergrad, I recall reading a text that said hermaphrodites were instructed by jurists of the time to pray behind the men and infront of the women. It's been awhile since undergrad so I don't recall where it was that I read it. It was a Intersexed peop
  3. Yes, it's me. It's been ages! nice to see you and @notme
  4. What's so offensive about the shirt? You can wear it at home. lol
  5. Offer support as you would offer support in any other situation. The taboo of suicide behaviour shouldn't deter you from being supportive.
  6. salaams sister

    i have noticed that you have written quite extensively about homeschooling and was wondering if you could share your experiences with me via emailing. could you please provide me with your email address so that i can email you the questions i have? thanks

  7. Asalaamu alaikum,

    Why did you stop practising?

  8. okay i added you. see yaa

  9. I see. I am less confident that I shall be able to come on again but if you still use MSN, and if it pleases you, it may be well to add me and if I do come on we may speak. prodomoxix@hotmail.com - I might be on early in December.

  10. Zahra is 4 now. I don't wear hijab nor do I "practise" what people call "Islam." I'm an agnostic theist... ;)

  11. As well - how old is Zahra now?

  12. None. I have deliberately spurned any further secular education. Do you wear the burqua anymore?

  13. University of Toronto! Major in Islamic Studies, minor in Middle Eastern Studies and minor in Political Science.

    What about you?

  14. I did not know. It is good to hear that you and your daughter are well. What are you studying at university? And at which university - in Canada or the United States?

  15. I'm doing fantastic...studying in uni ...my baby girl is in school too ... and what husband? lol i've been free like a bird for 2 years !!

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