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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Beautiful response and advice. I could not have said it better. I second the fact that this person is not alone in going through this ordeal and it is true and quite often the norms in many cultures that the parents way of conveying their care and concern comes out much harsher in the way they express it. So yes patience would be the key and having that understanding that the parents often say harsh things out of care and concern as they love you and only want you to succeed and be better than them. And yes I would also advice for the person to talk to their parents and make them understand that the way they express themselves can be hurtful and and make things worst then better. Having one-on-one chat with the parents goes a long way in understanding each other better.
  2. Thank you brother. I feel much more contempt now; and yes they are very good friends and are just joking around to tease me. I guess I just took it a little too personally :) Thanks for your response. Thanks. Yes I agree with you. A person is justly rewarded for his deeds and action; thus the more I"m involved, the better outcome. Thank you brother. Your response is much appreciated.
  3. Assalam-O-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I'm sure there are alot of us that are mashallah in a a habit of reciting various duas in the morning as a daily routine; such as Surah Yaseen, Duah Ahad, etc. I my self for example recite Surah Yaseen in the morning; however when reciting such duas in the most correct form, as far as how I've understood it from others, one should recite them with complete focus/attention, and actually should not just be reading the Arabic words but actually should understand it. So my first question is that if the person recites the duas mainly in arabic and not having much understanding of the dua and its translation; is the dua he/she has recited in arabic accepted? Secondly, often time when reciting such duas, because we are human and constantly fall prey to the whispers of shaytan, so while reading duas our attention, mind starts wandering away into other worldy affairs, such as what I did yesterday, or what I have to do today etc. etc. In that case is my Dua void? because when I recite duas, sometimes my mind unknowingly slips into other thoughts and when I realize I get back into it but its like a back and fourth cycle. So I often wonder if my dua even gets accepted. I would appreciate what others have to say about it. Thanks. Ali
  4. I'm often teased by some of my very good shia friends who call me "dus din ka shia" meaning "shia of ten days"; that is because although I observe Muharram in general and specially the 1st ten days of Muharram, I go to the majalises at peoples houses and imambarga, but after 10 days, I've typically been lazy and stayed home watching majalis online and missing majalises at people's house. I do feel bad about it, I know I can't use excuses like getting home late from work etc. but even if I'm not attending the majalis a whole lot after the 10 days, I'm still mourning inside my own way. I still continue to think about the ahlulbayt and the suffering of Imam Hussain a.s. and his family and companions. I still keep my self reminded constantly. I obviously avoid music, going out, parties etc. but I still feel guilty now and it makes me think that are my friends right? that I'm only a 10 day shia and so not a true follower ? I mean is it right for us humans to determine who is true shia or not based on how often he's going to majalis for azadari. My udnerstanding is that Azadari has many forms, people have different personal ways to express, so it shouldn't be dependent on weather a person shows up to majalis every day or not. What are your thoughts?
  5. Assalaom-o-alaikum, Being a Shia muslim trying to get closer to my mazhab and realizing all of my wajibat (religious obligation) , I've come to realize that I haven't paid Khums for the last 15 year or so. I understand that it is wajib on me and is part of the 5 pillars of Islam and so I want to really try to better my self at following these obligation as much as possible. I want to make a commitment and start paying my khums starting from Jan of next year taking in account for the entire year of 2012; but I also want to make up for the missed years. So it has become somewhat challenging and difficult for me to crunch the numbers for all the previous years as I don't remember what I spent on, or how much I was left with at the end of each previous years; is there any ruling on how do I deal with such situation ? what amount of Khums would I have to exactly pay to make up for the missed years? I'd appreciate if someone can point to a good webiste for it or an Aalim I can contact whom I can consult with. Thanks ! Ali
  6. Salam-o-alaikum, Does anyone know of any Aalim's email address who's under Ayatullah Sistani's taqleed whom I can email for questions regularly when in doubt or clueless about certain things. Much appreciated. Thanks, Ali
  7. Salam, Are there brothers/sisters out there who can explain how some people are able to get a hold of the Khak E Shifa (earth of karbala) from Karbala ? Is it very difficult to obtain it ? from whom?. For those who are not able to make a trip to Karbala, is there a way for them to get some Khak E Shifa? I would appreciate if someone can answer. As we know Khak E Shifa has great healing powers and those that have them are very lucky I feel. Ali
  8. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  9. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    In the Name of Allah, The most Benificent, The most Mericiful


    Allah Huma Suli 'ala Muhammad wa 'aalay Muhammad, may Allah (S.W.T) bless you and may He prolong your life. Happy Birthday!

  10. The Petition was started on 8/18/07. The donation request for the site can obviously be ignored.
  11. Imran it would be wonderful if you can put this request of action on your website to make awareness and acquire support. Inshallah this cause can pick up support faster then.
  12. I agree with that task as well for a long term purpose, and mashallah there are plenty of organizations, resources out there doing just that by producing documentations to make awareness of in favor of the Ahlul Bayat (as), however this is an immediate call for action for the most recent threat that has come upon ! and thus calls for an immediate support of the mass to halt the evil efforts. And if we all just sit around and say things like what difference it'll make and etc. etc. and thus ignore the appeal then a united voice is not built to hold against the evil campaign, and what do you think would stop these wahabis now when they've been causing these atrocities for the last 200 years. A collection of water drops makes an ocean ! why can't we collect our individual support to build a wave of unity against these kinds of tyrannies? of course we can, if you can just take a minute or two to just sign the online petition and be a part of that support.
  13. Well it’s simple. If you can do a good job at promoting your cause, spreading the words, and getting the people to sign your petition, then you can start to accumulate hundreds of if not thousands of signatures(supporters), this authentic online growing signature list then can be a testament to the appropriate sources of officials who can at least start thinking about taking maybe some sort of action that can grow even further :) but then if some of us people only question the effectiveness of it rather then using that time for a productive purpose then of course as usual, we can get no where :)
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