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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walaikum assalaam sis, this link should automatically adjust to your city, iA http://praytime.info/
  2. Salam alaykum Thanks for all your replies :) I just sent a question to najaf.org asking "Is khums Wajib on gift items that are NOT money/currency?". The reply was: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Yes, it is as long as you do not used it before your khums day Wassalamu Alaykum" So I guess khums is Wajib on all kinds of gifts then, money or not... according to Ayatullah Sistani. This is also what I've been taught all my life..
  3. Salam everyone, For the first time ever there will be a massive Juloos/Majlis held in Melbourne city centre this year, at Federation Square (opposite Flinders st. station) on the 16th of Feb. There will even be jamat Salat after the speech (in English of course) with Azaan recited on the loudspeaker! For details please visit http://www.azadariinmelbourne.org/Welcome.html And please request to join the facebook event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49133181645&ref=ts ... inshAllah we will all do our bit to spread the message of Imam Hussein (as), and make this event a huge success. P
  4. salam everyone i don't mean to spam, but this is for a really good cause! for the first time ever there will be a massive juloos/majlis held in Melbourne city centre, at Federation Square (opposite Flinders st. station) on the 16th of Feb this year. There will even be jamat salat after the speech (in english of course) with azaan recited on the loudspeaker! for details please visit http://www.azadariinmelbourne.org/Welcome.html and please request to join the facebook event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49133181645&ref=ts ... inshAllah we can all make this a huge success. tell ever
  5. Salam alaykum Where abouts in Melbourne are you? My instructor was a female, Shia Iraqi lady but she teaches mainly in the northern suburbs i think. She's brilliant! And she charges much less than the usual rate. I can't remember how much but from memory it was around $35. I just found her business card, here's her mobile number: 0423 841 377 - Zainab
  6. Prof. Hasanain Rajabali gets my vote! I recently started listening to Syed Ammar, he's really good too :) Never listened to Syed Mehdi Modaressi.. inshallah one day soon.
  7. (salam) I was recently told by a zakir that is you talk during azaan, 70 years of ibadat are gone!! :o Is this true? Does that mean it's haram? Anybody with an answer please? Thanks..
  8. I'm a little surprised/confused as well. If it's haram for women to look at a man's body ("with the exception of the head, hands and feet, and other parts that are not normally concealed"), then why are men allowed to go out shirtless?
  9. Yeah, bowing the head and standing up are universal gestures to show respect... i was actually more interested in the origin of placing our right hand on our head. I just thought maybe it was in a hadith or something... i guess that also may be universally understood as showing respect. Like army men and soldiers for example. Yes, may Allah hasten his reappearance.. ameen.
  10. (salam) I think it's common knowledge that whenever the name of the 12th Imam is mentioned, you should stand, place your right hand on your head and bow your head. Does anyone know where this originated from? Hadith, by who?
  11. REALLY? Are you sure?? Can you or anyone else quote him or send a link or something? I've been doing that for years! :huh:
  12. (salam) If a young baligh girl (eg, aged 10) has been given gifts that haven't been used for over a year, but has no wealth/money as she's looked after by her parents, is khums wajib on her? (Ayatollah Sistani's ruling is that khums is wajib on gifts) Does anyone know his ruling about a child who has no wealth to pay the khums? Do her parents have to pay on her behalf? Or is she exempted? Please share your knowledge :) Thanks
  13. that's right. anyone who needs access to them, they're up on www.shialectures.net :)
  14. IbneSyed, how did you deduce the narration to be a fraud? I'd like to know so I have the right arguments if a Sunni brother/sister narrates it to me. Thanks :)
  15. (salam) I heard it's makrooh to close your eyes while reciting the Surahs in namaz, is this true? I often find it easier to concentrate by doing that so it'd be great if someone could confirm if it actually is makrooh or if it's just wrong information.
  16. (salam) I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, so apologies if it has... I have a neckace that's shaped in the word Allah, as in the gold is shaped so that is says Allah in arabic. I know it's not permitted to touch the names of Allah without Wudhu, so would this be the same case? I can't wear it around my neck because it'll be touching my body when i'm not in the state of Wudhu? What about if it lays over my clothes?
  17. Most people who smoke are addicted, and addiction is haram. So if you come under that category it's automatically haram for you. I honestly don't understand why most marjas allow it in the first place. Doesn't our religion prohibit harmful things from the very begining, like alcohol? Why is smoking different? It's a known killer all over the world.
  18. Maybe there's a difference in rulings amongst marjas? But i know Ayatollah Sistani allows it
  19. Are you serious??? That is so cool, i've been waiting till 12.45ish every night these days! Are you sure? Can you or someone else direct me to this ruling of his.. is it on najaf.org?
  20. ^ Just be careful though when praying in Mecca or Medina outside the harams. True you can pray full length prayers or Qasr, but this choice is only within Old Mecca and Old Medina. If you're in new Mecca or new medina you must pray Qasr, so just make sure which part of the cities you're located in.
  21. haha sorry bro didn't take any of them! they aint worthy of my attention you see...
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