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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. First off, the U.N. is a joke! Secondly, this joke allowed Saddam, for 10 years, to thumb his nose at the world! When it became obvious that the joke would allow another 10 years of clowning around with this madman, Bush finaly decided someone must have a set of cajones here, and he does. Sorry if that flusters your sensibilities, but people with your mindset would wring there hands and let another 9-11 to happen, maybe you don't posses the self-preservation gene, but the vast majority of americans do!
  2. Everyone who Joe McCarthy called a commie, was! Lets dissect the sad, tired, cliches put forth here, by the usual suspects, ie: Puppets, imperialism, zionism, capitalists, invaders, freemasons, U.S. support for evil regimes, enemies of Allah, oppressors, Great Satan, yada, yada, yada! Come on, get a thesaurus, get some new material, the tired old mantra of the leftist elite, is getting lame!
  3. More tired cliches and sad old commie-speak, can't you guys come up with something original, you are starting to sound like charactures from an old WWII movie featuring "Tokyo Joe".
  4. This is what Jesus is qouted as saying in the Koran, so I guess maybe this bible passage could put the pork ban on hold!
  5. It was answered succintly! BTW, wasn't it Jesus who stated that one should go be the inentions of a law, not it's harsh strict letter? The intentions of the Law was to prevent the people of the time, who were ignorant to the dangers of eating improperly cooked pork. People today almost universally now know that pork must be cooked well done, or to at least 160*, yet now you are going by the letter of the law, and not for the sake of it's intention? I will see if I can find the appropriate passage from the bible.
  6. Conversely, we used to have regulations and laws governing the care and cleaning of the street from horse manure being dropped by the horses that used to transport us, those laws are no longer in effect, or even on the books except in the few remote places where horse back riding is still in vogue. Your arguement lacks logic, why punish the many, when only a few are at any risk at all, aren't today's Muslims mentally capable of being able to differentiate, or is it just blind obedience to something written 1,300 years ago, no matter how immaterial it is today? Or is this the Achilles heel of Islam, there can be no reformed Islamic Mosque, no Liberal Muslim, like there is in other religions, because once the clergy changes or modifies one iota of what is in the Koran, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down, is that it?
  7. He doesn't need to, he already talks to real Iraqi leaders who will help rebuild the country, not some "I wannbe a Holy Jihadist, but my term paper is due" warriors like there are around here. Funny though, extremely funny!
  8. YouthofAli, When were you installed as the head potentate of Iraq? FYI, the Kurds are getting along famously with the Americans, famously!
  9. The muslims claim that the Koran and Islam draw them because of it's logical arguements, right? Well what is the logic in your statement? Using your logic one could say, well since the majority of AIDS transmission on Africa has been by careless hygine and multiple uses of hypodermic needles in giving vaccinations. One could tell the Africans, don't get vaccinations, they can give you AIDS, and there is validity to that statement. Now with your logic, no African should get a vaccination anywhere in the world due to the fact that they don't have the intelligence to differentiate?? What happens to the this ban once the entire world gets modernized enough to eliminate the unclean breeding of pork worldwide??
  10. This is what you do not understand. The resistance is not 'vastly' made up of Baathist loyalist but Iraqis who are vehemently anti-american. You are trying to dumb down the situation to America VS the baathists, but its not that simple. This resistance are those who see themselves as defending Iraq from the foriegn invaders. Thats the fact. Just like your american ancestors did in the war of independence against the british. You are simply wrong, there is no surgence of nationalism, not in a country that is harshly divided with Sunni vs. Shi'ite vs. Kurd. There has been little or no resistance from the Shias, none from the Kurds, so what are you talking about, a handfull of shia clerics trying to trumpet up their flocks, but to no avail? BTW, the British weren't foreign invaders, the 13 original colonies were founded by Britain, the foreign invaders were the french who came in to help throw out our version of Saddams men. Difference is, we were thankfull to the French, and did'nt go around killing them shortly after the english left. And before you start the "U.S. installed Saddam" analogy, the French were bitter enemies of the english and early american settlers, fighting with them over the northern areas, and formenting Indian uprisings against the american people, so if we had a grudge againsts them, we cancelled it after they helped out!
  11. Sorry, I will just have to throw the porker in the wok, with some bok choy and lemon grass. Sorry you can't taste it <_<
  12. My mother is a non-practicing Buddist, and I know a little of this belief, it seems to me, on the face it would be a perfect religion for most atheists and agnostics, you get to embrace your humanitarian veiws, and yet still have a hereafter (in a sorts) without having a pesky, order giving supreme being interjecting himself into your daily life. No wonder the Hollywood types are flocking to it!
  13. But it doesn't satisfy the unbeliever, especially in regards to this statement, I know of no sect of Christianity that has a ban on eating pork, why is that? False! Is trichinellosis common in the United States? Infection was once very common; however, infection is now relatively rare. From 1991-1996, an annual average of 38 cases per year were reported. The number of cases has decreased because of legislation prohibiting the feeding of raw meat garbage to hogs, commercial and home freezing of pork, and the public awareness of the danger of eating raw or undercooked pork products. Cases are less commonly associated with pork products and more often associated with eating raw or undercooked wild game meats. http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/parasites/tr...trichinosis.htm Pork is a leaner meat then beef, so pardon the pun, "what's the beef"?? We are talking about farm raised swine, in the modern world, not villages in the jungle. So do most other farm animals, so, what is the point? Now I have heard of the term you are what you eat, but this is going from the sublime to the ridiculus??? I still haven't gotten a single, verifiable fact showing swine to be any more threatening to human health then beef, lamb, chicken, turkey etc. P.S. I'm not an athiest, just someone who was questioning the above statement, based just whats in the Koran.
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