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  1. He's not active anymore, but this guy was one of the smartest people to ever make an account on Shiachat. Probably literally a genius.

  2. Sure, Gladiator's a nice quaint film and all. But the greatest..? Please, all those fight scenes but not a _single_ lightsaber duel in it. What type of movie is that!?
  3. These narrations, and thousands more on other topics as you already know. Not my issue though if folks decide to concentrate on such subjects rather than the commendation to eat pears and the question over the tahara of iron.
  4. I don't know really whether the Imam actually said this or not, but personally I don't take what is being said here to be absolutely literal and condemning of each and every woman, rather I've found it to have something of a sort of touch of humor to it by the fact of the provision at the end. In a way, Itake it like more the saying of can't live with them, can't live without them.
  5. Your preference is one thing, the question is are you obligated to do so. And secondly, is a jurist allowed to pass off his guess as an actual ruling, making it out to be what the divine law itself says? How to reconcile that with the instructions of the Imams in such a situation? e.g.: [ 33156 ] 6 ـ وعنه ، عن أحمد بن محمد ، عن الوشاء ، عن مثنى الحناط ، عن أبي بصير ، قال : قلت لابي عبدالله ( عليه السلام ) : ترد علينا أشياء ليس نعرفها في كتاب الله ولا سنة فننظر فيها ؟ فقال : لا أما أنك إن أصبت لم توجر ، وإن أخطأت كذبت على الله . [al-Kafi] Muhammad b. Yahya from Ahmad b. Muhammad from al-Washsha from Muthanna the stuffer from Abu Baseer. He said: I said to Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام: Things come to us which we do not recognize from the book of Allah nor a Sunna, so we speculate in it. So he said: No, should you hit the mark you are not rewarded and should you be mistaken you would have lied against Allah.
  6. That's very apparent from the hadiths themselves. The other thing that renders this example invalid is that the people were obviously not going to be doing taqlid to said companions - i.e. they were not anything close to being marja`s - as the Imams were present. One of the fundamental basis' of doing taqlid to a marja` is under the belief that the latter is the most knowledgeable person of his time, while clearly the Imam would have been more knowledgable than a companion. So as such, this can't be used as an example of taqlid. And what do you think scholars are doing when you ask them such questions that don't have an explicit answer from the ahadith? They don't have some secret treasury of hidden hadiths to refer to, and no they aren't going and asking the Imam themselves, so basically it comes down to this: they're giving you what amounts to their best guess based on the principles they have. Why should someone be obligated to following what amounts to someone else's guess though?
  7. A person doesn't need permission to create an account, they just do. Sometimes it takes a while for the mod folks to catch on or be sure that it's a banned user (or they're turning a blind eye in the hopes the person has reformed themselves and deserves another chance)
  8. He hadn't been banned as "WhiteHorse", but under other older accounts, so they probably just caught up to it now.
  9. He was initially a Bohra (Isma`ili) before that.
  10. And did you see the urine get on it, know for a certainty it was there? And did you see for yourself the person washing it, how they handled it and so on? I'm harping on this because it's a common affliction for people to make assumptions about this matter and assume things are najis when it's only a suspicion they are. Also, in regards to the second part, when a Muslim washes something you know to be najis you are to assume he made it tahir unless you know for sure otherwise.
  11. How are the clothes actually najis? Is the person urinating in his pants, or wrestling with a wet dog? Why is the person's hand najis? You can't just assume that because it's "dirty" it's najis.
  12. It sounds like your family does observe some basic laws at least (you mentioned them doing wudu, so I'm assuming they are practicing Muslims), so I suspect the issue might lie on your end. The question to ask is whether all these things are really najis or whether you are assuming them to be. (why would everything be so najis in a Muslim household would be thing I'd wonder)
  13. Um, that's not at all what it says it's about.. First, it's not in the Middle-East, it's India. And what it's saying is that there was a natural disaster, and a lady (presumably pregnant) drowned and was carried away, her body not recovered, but in the terror of it she gave birth and the child was found and survived.
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