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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, happy birthday 2 you

  2. Alhamdoolilah I have been a member since 2000 it seems like before then though but I cant remember... all these years staring at the pixels on the screen has done something to my brain... and my memory :( Can I get Shiachat Compensation?
  3. lol ^ Alhamdoolilah I have always fount the brothers and sisters on shiachat to be a huge help to me, I think one of the purposes of shiachat is to become a community. I do appreciate all the help I get too bcuz sometimes when there is a prob its great to have unbiast advice. Thanks sister Ruqayya for the information its the reason I did overhaul my essay, I will be focusing on learning better grammar and structure now. Its only the second week of school though so I think that will all come with time.. or at least I hope it will :)
  4. Asalaamu Alaykom I have completely overhauled my essay... This is what I have I feel like the conclusion isn't sufficient
  5. Thank you hajji I overlooked that.. I havent been in school in a very long time :) I was also told by mmy friend that I should elaboraate what I wrote because its not enouugh to fully explain Ramadan.
  6. Asalaamu Alaykom here is my essay if you find anything wrong with it please let me know so I can fix it.,.. This is my first english class and first essay so remember I am a beginner:) all the help I could get would be great. I am wrapping the article in quote tags.
  7. Asalaamu Alaykom. Alhamdoolilah I fount a program www.sajood.com to be wonderful it sends me text messages that tell me every salat and since I am using a simple samsung t619 I cannot download any adhan. I can customize my settings to hanafi or standard and change the twilight angle, This is very important to me because I am starting college tomorrow and will be away from the house often, I need the reminders but I realize that magrib is extremely early because when I look outside there is still alot of daylight. What I need to know is what is the twilight angle I should be using if anybody k
  8. Asalaamu Alaykom. Saturday I am going back to Michigan when I get there I will try to upload one of my favorite ringers .. Its a song by Ahmad Raffur and it rings with "Asalaamu Alaykom, Wa Alaykom Asalam" Its pretty nifty if you ask me lol..
  9. Asalaamu Alaykom Does anybody know where I can get a mobile azan? I have a samsung t619, it would have to be a jar file and I could download it onto my computer and transfer it to my phone
  10. I gave that mosque the benifit of the doubt and I actually assumed they would talk about something benificial (i.e quran or charecter of a Muslim) at least something that all Muslims agree on is quran but nope it wasn't mentioned (for the time I was there). I am not a physic to know what the khutbah would be about. Also my friend is sunni so since that mosque was closest it was the most logical decision. the name of the mosque is Tawheed Center its located in Detroit Michigan on Warren Avenue between Evergreen and Southfeild anybody who knows the mosque will at least verify they are salafi fo
  11. Asalaamu Alaykom I also call myself an American, A mother, A wife, and a FOLLOWER (SHIA) of the prophet Mohammed through his purified progeny i.e the Ahle Bayt * okay so If I call myself an American would I be associating partners with Allah since my citizenship status defines me as such? If you say it has nothing to do with my deen your wrong. ISLAM is every single aspect of our lives. I do think perhaps I should have stayed and prayed anyhow because to teach by example is truthfully the best way to teach, but I did get very emotional during the khutbah and I physically felt ill so I had t
  12. Asalaamu Alaykom Ditto very informative
  13. :shaytan: They already know.. For sure they read this thread and everything else Muslims write. Alhamdoolilah we don't have to worry about those things because shias arent the ones blowing themselves up and killing innocent people.
  14. Omg we almost didnt exit safely .. Her car was blocked in.. the blocked the alley way and the other way to get out on Warren Ave. I was thinking they were gonna come stone me.. Thank Allah I live in America or they just might have.. with cave dwelling mentality.
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