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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ that's not happening. Syria is in a very difficult situation
  2. I can't, not even 3 words! :dry:
  3. (salam) How come I can't edit the interest field? Whenever i try to edit it, it tells me that i have exceeded the maximum limit :squeez:
  4. hmm... why can't u talk to guys. Well you should never ask him to get married to you but just be friends where you can talk 'normal talks" with guys. I don't think that would ruin your modesty in any way.
  5. Me too, I love cheese too too much. I have many favourite ones but the one i can't get sick off and which i eat in a daily bases is the cheddar sliced cheese. yum ^_^ oh and i love this cheese too but they don't sell it here in Australia :cry:
  6. Check out this site and choose the suburb u went to live in. www.realestate.com.au I recommend you live in Epping, or the surrounding suburbs such as Lalor, Thomostown and also Craigieburn. I live in Craigieburn and it would take me 10 minutes by car to reach to Epping hospital, very nice, peaceful and a modern place. from what I understood that you want to share accomdeation? If so then I don't think you can find that in these suburbs i mentioned above. chech out the website and do your research, if you still need any help, let me know :)
  7. My ancestors are bedouins, they moved to the city in the 1950's and they are shia and there still many shia bedouins in kuwait and Iraq. I come from a very famous tribe in the gulf countires inculding Iraq and Jorden called Al Shemmarri, this tribe is very big and they're either sunnies or Shiite's, I think it depands where they live. In Iraq they are mainly shiite, in Saudia and the other gulf states they are mainly suniies. That's all I know, and I hope I was a bit helpful to you. Good luck
  8. Just finished February Flowers, now reading 'Love Falls' by Esther Freud.
  9. Narci :D

    wen is ur bday?

  10. I've watched it. It's a good movie but people are really raving too much about it!
  11. I would have listened to my teachers, studied more, caused less trouble in school and made more friends not enimes.
  12. I wish i can never lose enthusiasm before achieving the things i planned to do.
  13. I truly believe in this "Dont make someone your first priority when they're only making you an option"
  14. Alsalam alikum,

    How are you?

    Do you live in Spain?

  15. You can still put kasra, fatha and etc on the website i gave u.
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