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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  2. (salam) Try www.alhannah.com they have really pretty scarves and they always deliver on time.
  3. (salam) someone i know just got a st of book about the copmpanions of Imam Hussain(a.s)from Dallas.if theres anyone here from there they can help.There great for little kids and us.I got to read only one from the set.They are really really good.
  4. (salam) everyone thinks its a good idea,so when do we start sharing recipes.I love trying new kinds of foods.
  5. (salam) i am surprised i didnt see anybody recommend luckys chinese place.I dont live there but i visit as much as i can and that is the best place for chinese food.maybe someone can tell you the address its the best dont miss it.
  6. (salam) Well said.Another point is what are we gaining by doing such acts.Do you think we are becoming closer to Allah(swt).We should be paying more attention to educating our selfs and others.
  7. (salam) I totally agree with you.cutting you selfs with knifes or walking on burning coal,its totally wrong.
  8. (salam) That sounds wonderful,where can i find it on line.
  9. I heard in a majalis that after she got married someone asked her she to marry imam hussain in during all tht chaos(when the people were trying to sell her).Shehr banu replied that from the time that she became a muslim she saw a lady in her dreams(Bibi Fatima a.s)and she showed her imam Hussain a.s and told her,that is who she is going to marry.So when she saw Imam Hussain a.s she recognized him.
  10. (salam) I was just on th website,and oh my God!Those dresses are beautiful,and very expensive.I think I am going to start pushing my sisters to get married so i can get something like that made. ;)
  11. (salam) Instead of mabook or mubarak maybe we should just say imam madad which means help us oh imam.
  12. (salam) mubarakh to you.mashallah she is beautiful.and what a nice day to be born on(eid ul adha)
  13. (salam) Mubarak on your baby.i think its a better idea to give him vegis before fruit,i hink the reason your doctor gave you is true.i have 2 girs and i did the same.but the baby food they have in the stores tastes very bad,thats why they dont like it.try to make our own.and dont worry about making him fat its not healthy,if the doctor says he is fine then he is fine.Good luck and ahve fun.
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