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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Perhaps you can explain the term Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jammah? This was created by the pig molesting kafir Muawiya (lanat on him, his mother and his followers/apologisers) - yet there is not a single Islamic basis for this bidat terminology. And as for Shia, you would do well to read the Quran since the word "Shia" is contained quite clearly within it. It does not contain "Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah". The Sunni phraseology of "Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah" is a haram banding created by a non-Muslim apostate and anyone who subscribes to this bidat is a kafir. Lanat on anyone who rejects the word "Shia
  2. You have stunningly failed to provide ANY hadith that testifies that Umar (PPEK) ever recited the shahada. The purpose of the hadiths I showed you, was as an example of what hadiths actually are. And have some shame, not even bakris refer to Umar (PPEK) as "Amir ul momineen" because they are acutely aware that he, born as an apostate, never recited shahada and drank alcohol - was incapable of anything for the Islamic world except introducing pork-and-ham type bidat like the kufr of taravi prayers - prayers that not even Abu Bakr (PPEK) ever participated in. You are pure filth from the li
  3. Failure yet again to bring any hadith that Umar actually read the shahada. Umar also believed in drinking alcohol - plenty of hadiths for that yet you cant bring a hadith showing he allegedly became Muslim? LOL Here - let me help you: below are two hadiths: So, you can see - its amazingly easy to find hadiths where Umar (and others) wanted to be excrement/fecal matter instead of being human, yet you cannot find a corresponding hadith to prove that Umar recited the shahada? I know you will fail again because you are the from the loins of the infidels - and the reason you cannot find
  4. So where is the evidence of the Shahada?
  5. I have not sworn at you. Get your facts right before crying like Muawiya (LA). That hadith is not worth wiping a baboons buttocks with. No mention whatsoever in it (or any other hadith) that testifies that Umar (PPEK) recited the shahada in front of anyone at all. The undisputed fact is that he was never a Muslim and died the death of a non believer when thanks to Allah SWT, he was butchered to death by Hz Abu Lulu (as). Unless of course you can find me a hadith.....but I wont hold my breath bakri boy....
  6. You have the tongue of a munafiq. Rasool (pbuh) was always the Prophet (as) - he was ALWAYS Muslim from his holy creation until his death. Therefore his marriage was halal too. You sunnis make me sick. Sheer Sufyani/Yazidi filth of humanity.
  7. Typical bakri cop-out. You cant bring yourself to admit that your holy sahih sittah hadith books do not contain any single reference to Umar ever reciting the shahada...so like I said, put up or shut up. If its "general knowledge" as you claim, where is the proof? Amazing that there are hadiths of Umar wanting to kill the Prophet (as) before he allegedly converted to Islam from his apostate ways, yet you cant even provide ONE hadith showing his conversion/recitation of the shahada? LMFAO. You are a true son of Yazid (PPEKLA). Lanat on you both.
  8. I can show you a thousand such videos too about Sunni's/Yazidis. You have categorically failed to provide any hadith proving Umar ever reciting the shahada...... I deal with your type every day - I chew you and spit you out, just like that non-Muslim Umar Khattab (PPEK).
  9. You cant reply about Umar/the kalima because the illegitimate born man NEVER read it. If he did, prove it. Put up or shut up.
  10. You and every other non-Shia who question Hz Abu Talib (as) are lanati kafirs yourselves. There is one simple proof no one can deny. The wedding/nikah of the Prophet (as) to Lady Khadija (as) was read by Hz Abu Talib (as). Only a Muslim had wed two Muslims. Hz Abu Talib (as) is and will always be Muslim. Those who cast aspertions therefore question the validity of the marriage of the Prophet (as) too. So if you accept that the wedding of the Prophet (as) to Lady Khadija (as) to be halal, then so too was the halal/Muslim who recited their wedding - Hz Abu Talib (as) was a Muslim. Anyone w
  11. Umar (PPEK) was not even a Muslim, there is NOT ONE SAHEEH SITTAH HADITH anywhere in the history of Islam that shows that he ever recited the Shahada. Therefore, your wet dream of him being Amir-Ul-Momineen is irrelevant. Further, the concept of "sunni" came AFTER Umar in the times of the pig molesting Muawiya (LANATALLAH ALEY). As he wanted to differentiate himself from the followers of Ali (as) and the Ahlul Bayt (as) with a stupid bidat-made up sect which bakri's today idolise yet havent the foggiest idea which gay lord devised it (Muawiya LA). Abu Lulu (as) did a great service to justi
  12. Wow, such splendid Bakri ignorance. So you're saying that a kafir-come-convert who innovated more than Apple and Microsoft combined, is somehow "better" than Imam Ali (as), the first man to join Islam having only EVER been Muslim from his first breath till his last, despite him being Wali-Allah? LMFAO What a silly Sunni. You better go read taravi and beg for forgiveness from the same idol that Umar worshipped....prior to him "allegedly" converting, of which NONE of the six saheeh sittah books contain ANY evidence...
  13. He will have to answer for those - I could not care less. All I am concerned with is his noble and just deed of killing Umar - a man who was never a "Muslim" in the first place. He was killed and died the way he was born - a non-Muslim. You sound like Aflah.
  14. Umar (PPEK) was also a non-Muslim. There is nothing to stop anyone from praising his killer. In fact, it is mustahab and thawaab to send blessings upon Abu Lulu RA for killing him and freeing the strangulated Muslim ummah from Umars bidat-filled tyranny and lead the true leadership to Imame Ali (as). Tell me, is Imame Zamana going to rip up Abu Lulu from his resting place or Umar? I rest my case.
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