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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm sorry, but those two terms are mutally contradictory.
  2. Oh, it's two million Shia now? Hey, why not just take a cue from your Israeli allies and make it six million!? Yes, it would be much better if that happened. You see, Shia have this nasty little habit of rebelling against the Sunni governments of Iraq. You rebell, you get butchered. Are you familiar with Galatians? "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Are you feeling okay? Were you feverish when you wrote that last paragraph? Not only is that an immensely stupid suggestion, but your claim that Sunni Arabs make up only 10% of the population is just absurd. ABSURD. That's stupid. You're stupid. Here's a better idea: we exile all the Iraqi Shia to Iran (or kill them all, either way), and then everything in Iraq is peachy-keen again. Here's a the facts, jack: Arab Sunnis in Iraq will never, ever submit to Shia oppression and terrorism against them. Once your American boyfriends leave, Iraq will become a meat-grinder reminiscent of WWI. The Shia will invariably win because your numbers are much larger than us (plus you're backed by Iran), but only at a terrible price. I expect Sunni Arabs will be all but exterminated in Iraq within 10 years. A legacy of Shia collaboration and treachery against Islam. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
  3. Well, you're right in saying that there are not many Sunnis in Iran. Your Safavid Shah's (lanat) exterminated nearly all of us and forcibly converted the rest to Jafari Shiism. We still owe you for that, btw.
  4. There's the difference, though: we would never insult any of your Imams because, though we differ on their status, we still regard them as righteous men. The same, however, cannot be said of your fanatical anti-Sahaba Shia views.
  5. I'm heard a few quotes from Khomeini on Sunni-Shia unity, but I also know that Khomeini had the Sunni governments of Iraq and S. Arabia on his list for 'regime change'. I don't really see how he envisioned a Shia government in Arabia, though..
  6. Yes, we are! We Sunnis are not permitted to even build a Sunni mosque in Tehren, even though a new Shia mosque goes up every year. There are underground organizations (with alleged links to the ruling clerical bodies, mind you) who bully and threaten, and sometimes even kill Iranian Sunnis. You Shia complain about 'Wahabbi' oppression of Shia in S. Arabia, but Shia authorities are just as oppressive against Sunnis in Iran. Except in Iran, we've never rebelled, while you Shia have in Arabia.
  7. No, I'm Sunni. And I've never played cricket, though I know Applewood has a cricket team.
  8. Yeah, bro, I hear that. However, what really made me hate Jafari Shia is their behavior in Iraq. I know that there are Salafis and other takfiris on the Sunni side who say, "Shia dogs are kafir", etc. But what I see is that the neo-Khawarij Salafis are a minority in the Sunni world, while the Sahaba-cursing, Sunni hating, ethnic-cleansing-supporting Shia are the majority in the Shia world. Personally, I think that Jafari Shiism is bunk. But it's not your religious beliefs that bother me, I still think that Shia are Muslims, but it's your insistance on cursing the Sahaba and, like brother Abshir said, your insistance on a 'Shia are all martyrs and angels, Sunnis are are shaitan who support Yazid and want to wipe out the Ahle-Bayt, and also hate the Prophet and kittens.' attitude. Stop cursing the sahaba and stop talking trash about Sunnis as though we're all agents of the Umayyeds, and you're the only ones who really follow the Prophet. Then everything will be cool. But since that will never happen, c'ais la vie.
  9. Hm. I went to Applewood Heights. Go Axemen!
  10. What's a rizvi? You're from Mississauga? What highschool did you/do you go to?
  11. I think that this, like all Shia calls for Sunni-Shia unity, is simply taqiyah. I don't believe that any Shia really desires unity with Sunnis. In my opinion, Shia only desire 'unity' when it serves their agenda. For instance, does anyone in Iran call for unity? No, because they don't need to. There is no threat to the Shia in Iran, they're the majority. No Sunni can threaten the Iranian state or the Shia there. Imho, should Shia ever become the majority in the Muslim world, all us Sunnis would be bullied and oppressed, if not outright exterminated by your beloved death-squads.
  12. Oh yeah, bro, I'm banned for life now. 'Racism' allegedly. I got banned about a week and a half ago, actually.
  13. Are there any Zaydis around here, or are you all Jafari?
  14. The TFG begged them for peace because the UIC was on the verge of taking Baidao. Do you forget that the TFG is made up of bandits who raped and looted Somalia for the past 15 years? Here's the facts: - The TFG, essentially a collection of warlords and clan-heads, was so riddled with corruption and infighting that despite all the weaponry they had, they were too scared to even move from Baidoa to Mogadishu. - Rape, theft, murder, piracy, all these things were commonplace throughout southern Somalia until the advent of the UIC. - In six months (from June to December), the UIC managed to do more for Somalia than all previous governments/movements combined over the last 15 years. This includes the eradication of the drug trade, the removal of illegal checkpoints, disarming the local population, re-opening the Mogadishu port and airport, tackling the rampant piracy which threatened Somalia's maritime trade, even going so far as to fight against Somalia's un-Islamic 'caste' system. - Since the defeat of the UIC by the TFG/Ethiopia/Puntland alliance, rape, murder, drugs, and theft have all returned to southern Somalia. So you can praise the TFG all you want, but to me they'll always be warlords and fasiqs.
  15. From what I've heard, not many Arabs like the Jordanian monarchy. Have you ever heard of Black September? In September 1970, the Jordanian military fought a month-long war with the PLO and forced them out of the country (which is when the PLO took up residence in Lebanon). I don't insult the Jordanian kings because they're allegedly descended from the Prophet (saws), but I hate them. Maybe you're thinking about the Moroccan monarchy, Moroccans love them, apparently.
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