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  1. Ramadan Karim Fellow Members :) I thought this would be a wholesome topic for us to share... Dates with plain yogurt is my favourite food to open my fast with... followed by a soup or light meal. Iltimaase Dua.
  2. Ramadan Karim Fellow Members. I thought this would be a nice topic for us to have and share about. I am sure many of use have atleast one Ramadan Moto ie something bad we wish to give up or good we wish to adapt and hopfully by neaxt Ramadan have acheived... Insha'Allah! ...and good luck whatever it is. ;)
  3. ...well actually it was awful! I couldnt stop retching afterwards. It took me quite awhile to come over it.
  4. Salaam Fellow Members. Did Aaishah bint Abu-Bakr with her sister Asma, along with Hafsah bint Omar and Ramlah bint Abi-Sufyan, become a whor after the demise of Rasulallah (pbuh)?
  5. Salaam fellow members. When I was taught how to perform the Wudu I was told that although Im left-handed I must start my Wudu from the right side first. Recently someone told me that actually its the otherway round. Please can someone give some guidance about what should a left-handed person do with regards to wudu and ghusal. TX
  6. Ramadan Karim Fellow Members. Yesterday I swallowed a hair while I was Fasting, accidently ofcourse. I tried to cough it out but it was impossible as it had gone too further into my throat. Also Im not fully sure whether the hair was mine, the cats or some fine fibre-like thread, obviously I didnt see it from before and difficult to judge at that stage when it was too late! Is my Fast nullified?
  7. The smell is there but still not as bad as other pets ie mice.... rats are the worst - you cant beat them no matter how often you clean their cage!
  8. Salaam Brs/Srs. Does anyone have a simple recipe of Kuku / Kookoo (savoury cakes) ... the potato ones please? I have tried but they dont turn out so good! :wacko:
  9. Salaam. I gave my goldfish' final farewell in the river, as she was a water creature I thought it better sent off in that way... incase anyone was concerned thats all. W/S
  10. Greetings. No hard feelings... I had some old bath toys from when I was small, Brownie plays with them now - thought better put to some use rather than stored away. I think Im going to miss her when she returns home! Thanks. God bless.
  11. Salaam. Actually I do now feel guilty of giving Brownie some beatings Im not normally like that infact I do most of her looking after ie meals, cleaning, bathing etc even extras like I never forget to give her the vitamin drops (btw us I even put a few drops of those in my sister's drink - just to see if there were any changes in her mind you nothing happens to her), also I often give her treats you know like doggy biscuits that sort of thing (also that way she may leave mine alone)! Also I have been trying to train Brownie things like throw and fetch such as fetch my slipper, the problem is she fetches it but then refuses to give it, it becomes a real struggle tying to take it out of her mouth often tearing or causing some sort of damage, my slipper is ok but once she tore my mum's which got me into trouble, when I give her my sister's things hoping the worst she throws it away! Talk about biting the hand that feeds.
  12. Salaam. Your very welcome sis... Khush-Aamadid Dont worry about Brownie - she will return home soon (It will be a relief for us all believe me)!
  13. Salaam Thanks to all who were concerend about Hamdi and me... there is no need to be anxious anymore as we have patched things up. I couldnt bear the thought of Hamdi being upset with me so I decided to end this silent treatment by going to her house and speaking to her directly - first an apology then an explanation was what I had in mind plus something sweet as a token of friendship. So I went out to buy her a packet of twix (so its easier for her to share) and took Brownie with me, on the way back Brownie picked up a dog fight with some large mongrel on the streets, she seriously has a lack judgement I tell you - the thing was four times her size - forget her I had to make a real quick escape for my own life! Once home (I never thought Id make it) I took a sigh of relief then cornered her to the wall and gave her a good hiding - she nearly cost me my life aswell as hers. Then I was about to leave for Hamdi's place (thought it safe to leave Brownie home) I was about to open my front door when I accidently trampled over Brownie... (my fault as I wasnt watching where I was going - too much in the thoughts of Hamdi I suppose) Brownie screamed, I was stunned, then Brownie made an attack for my legs, I pushed her off me but she caught my arm then ouch - she bit my wrist... well she got another good hiding for that (remind her whos the boss again) till she quietened down. Eventually I left for Hamdi house. There I gave her the choc, told her what I had to and added Brownie didnt just give you a hard time you know atleast you went home and thats it... I still have to live there and showed her the bite mark on my arm... at this point Hamdi burst into tears and said she was always my friend but was abit shaken up because of what happened (she ought to stay at my place for a day to know what that really means). Anyway Hamdi insisted I stay for dinner, I thought she had already eaten (there was chicken bones lying everywhere), anyways we had curry and rice (somalian style). Then I left for home with Hamdi making a fuss as usual, happy that Iv made up with my friend Al-Hamdulillah.
  14. ... after I said this to my mum she cried (this is why I feel so bad now) Playing a mild prank on her I can deal with but upsetting her I hate myself for it. My sister couldnt care less!
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