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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Thank you Spizo. I really need everyone's prayer. Thank you everyone. Wasalaam
  2. (salam) My problem is getting worse day by day.. Please pray for me.. I am in desperate need of help. I am loosing it now. I really need help. Please. Wasalaam
  3. Just to add. Yesterday itself i found an ayah in Quran about having faith. The Aya is from Surah Ar-Room 030.060 "Therefore be patient; surely the promise of Allah is true and let not those who have no certainty hold you in light estimation." Wasalaam
  4. (salam) Thank you everyone, Queen, Khair un Nisa, Spizo, and Master Chief for the help. It really means alot to me. Spizo i do have yaqeen that Allah can change everything and give me what i want. On the other hand i am a human, and sometimes i get influenced by others saying that it will not happen. I do not loose hope by what others say. But, yes i am a human being i do get bothered by it, and depressed. I have complete faith in Allah and the wasila of Ahle Bayt. I know i have done a lot sins, i have repented but maybe im still being punished i do not know. I just do know what to do anymore
  5. salam

    inshallah everything will be fine... my duas always work for others...i have a magic touch mashallah.....do u have msn?

  6. (salam) Queen Shah, I cant pm. so i have written on your comment box. Wasalaam
  7. Please pray for me. And if you do not mind can you send me the attachment of those duas.

    Jazakh Allah.. May Allah bless you and your family, and always keep you happy and give you the best in this life and hereafter.


  8. (salam) I need a dua to help me with my problems. I have more or less done all the duas on dua.org for hajaat. but the problem is getting worse day by day. It has reached a point where i am in dying need of help. Please someone help me. Give me some dua. Please Pray for me i really need it. I will be really grateful to everyone. Wasalaam
  9. (salam) It wasn't before fajr, but i read somewhere that if you read the surah and then slept at whatever time, your dream is true. Thats what i read somewhere.. Wasalaam
  10. (salam) Thank you T shah.. The thing is.. My intention was to sleep and i couldnt... And i tried for more than 1 hour to sleep, and i couldnt.. And the reason why i spoke to someone also wasnt intentional. I just went out, because i was getting restless, and my dad was up so he just asked me something and i replied.. not much of a talk.. I mean my intentions were still to sleep and get the dream.. Anyways thank you for your help. Maybe someone else can give their input.. Wasalaam
  11. (salam) I just wanted to know something.. i read on duas.org that if you read Surah Al-Muzzammil and sleep you would get guidance in your dream.. Now the first time i did it.. i read the Surah.. and tried sleeping but couldnt sleep for a long time as i was doing it for the first time and i was anxious.. so i got out of my bed.. went out spoke to someone at home casually.. then i came back and slept.. i did get something in dream.. so now my question is that what i got in my dream was valid or i shouldve just read the surah and slept.. i mean after that day.. i tried doing it for many more day
  12. (salam) Me too. I would also appreciate if someone could provide some duas for hajaat. Wasalaam
  13. (salam) Can anyone please give some weblinks about eclipses and its relevance in Islam. i seached al-islam.org, didnt find anything. Thank you in advance. Wasalaam.
  14. (salam) Sister Sunshine, I dont want to write on the forum, i would like to tell U. But i can not use the PM or the chat room as im a basic member. Wasalaam
  15. (salam) Thanks brother/sister sunshine, Thats what my issue is i do think what i am asking for is right.. but i need some reassurance.. whethere its right or wrong, and whether its a lost cause or should i still have hope. I am so confused and in need of help. Its been a long standing issue but today i just feel i need some guidance.. i have started doubting my own thoughts... Sorry for bothering. Thank you. Wasalaam
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